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How Jon Bernthal Achieved a Net Worth of $10 Million

Jon Bernthal

The passion for acting started even before Jon Bernthal launched his acting career when he joined the Moscow Art Theater School to study while playing baseball. While in Moscow, his acting prowess was detected by the director of Harvard University's Institute for Advanced Theater Training while acting at the American Repertory Theater, who invited him to join the institution and obtain his M.F.A. At the A.R.T. Institute at Harvard University, when doing his M.F.A, Jon Bernthal continued to sharpen his acting skills in Theater Training, where acting developed into a passion. Soon after graduating in 2002, he continued performing various plays regionally and off-Broadway before joining silver screen acting, where he has amassed his wealth. This article sheds light on how Jon Bernthal's Net Worth has risen to $10 million. Read on.

1. Acting career

Jon Bernthal's main source of income has come from his acting career. He launched his professional acting in the early 2000s. He featured on the A.M.C. horror series called "The Walking Dead" Bernthal starred in two seasons in 2010-2012 and 2018, which announced his name in Hollywood and opened doors for other big projects. According to the Latest Celebrity Net Worth, Bernthal made a total of $564 thousand annually in 2015,2016,2016 and 2017 from various acting roles he featured in. The series "The Walking Dead (2013)" was where he began collecting huge checks. He was collecting $80,000 per every episode that he featured in. Bernthal auditioned for the role of Shane even after knowing that character would not stay long in the series by dying early. After leaving the series "The Walking Dead" in 2012, he went on to appear in movies like "Fury" and "The Wolf of Wall Street." Project "Daredevil" and "The Punisher" in 2017 were other projects in which Bernthal was collecting a fat cheque of $350,000 per episode. He joined the Punisher as an anti-hero in this movie that aired on Netflix. In 2017 alone, he appeared in at least six different movies.

List of movies and series that Jon Bernthal has earned his money from

In 1999, Bernthal landed a role in Law & Order in a special Victims Unit called Sherm Hempel, where he featured in 1 episode. In 2001, he appeared in Law & Order Criminal Intent in another episode again. That same year he landed a role in "The Hire" to play Holt's character in one episode. In 2002, Bernthal was lucky to be called to feature in two series. The first one was "Without a Trace" in a single episode to play Alex Genya's character. He also appeared in a single episode in the investigative drama "C.S.I. Miami" as Harry Klugman. In 2004, after taking a break in 2003, he came back energized in three more series. The first one was "Boston Legal" in a single episode as Michael Shea. He featured in the movie "Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman as the man in office. That year, the last movie was a role he played as Dominic Fabrizzi in the film "Tony n' Tina's wedding." In 2005, Bernthal appeared in two projects. The first was a drama series, "The Class" as Duncan Carmello in episode 19, and a blockbuster movie "World Trade Center" as Christopher Amoroso. Between 1999 and 2009, Bernthal mainly appeared in support cast roles as he waited to make a name in the movie industry. In 2010, he became famous for his role in the horror series "The Walking Dead," which opened doors for him. That same year he featured in five other more projects; Conan, The Pacific, The Ghost Writer, The Making of the Walking Dead as himself, and Date Night. "The widows" and "Shot Caller" in 2019 contributed to his rich bank account of over $1,000,000. His recent project in 2022 includes "Sharp Stick" as Josh and the series "We Own This City" as Sgt.Wayne Jenkins. According to Vanity Fair, acting is a business that generated him about $1.28 million per year or $106,666.67 per month. That is why he treats every project seriously.

2. Business ventures

After graduation and getting knowledge of the theater business and how to run it, Bernthal opened a theater company called Fovea Floods which became very successful in play production. He was also part of most of the acts where he performed in over 30 plays. Majority of the plays he produced won prestigious awards. Fovea Floods Theatre Production Company is where most of Bernthal's plays are acted and produced.

3. Product Influencer

From the character he played, Shane Walsh, in the famous T.V. show "The Walking Dead," he gained cult followers who have been increasing from various roles in movies and series in which he has acted well. According to Know Net Worth, Bernthal is active on various social networks with huge followers. For instance, on his Instagram page, he has over 2.3 million followers and over 607.7k active followers on his Twitter account. These social pages have active followers where Bernthal ranks more revenues by tweeting as a ghostwriter, working as an influencer, and an affiliate marketer. Instagram and YouTube generate so much money for him at the end of the month when he partners with brands and pushes for their affiliate links. He also generates revenues when ads are played on their IGTV videos. Pinterest and Facebook also make him good revenues.

4. Production

Bernthal has been involved in well-paying production projects in his dynamic career. The first one was in 2021 as a producer for the film "Small Engine Repairs. in 2022, he was the Executive Producer for the film "Sharp Stick."

Final verdicts

The success Jon Bernthal has enjoyed in acting is attributed to his passion for acting. Hard work drives him to take on many projects in a given year. Despite having a busy schedule and being a family man, he tries to balance everything by following a simple life rule: living by whichever place he finds himself. When he is with his family, his focus is on his family, and when he is taking on a project, he puts his entire mind on the project. To Bernthal, it does not matter which role he is given, be it the main character or supporting role. He will give his best for the movie's success, which is why many of his fans look forward to every project that he features in, and many producers queue to have him in their projects.

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