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What Does Jeff Bezos Do For Charity?

Jeff Bezos

There is no doubt that Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame is incredibly wealthy. He can afford to do pretty much whatever he wants. He has built Amazon into an amazing, groundbreaking empire and has other ventures to go along with it. Have you ever wondered what he actually does with all his money?

According to Mr. Bezos himself, he plans to give most of it away. Within this article, you shall learn the secrets of the Jeff Bezos charity regimen. Discover what charities he supports as well as how much money he donates.

How Much Is Jeff Bezos Currently Worth?

The first thing you might be wondering is how much Mr. Bezos is currently worth, right? Brace yourself for this answer. As of late 2022, this man is worth $122 billion. No, that is NOT a type-o. We did say billion.

If he were to retire tomorrow, he would live quite comfortably. But do not expect to hear his retirement announcement anytime soon. Jeff Bezos plans to keep busy for the foreseeable future. As we eluded to earlier, Amazon is merely one of his ventures.

Other Notable Achievements of Jeff Bezos

This illustrious gentleman made news not too long ago with his company, Blue Origin. The headlines read that it flew actor William Shatner (who was famous for his Star Trek role of Captain/Admiral James Kirk) to the edge of space. This was a major achievement for Mr. Bezos.

One other accomplishment of Jeff was his purchase of The Washington Post back in 2013. On the personal side, he loves traveling all over the world with Lauren Sanchez. He looks forward to doing that on his forthcoming megayacht, which is still under construction.

Who Is Jeff Bezos?

Mr. Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen, now known as Jeffrey Bezos due to home life changes, was born on January 12, 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Today he is an American entrepreneur. His primary claim-to-fame is as the founder and Executive Chairman of Amazon. We don't need to describe to you what Amazon is.

Not only is Amazon the premier online shopping mecca of all time, but they now have their own fleet to facilitate the deliveries. In addition to that, Jeff is an investor, a media proprietor, and even a commercial astronaut. In the latter endeavor, he is the founder of both Blue Origin and Bezos Expeditions.

Jeff Bezos Steps Down As Amazon CEO

Yes, that is correct. He did this in mid-2021. Fear not though, he still collects a tidy sum from all of his efforts with Amazon. You can be sure that, behind the scenes, he is still the head honcho. The name Jeff Bezos is now synonymous with the concept of American billionaires.

Most of his business efforts nowadays involve his exploration company, Blue Origin. Mr. Bezos also enjoys spending more personal time on the various charities he supports. So, what are those charities? Keep reading this article to find out.

One Answer to the Title Question

In reality, there are many answers to this question. That is because this fortunate man gives a lot to charity. So, what does the Jeff Bezos charity donation scene look like? If you pay attention to television news and print newspaper headlines, you are familiar with most of them.

Just recently, Jeff gave country music icon, Dolly Parton, $100 million to use for any charity she wanted. Ms. Parton herself supports several charities and thanks Mr. Bezos for his generous donation. The award was given in conjunction with his Courage and Civility program.

Other Causes Jeff Bezos Cares about Deeply

There are many other organizations and causes that will be recipients of portions of the Jeff Bezos charity fund money. As he told a CNN reporter in an exclusive interview, a lot of this funding will be given to fighting climate change. This is something that troubles him immensely, and he will do whatever he can to support related charities.

Additionally, Mr. Bezos cares about the plight of people who are striving to unify humanity. Today, there are deep political and social rifts amongst the people of the world, including the United States. Therefore, a significant portion of his fortune will go to anyone who legitimately tries to resolve these problems.

Shining a Spotlight on the Bezos Courage and Civility Award

We just told you about this year's award being given to Dolly Parton. In previous years, this same award was bestowed upon CNN contributor, Van Jones, and well-known chef, Jose Andres. Mr. Bezos will be proud to continue this award as long as he is financially able to do so. From the looks of things, that should be for at least the next decade.

In the 20-minute interview with CNN, Jeff Bezos discussed his successful business partnership alongside his esteemed business partner, Ms. Lauren Sanchez. He also mentioned, at that time, there were no special plans for giving his money away. He and Ms. Sanchez are working on determining how the money will be divided up. So, the details of the Jeff Bezos charity plight remain to be seen.

His Earth Fund is Part of the Jeff Bezos Charity Plan

The fourth wealthiest person in the entire world at this point in time, Mr. Bezos, has pledged to donate $10 billion over the next decade to his fund. The Bezos Earth Fund is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint left on the Earth by steel and cement creation and manufacturing. This will go a long way towards helping climate change efforts.

Another thing the Jeff Bezos charity fund has done is to allocate $2 billion as a gift to assist homeless families. Portions of that money went to creating preschools. So you see, Mr. Jeff Bezos truly cares about other people and the world. Expect to see more of this from him in the years to come.

His Ex-Wife Should Not Be Omitted from This Article

It should be mentioned that Jeff's ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott, is also extremely charitable. She has given almost $4 billion away to more than 460 different organizations over the past year. Last year she provided twice that amount to just as many charities.

Part of MacKenzie Scott's wealth comes from an expensive divorce settlement with Mr. Bezos. Other money was hers to begin with. She inherited a substantial amount of stock in Amazon from the well-publicized divorce. Ms. Scott is also expected to continue in that vein over the next few years at least.

Giving My Money Away Is Hard Work

That was the statement Jeff Bezos recently made when asked about his charitable plans going forward. He said deciding who and what to give money to is just as difficult as it was to earn the money in the first place. It cannot go to any bloke on the street who asks for it. The charity must mean something and the money must make a substantial difference to the world.

It is possible to donate money to the wrong causes and have it be totally ineffective in the world. It takes research and planning and knowing exactly who you are giving the money to, added Mr. Bezos.

Be Patient, Jeff Bezos Will Find Just the Right Causes

Those people who are in such a hurry for this gentleman to give his money away will have to find some patience. He and Ms. Sanchez will get it done in due time. There is no rush, Mr. Bezos is in great health and intends to keep busy over the next decade or so.

Fear not though, friends, the Jeff Bezos charity work is not anywhere near over. There is also no need to worry that he is giving away too much. This man and his lady will live comfortably for ions to come, no matter how much money he gives away. Will this change his status as the fourth richest man in the world? That remains to be seen.

Jeff Bezos Is Going to Enjoy His Money

Whether it is giving it away in the Jeff Bezos charity funding projects or continuing to live the lavish lifestyle he has become accustomed to, he intends to enjoy his money. After all, why work so hard if you cannot take the time to have fun with it?

Even though Jeff is no longer the man at Amazon, he still earns a handsome profit from it. That plus his other endeavors will keep the money pouring in for quite some time. Do not be surprised if he adds to his overall net worth. With this man, anything is possible.

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