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10 Things You Didn't Know About Yaniv Vardi

Yaniv Vardi is a global businessman and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Claroty, a New York-based startup in the cybersecurity tech industry. Mr. Vardi has established a strong track record of delivering successes in the business world. He is a leader who gets things done. We were interested in learning more about him. After researching his personal and career life, we made some interesting discoveries worth sharing. He has worked in many countries throughout the world as is well-versed in international relations and strategic planning. He does everything on a grand scale. If you're not familiar with him, here are 10 things you didn't know about Yaniv Vardi to bring you up to speed.

1. Yaniv Vardi has decades of global leadership experience

According to Claroty, Mr. Vardi has made a significant mark in the world of business. He has served in executive positions for over twenty years in the global sector. His track record is impressive and longstanding. He is known for his ability to develop effective global business strategies that result in achieving worldwide growth for the companies he represents.

2. He is poised to take Claroty to the top

Mr. Vardi serves as the chief executive officer of Claroty, and one of his ambitions is to lead the company to the next phase of its development. Plans are in place to move Claroty to a leader in OT security. He is currently leveraging strategies to solidify this position within the industry.

3. Yaniv Vardi has international ties

Mr. Vardi's experiences in business have taken him around the world. He has served in high-ranking leadership and advisory positions for companies in the United States, Europe, and Israel. He's served as CEO for several businesses and has also been a board director and chairman for multiple businesses. His advisement is in high demand within his circle of peers in the executive world. This is because of his record of success in so many different business ventures. Confidence in his knowledge and wisdom in business matters is high.

4. He is a former military man

Mr. Vardi is a man who fulfills his obligations to his company as well as to his country. He is a native of Israel. He served a stint in the Israeli Air Force and spent five years in that branch of the military. He has a solid sense of values. This is a trait that makes him a responsible citizen and a positive influence for establishing solid business values in the companies that he leads. It's no small wonder that he is so well-respected by his peers.

5. Yaniv Vardi was educated in the United States

According to LinkedIn, Yaniv attended the New Jersey Institute of Technology from 1996 through 2001. He studied in the field of industrial and management. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering degree. He also earned a BA+IS degree in the field of engineering and information systems.

6. Vardi worked at the Israel Ministry of Defense

In 1996, Mr. Vardi worked for the Israel Ministry of Defense at its New York, New York location. He served in the position of Manager, Air-Force Armament Procurement. He remained employed in this position until 1999, leaving after three years. He left to accept a job as director of systems integration for a company called DM Inc, where he worked for 3 years. The experiences that he gained at IMD inspired him to strike out on his own and pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

7. He founded Sparta Systems EMEA

In 2004, Yaniv founded a company called Sparta Systems EMEA. He served as founder and vice president of operations through 2008, leading the company forward and overseeing the business development, support, customer success, and professional services divisions. In 2008 he served s the managing director of Sparta Systems Europe, serving the APAC and EMEA regions for 11 years. Mr. Vardi made many connections with executives from across the globe, earning their respect for his accomplishments in achieving impressive growth in his company.

8. He was CEO of Centrica

Yaniv Vardi moved on from Sparta Systems EMEA in 2012 and was hired as the chief executive officer at Panoramic Power. The energy management solutions company is located in Israel. While there he led the company in its industrial and commercial energy consumption optimization services. He served on the job until January of 2016. Panoramic Power was acquired by Centrica.

9. Yaniv made the transition to Centrica

At the time that Centrica acquired Panoramic Power, Yaniv made the transition to a different job with the parent company. He became a managing director of Centrical Business Solutions International on a full-time basis. He worked with this global company that served both commercial and industrial organizations around the world. Mr. Vardi remained with Centrica Business Solutions for 4 years and 7 months before he decided it was time to move on and pursue yet another entrepreneurial adventure.

10. Yaniv has been at Claroty for one year

Mr. Vardi launched his most recent entrepreneurial venture in July of 2020. He is about to celebrate his first year in business as the founder and chief executive officer of Claroty. While some may believe that his intention to disrupt the cybersecurity OT industry is a bold statement, those who are familiar with his track record feel confident he will accomplish his objectives. Granted, this is a new startup and still in its infancy, but Yaniv Vardi has been in the business for more than twenty years and he has a solid grasp of how to accomplish impressive results. He is in the business of helping others improve their efficiency, and it just stands to reason that he knows how to launch a company and built it up. We fully expect to hear more about Yaniv Vardi and Claroty in the months to come. We've come to expect big things from him and he has not failed to deliver. Yaniv Vardi is an entrepreneur to keep your eye on.

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Written by Allen Lee

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