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10 Things You Didn't Know About Faire CEO Max Rhodes

Max Rhodes

The story of Faire is a very inspiring one that borrowed a leaf from various e-commerce platforms and took advantage of the gap left by trading sites. Faire seeks to provide essential retail tools to several users of e-commerce to make the whole trading experience worthwhile. When talking of such a startup, the main point of focus aside from the project itself is the founder. The founder is Max Rhodes, alongside his two associates who came up with the idea of the company and materialized the view sometime in late 2016. Right now, the company is doing reasonably well and is in partnership with principal shareholders in the e-commerce scene. Still on the chief executive officer, below are ten things about him, you probably did not know.

1. Early Life

According to MyLife, Max Rhodes was born on 10th October 1985, meaning he is 34 years old presently. He describes himself as an Oklahoman, having been born and raised in Norman, within the state. He also began his professional career in Oklahoma City. He currently resides in California with his family.

2. Education

For his education, Rhodes graduated from Norman high school in his hometown of Oklahoma sometime around 2003 to 2004. He then proceeded to Yale in 2005 to play soccer and graduated in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in history. In most of his interviews, he talks about furthering his education. He says despite lacking an MBA, he still reads and keeps tabs on the happenings in the commercial scene. Such knowledge equips him with the technical know-how necessary to push his startup to the top of the pack.

3. His Love For Soccer

When interacting with Max Rhodes, you cannot fail to notice his love for soccer. He name drops the sport severally during his sit-downs and interviews. He was so good in the game that he played it in high school and proceeded with the sport to his college days at Yale University. A look at the Yale Bulldogs official site, you can see how good he was on the soccer pitch. His stint at the school's team was punctuated with incredible assists, impeccable teamwork, with a solid rookie year to cement him as one of the best players during his days at the school. His love for soccer has put him in the right places in his career advancement goals.

4. His Habits Towards Success

Habits are essential in crafting your character, which subsequently affects your insight into life and how you take it. The statement applies valid to Rhodes, and his daily habits shaped him into being the type of CEO he is, at the helm of a company with immense potential. When he started, together with his associates, they used to be up by 6 am to get work going on. As the company grew, they toned down a little as they had employees, and by 7 am, he is already up. He started by putting up 12hours a day for seven days to get the company from the ground, and it is evident that his efforts paid.

5. He Loves Reading

Great minds think, and every day is a challenge to improve their knowledge. This is a statement that Max does not take lightly and will take advantage of his free time to get down on a book or two. As earlier hinted, he still does not have his MBA, but the knowledge from his favorite reads fill in for the time being. Among the books he cherishes include Scaling Up by Verne Harnish and Positioning by Al Ries.

6. His Influences

In entrepreneurship, having an idol or an influence is one way to get going, and they act as a benchmark for your performance. For Max Rhodes, his idol is none other than Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc. it makes sense considering that Steve Jobs also made a name for himself in the tech sector. However, he keeps an open mind on his idol and does not take every word of his, especially when it comes to retail. Probably due to the different business models each of their startups take.

7. Professional Experience

Before the conception of Faire, Max had already gained some experience in business courtesy of working in several companies in different capacities. His prominent positions and one that he owes to his current standing as the Faire’s chief executive officer is his stint at Bain and Company as an associate consultant. He held the position for sixteen months, ending in April 2011. He also worked in various positions for square capital for a long spell before he broke out on his own to start his company.

8. Social Media

Max Rhodes does not seem to be very active on social media platforms. He appears to be slightly active on twitter and also the professional social site LinkedIn. His LinkedIn handle seems to be more productive, with the level of professionalism being a probable factor.

9. Challenges As CEO

As a CEO, you are the top authority figure, and you are responsible for all affairs of the company. It is a challenging position, a fact that Max can attest. It needs utter responsibility for you to pull it through, and Rhodes owns the duty the best way possible. Among the most onerous responsibilities may be getting new clients and ensuring an appropriate working environment.

10. His Authoring Stint

Aside from being the CEO of Faire, he also has an authoring stint where he writes for various blogs. He mostly touches on topics touching on the e-commerce sector and other trade-related topics. Among the sites he authors for include Medium. You can view his Medium author's profile to check on his views.

Final Thoughts

Max Rhodes is one of the founders of Faire, an online wholesale and retail platform. He formed it together with his two allies in late 2016, beginning a journey of resiliency that has seen his startup claw to the top of the pack in the e-commerce sector. You can catch him on Medium and have an insight into his business thought and also visit Faire’s online platform to get a touch of his ideas.

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