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10 Things You Didn't Know About Shishir Mehrotra

Shishir Mehrotra

Shishir Mehrotra is an Indian-American businessman and entrepreneur who leads the company Coda as CEO. Coda is a San Francisco, California-based startup that is making significant contributions to improving how teams work together through the use of data and technology. He has a long and successful history in the tech world. If you're not familiar with him, here are 10 things you probably didn't know bout Shishir Mehrotra.

1. Mehrotra is also a co-founder of Coda

According to Crunchbase, Shishir is leading the company that he and his partner launched in 2014. It's his latest business venture, but he has a long history of successful leadership roles. His main focus is on Coda, but he still wears many hats.

2. He is an angel investor

In addition to his role at Coda, Mr. Mehrotra is also an angel investor. He mas made a total of ten investments in various startups. The most recent was on June 2, 2021. It was a $20 million investment in a Series A round of funding for a company called Pinwheel. In January of 2021, he invested $30 million in a Series B round of funding for Descript. In 2020 he also invested several million in WeWalk, Docugmi, Planet-Scale, and earlier in cure. fit, Latent Space, Highfive, Bento Labs, and Lightbox.

3. He is an MIT graduate

Shishir was accepted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This is a prestigious institution of higher learning that accepts a limited number of new students each year. Competition is high to get into MIT. He earned his bachelor of science degree in computer science as well as a bachelor of science in mathematics from MIT.

4. Shishir was a founding CEO of Centrata, Inc

In February of 2000, Mr. Mehrotra became the founding chief executive officer and board member of the Centrata Inc company. He spent two years and 5 months in the position with the business that developed software that created utilities out of data centers. The business was funded by Vinod Khosla of Kleiner Perkins. He left the position in June of 2002 to pursue other employment opportunities and gain experience in the field.

5. He was a director at Microsoft

According to LinkedIn, Mr. Mehrotra served as the director of program management at the Microsoft Corporation. He was hired in January of 2002 and spent 6 years and 4 months at the job before leaving in April 2008.

6. Shishir Mehrotra worked at Google

Mr. Mehrotora joined the team at Google in April of 2008 as Google TV's director of product management. He was only in the position for six months before he was promoted to the job of YouTube Monetization director of product management. He oversaw video advertising products as well as Google Video Ad Network along with TV ads. He remained at this post for 2 years and 9 months. In May of 2011, he was promoted to YouTube Vice President of Product, Engineering, Ux at the San Bruno, California location. He remained at this post for 3 years and 1 month, spending a total of 6 years and 2 months, before leaving in May of 2014. Mehrotra gained a great deal of experience in various aspects of the industry while employed at Google. When he left this company, it was to strike out on his own and co-found Coda.

7. Shishir Mehrotra has prioritized his life

According to Coda's website, Mehrotra has his priorities in order, and he proudly puts them in writing on the Coda website. In his self-description, he introduces himself as"husband, father, maker, entrepreneur." This small gesture tells us that he is a family man first and foremost, and he puts his wife and children first. After that, he loves to create things. He is also an entrepreneur running the company that he helped to establish. There leaves little room for confusion about his priorities. It also gives us a clue about the order that he places them in.

8. Shishir Mehrotra is an expert in his field

Mr. Mehrotra has gained valuable experience in his two decades in the tech end of the business world. He has a natural aptitude for technology. Shishir understands how to apply complicated concepts. He is also skilled in business organization and leadership. He doesn't just sit on the information he has. He shares it freely in prolific posts. Mehrotra wrote multiple articles. They are written with the intent to help leaders improve business practices. He posts them publicly for all to read at will. He even offers a "Guide for distributed teams" that provides tips about how leaders can build the desired company culture and infuse it throughout the operation. He shares the things that he has learned in the workplace with examples and helpful recommendations.

9. He believes in rituals

Mehrotra has written two pieces about the value of rituals and why every leadership team needs them. It's about getting into the habit of observing sound and effective business practices and continuing to do them faithfully. It builds expectations within the team and sets the tone. He explains that the rituals should be to meet the needs of the business in line with the goals that they have set. This habit becomes a set way of doing certain things, but it does not mean that it's not flexible.

10. His insights are available to everyone

If you're interested in hearing him speak, he offers some great resources. Listen to more about what this dynamic leader has to say about running a business and more. He posted educational articles and YouTube videos that speak in plain terms about various business topics. Mr. Mehrotra talks about the nuts and bolts issues and delves into the heart of the things that matter with open and candid discussions. He also provides suggestions about how to tackle common problems in the business world. Shishir has made these resources available, or you can look him up on YouTube and listen to his latest ideas.

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