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10 Things You Didn't Know About Abakar Saidov

Abakar Saidov

Abakar Saidov is a co-founder of a London-based company called Beamery. Beamery is a platform for talent acquisition, engagement, and retention. It assists managers and executives in sourcing, hiring, and keeping talented workers. Saidov is known as an expert in empowering companies to attract the best talent. He has become successful in the business world and developed a solid career path. We were impressed with his portability and blending of talents to create a unique and business endeavor. If you're not familiar with his achievements, here are 10 things you probably didn't know about Abakar Saidov.

1. Abakar Saidov is also the CEO of Beamery

According to Crunchbase, Saidov co-founded Beamery and he also stepped up to the leadership position as the chief executive officer. Beamery was officially launched in 2014 and he has stood at the helm ever since. He guides the rest of the team in fulfilling its mission to improve talent recruitment for its clients to empower businesses and help them provide better candidate experiences at the same time.

2. Outside of work, he's just a regular guy

When Abakar Saidov is on the job, he is all business. He's good at what he does. Saidov has led the Beamery to high levels of success. He has built a solid reputation for achieving his goals and meeting his objectives in the workplace. But when he's not leading the group at Beamery, he enjoys getting out and living life. He has a healthy work-to-life balance and takes care of business on both fronts. This mindset is the mark of a well-balanced leader. Life cannot be all work and no play if you want to be healthy and maintain sharp mental processing.

3. Some of his interests fuel his business success

Abakar Saidov has a few outside interests. Some of them are what fuel his business drive and have helped him to achieve success. A few of his passions are behavioral psychology, development economics, and educational reform. He enjoys understanding the dynamics of how people communicate and relate to one another. This skill is essential in any leadership role. He also knows the value of a solid education, hence his interest in seeing old broken systems reformed to become more beneficial.

4. Saidov enjoys the great outdoors and other hobbies

On a lighter note, Mr. Saidov also enjoys cooking and cycling. He is also an avid outdoorsman when he can find the time. he refers to himself as an amateur in scale, but it's something that he likes to get out and do.

5. He was educated in the United Kingdom

Abakar Saidov enrolled at the University of Warwick in 2006. He graduated with his degree in 1st Class, Economics in the year 2009. The education helped him achieve a solid understanding of how the money system works within a nation. He also gained an understanding of its implications for businesses and business owners.

6. He interned at Goldman Sachs

According to LinkedIn, Abakar served an internship at the prestigious financial firm Goldman Sachs. He was an IBD Summer Analyst from June of 2008 through September of the same year. He spent four months at the company before returning to his studies. The experience helped him to make some valuable connections.

7. His summer internship turned into a job

In July of 2009, Abakar Saidov worked at Goldman Sachs as a Financial Analyst, M&A. The time he spent during a summer internship helped him form relationships with staff. They got to see his potential in the financial business. While he worked there, Saidov performed various functions. Thee included: valuations analysis, along with analyzing potential transactions for clients. He also developed detailed operating models. He remained at Goldman Sachs in the same job for two years and two months, leaving in August of 2011.

8. Abakar worked at Francisco Partners

In September of 2011, Mr. Saidov accepted a position as Associate at Francisco Partners in London. He left Goldman Sachs for this opportunity to work with a private equity firm that was more technology-focused. He gained valuable experience working in all aspects of the company, especially in the buy-out and taking private of companies as well as developing a B2B mobile marketing business. He also worked in the sourcing, evaluation, due diligence, and execution of investment opportunities for the $7 billion equity capital firm. Saidov spent 2 years and 1 month in the position before leaving in September of 2013 to pursue other business ventures.

9. Abakar Saidov is a serial entrepreneur

Before Saidov co-founded Beamery, he established his first company called Seed Jobs. He worked together with his partner Sultan Murad Saidov to launch the company in September of 2013. This is a versatile company that is listed under multiple industries including Human Resources, Recruiting, Enterprise Software, Education, Software, and Software-as-a-Service.

This company would be a precursor to his current enterprise. He built the first inbound marketing platform for recruitment for the basis of this business. He served as the chief executive officer of Seed jobs until July of 2015, leaving after 1 year and 11 months. Mr. Saidov has since, stepped down from the executive leadership team and is no longer listed on the roster of employees. It is unknown if he sold his interest to his partner or not.

10. Abakar Saidov is a man of action

According to Forbes, Mr. Saidov has built the platform of Beamerly to help business leaders move from aspiration to action. While many organizations have good intentions and aspire to create a more inclusive and diverse workforce, the aspiration doesn't always translate into meaningful or effective action.

The tech platform he built for Beamerly helps to provide organizations with three solid methods. These methods help them to move in a more positive direction for establishing and maintaining diversity, equity, and inclusion for individuals from the interviewing process through longevity in the workplace.

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