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10 Things You Didn't Know about Anand Sambasivan

Anand Sambasivan

Investment decisions have become challenging in the current world with the recent market events, which are becoming unpredictable. One needs to be proactive before making investment decisions to avoid making a wrong decision. That is why many firms and individuals look for help from financial advisors to assist them in making the right decision which will help them improve their fortunes. One person who has become famous for helping millions of people make sound financial decisions is Anand Sambasivan. Mr. Anand Sambasivan has risen to stardom for his visionary boldness in making a critical decision which led to the formation of PrimaryBid. This company has helped many retailers turn their fortune into investment opportunities. He is a leader that many upcoming CEOs admire, and many want to learn his strategies and management skills. This article is a guide to understanding more about this courageous, passionate person on things you don't know about Him.

1. Began His Career In Banking

After completing his degree at Johns Hopkins University where He Studied BA Economics, Anand Sambasivan began his dynamic career in the banking sector as an Investment Banker in New York and Hedge Fund Investor in London. During his 15years stint in banking, He was able to find solutions to problems affecting retail investors who were not given chances in corporate fundraising globally. To solve this global problem, Anand Sambasivan quit banking to find solutions to help the retail investor. Together with two other partners, James and Kieran, they co-founded PrimaryBid. This company was trying to solve the perennial problem retail investors had to democratize capital markets.

2. Innovator

Fintech app developers have significantly contributed to the financial sector to help people get an economical solution to their problems. Several fintech apps have been built, making financial services less expensive in the comfort of your home. Anand Sambasivan has contributed significantly in this sector with his company PrimaryBid. They have developed a mobile app that retail investors can download to access public companies and engage in fundraising and IPOs the same way as institutional investors. This app has grown tremendously and solved the problem affecting the world.

3. Love Meditation

The world of Anand Sambasivan is full of decision -making which is stressful and can burn someone down. When they interview Anand Sambasivan at one point, he mentions that he likes listening to various podcasts such as Redbank and Twenty Minute VC. Listening to other great leader's perspectives is a daily routine that helps him in Meditation. This prepares him to focus, concentrate and improve his self-awareness. It also is an excellent way to lower stress and anxiety.

4. He Enjoys Reading

Reading inspires many great leaders to become even better. Anand Sambasivan is a voracious reader who creates times to read on information that touches more on his sectors, such as journals that talk about Economist, Wall Street journal, investor Chronicle, and Financial Times. Additionally, He reads various blogs and says Matt Levine's Money Stuff is His Favorite. He will grab a copy of fiction and non-fiction books from time to time.

5. Sport Enthusiast

Sport helps people relax their mind and body and connect with others. Mr. Anand Sambasivan is a passionate golfer. Though his golf skills are still not excellent, he enjoys playing them with friends and colleagues.

6. Team Builder

In every sector where Anand Sambasivan has worked, he has created a synergetic team that works in harmony, complements each other, and works to deliver. He started PrimaryBid from scratch and has assembled a dedicated team of 25 creative personalities who have taken the company to greater heights. According to Innovate Finance, one key factor that Anand Sambasivan consider when building a team is the cultural fit. He wants the people he recruits to work for him to fit well and embrace His organizational culture. He enjoys working with dynamic individuals who he believes can be fantastic and will give their all. That is one element he confesses he will continue to protect to ensure that his team members will bring the same energy that his team has or bring even higher energy than that to boost them and maintain a sweetheart personality that his team has had over the years. PrimaryBid started with a team of 15minded individuals in March 2020. Under his stewardship and outstanding leadership, it had grown to a bigger team of more than 80 by the time the year was ending. He appreciates everyone that has worked with Him, and He continues to knock on doors to collaborate with different organizations that need his products and help. Anand Sambasivan gets an invitation for different organization team-building events to talk about how those organizations can become successful. These opportunities have helped him create a friendship with many people worldwide and a long-term relationship with an organization that benefits from his products in the Fintech industry.

7. Sound Strategist

A good strategist sees a problem and finds ways to develop a solution to solve them. Anand Sambasivan saw the retail investors' pain and worked out a plan to help them before quitting his banking job. According to Clic, the road to creating a great company was not that smooth. He mobilized his friends and resources to execute their problem and develop an application that has closed millions of dollars deals.

8. Goal Getter

Anand Sambasivan quit a prestigious job with good pay and fantastic bonuses to try something new. He had faith in what he was about to do to solve the biggest problem facing millions of retail investors. Success didn't come smoothly. He encountered issues but didn't quit until he had a breakthrough that made him famous in the fintech world.

9. Simple and Down to Earth Person

In an interview with the Fintech Times, Anand Sambasivan has stated that he takes a bus from time to time. He interacts with everyone and does not consider the class. He understands the problems that affect ordinary people, which drives him to find solutions that will improve their lives.

10. Very Practical

Being practical in life will enable you to be flexible and adapt to different surroundings. Practicality has Anand Sambasivan transition from one job to another, complete challenging tasks, remain focused and organized. He believes that there is nothing as "your best''. What you need to do is do better because humans have limitless potential, especially when working together collectively.


If you want to succeed in life, you must take risks, be objective, strategize well, be disciplined, and associate yourself with like-minded people. To achieve what Anand Sambasivan has accomplished in life, these are the qualities that will help you.

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