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10 Things You Didn't Know about Dan O'Dowd

Dan O'Dowd

Dan O’Dowd has made a name for himself as the CEO and founder of Green Hills Software, a company that has grown to over 200 employees in the last five years. He’s the co-author of the bestselling book, Continuous Delivery, and he’s been named as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in Software and the No. 1 Most Promising Leader in the Software Industry by According to YouTube, the following are 10 things you didn’t know about Dan O’Dowd.

10. He Teaches at Universities and Conferences

Dan O’Dowd recently joined the faculty at Clemson University, where he is an Assistant Professor of Software Engineering. He has also taught at Duke University and Northwestern University, where he has been a Research Associate since 2006. He’s a frequent speaker on the topic of software engineering and speaks at conferences across the United States.

9. He’s Passionate About Continuous Delivery

Dan O’Dowd is passionate about continuous delivery. He says, “The reason we pursue it is because it makes the software development process more agile and adaptive to change.” Continuous delivery allows for software to be released quickly, rather than waiting for months or years for a major release.

8. The Dawn project

Dan O’Dowd is the founder of Dawn, a proof-of-concept project that brought the best practices of Oracle software development to the Linux environment. The project was funded by the Linux Foundation, and it started in 2016. At the heart of Dawn is the Dawn Virtual Machine, a runtime that compiles Oracle’s code to run on top of the Linux kernel. This virtual machine gives developers the same access to hardware that they have on the Windows platform, including network stacks, device drivers, and the operating system itself. This project was a success, and it has shown that it is possible to bring the best practices of Oracle software development to Linux.

7. He Loves to Dive

Dan has been diving for years and has participated in over 200 dives. He even became a certified instructor to teach other people about diving. He spends most of his free time now exploring off the coast on his boat, the Dawn Project. You can follow him and find out more about his adventures on Facebook and Twitter @danodowd.

6. He’s a Big Fan of VR

Ever since he was a teenager, Dan has been fascinated by virtual and augmented reality. He’s said that VR is the future and that he wants to be at the forefront of it. He had his first experience with VR when he was 16 years old and then decided to study it in college as well. Nowadays, he still spends a lot of time researching virtual reality and trying out new products like the Oculus Rift. He predicts that VR will revolutionize the travel industry, make it easier for people to visit places they can’t physically go and experience things they couldn’t otherwise do. It will change how we experience life as well as entertainment.

5. He’s a Fitness Fanatic

Dan O’Dowd is an avid runner, cyclist and weightlifter. He says he wants to live a long and healthy life. He also believes that being in shape can help him and his employees be more productive. O’Dowd is a fitness fanatic and his company, Green Hills Software, offers strong support for the fitness community. They can help people create fitness apps or even provide employees with access to gyms and fitness centers.

4. He’s Obsessed With AI

Dan O’Dowd has been quoted as saying, “If you know how to program, you know how to program.” Dan is currently obsessed with Artificial Intelligence. He believes that AI will be the next big thing in software. He also seems to have a vested interest in creating a universal programming language that is easy to use and understand for all developers, which helps them create more efficiently. However, he doesn’t want the language to be too simple because he wants people to learn by using it and discovering things on their own.

3. He’s a Big Believer in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Dan O’Dowd, CEO and founder of Green Hills Software, is a big believer in the power of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). In fact, he believes these technologies will be more important than smartphones by 2020. Mr. O’Dowd believes that VR headsets will become an essential part of everyday life like smartphones are today.

2. He Has Big Dreams for VR and AI in the Future

Dan O’Dowd is a pioneer, who has a big vision for the future of Green Hills Software. In an interview with TMC, he predicted that AI and VR will be the next big thing in technology. O’Dowd also shared his thoughts on the future of technology and how it will affect society. He believes that VR will soon be used to put people into any scenario they can imagine, while AI will have a huge impact on the future of work. O’Dowd advises those who are interested in working in tech to invest their time in programming languages like C#, Java, JavaScript and Python. He also recommends that potential employees take their desired job skills and translate them into machine-readable code so they can automate processes - just like Green Hills Software does with its own products.

1. He Used to Work for Microsoft

O’Dowd worked at Microsoft for five years as a product Manager for SQL Server. After that, he joined Oracle as a vice president of product management. It was there that he first connected with Larry Ellison, who was very interested in using the Microsoft platform. But Oracle, at that time, had a very strict policy about using Microsoft’s technology. Oracle’s resistance to Microsoft increased after the company acquired PeopleSoft, which was using a good deal of Microsoft technology. That made Ellison wary of integrating with Microsoft too much, especially after a decade in which Microsoft had criticized Oracle’s business practices. As you can see, there’s a lot more to Dan O’Dowd than just starting a software company. He’s an expert in software development, and his experience has allowed him to make a name for himself in the industry. In this article, we went over O’Dowd’s 10 things you didn’t know about him. From his early days at Microsoft to his contributions to the Dawn project, you learned more about this software leader.

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