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10 Things You Didn't Know About JoeBen Bivert

Joeben Bevirt

JoeBen Bevirt is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Joby Aviation. The company specializes in the development and production of fully-electric vertical takeoff and landing passenger aircraft. Bevirt is an exceptionally talented professional born with a brilliant mind and a passion for engineering. He's also a radical innovator in the aviation industry. If you're not yet familiar with him and his contributions to the field, here are 10 things you didn't know about JoeBen Bevirt.

1. He founded Joby Aviation

According to Revolution, Birvert is not only the leader of Joby Aviation, but he is also the founder. He established the startup in 2005. The company has been in business for 15 years and is still going strong and making forward progress.

2. Bevirt is an engineer

JoeBen Bivert has had a passion for engineering from a young age. After he graduated from high school he continued his education at the University of California, Davis where he majored in Mechanical Engineering. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree, then continued forward. Bivert enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering program at Stanford University where he earned his Master of Science degree in 1997.

3. JoeBen Bivert is an acclaimed engineer

Bivert has been widely recognized for the significant contributions that he has made to the aircraft development field. In 2018 he was awarded the Haueter Award for outstanding technical contribution. His inventions in the field of VTOL aircraft development earned him this distinction.

4. He invented a new type of aircraft

Bivert is the inventor that developed a 5-passenger aircraft with innovative capabilities. The VTOL aircraft is a fully-electric vertical take-off and landing craft that doesn't require a lot of runway space to become airborne or to land. He designed and built the craft using new technology that has the potential to disrupt the transportation industry. The aircraft can be used as an air taxi service as an air commuter form of transportation without the need for lengthy runways.

5. His new craft is faster and more efficient than traditional modes of flight

The new VTOL aircraft is currently designed to hold up to 5 commuters/passengers. It has been optimized for efficiency and convenience. When compared to similar aviation vehicles such as a helicopter, it has shown impressive improvements in testing. For example, it is 100 times quieter so it won't cause noise pollution. It's near twice as fast to cut commuter times in half. The Joby company is in the process of certifying the aircraft.

6. JoeBen has dedicated his life to radical innovations

Bivert currently holds 30 United States patents. He is an inventory specializing in electric propulsion and robotics. His passion has driven him to develop radical new innovations in the field with the VTOL aircraft as the culmination of his efforts. he has spent most of his adult life in pursuit of new inventions that take the industry to new levels of new technology and futuristic capabilities.

7. He's a serial entrepreneur

According to Crunchbase, Bevirt has launched four companies in the past decade that have become successful. He is a serial entrepreneur who has a talent for taking a good idea and making it into a reality. His most recent startup is Joby, Inc. launched in 2005. It's been in operation for 15 years. He enjoys creating unique yet useful products for consumers. While delivering these consumer goods, his companies have achieved rapid profitability.

8. JoeBen Bivert stated his career as a consultant

According to his Linkedin page, Birvert's first job was as a consultant for the Immersion corporation. He worked in the portion from 1995 through 1996. He also worked as a consultant for D2M simultaneously from 1995 through 1997. He left D2M to accept a job at Edge Innovations as an engineering consultant, staying less than a year with the company. JoeBen got a lucky break that helped to propel his engineering career even further while working at Edge. He left the consultancy to accept a position with greater responsibility. He joined the team at Incyte as the director of engineering. He began his tenure in 1997 and stayed with Incyte until the year 2000.

9. JoeBen started working for himself

Bivert spent several years out in the field working in various positions for different companies. This helped him to get an idea of how best to lunch his own company. In 2000, he left his job as director of engineering and founded his own company. Velocity 11 was the name of his new entrepreneurial venture. He is the co-founder and also served as the President and CEO of the business. He stayed with Velocity 11 in leadership for 6 years, stepping down from his post as CEO in December of 2001 when a suitable replacement for the job was found. He retained the title of President until 2005.

10. He's been at Joby for 12 years

JoeBen Bivert launched Joby Aviation 12 years ago and has successfully led the team since its inception in 2009. He has shown us all that can happen when you pursue your life's passions. Mr. Bivert stands as an exceptional example of what dedication and hard work can do to make your career aspirations become a reality. He has a love for creating new and innovative technologies that springboard from existing basic techs such as robotics and propulsion in his case. He may have created an intention that will change the way commuter airline flights operate. Although it's too soon to tell, his inventions have the potential to create a new type of public and private transportation. They may indeed usher in a new era that is closer to the old sci-fi movies than we ever imagined possible in our lifetime. If you have a good idea, consider following his lead by dedicating your time and energy to turning your dreams into realities. It doesn't happen overnight, but Bivert now finds himself in a good position careerwise. He also has the personal satisfaction of accomplishing life goals.

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