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10 Things You Didn't Know About Monday CEO Roy Mann

Roy Mann is a web and mobile-based application used by companies in; team management, tracking projects and managing work. Today, has more than 580,000 users from 146 countries in the world. Founded in 2012 by Roy Mann and Eran Zinman, started as an internal management tool in an Israeli based company- Roy Mann became the CEO of this company which at that time was known as Dapulse. Besides being an entrepreneur, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about him;

1. Education Background

Roy Mann is a career entrepreneur who became a coding expert at the university. He studied at Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel graduating with a degree in computer science. Besides studying at this university, he has also completed a computer-related course at Lehigh University and the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev located in the United States of America and Israel respectively. In Ben-Gurion University, he majored in Electrical engineering.

2. Professional Career

Before becoming the CEO of, Roy Mann started as a web-developer for Finjan Holdings in 1996. Later on, in May 2010, he became the Chief Technology Officer at it was here at that he discovered his true calling as an entrepreneur. He would, later on, venture out as the co-founder of Dapulse in 2012. This decision was based on the massive success that he alongside Eran was realizing in the development of web-based platforms.

3. Dapulse

After co-founding this company alongside his friend Eran Zinman, the company quickly became a success. During its initial stages, Dapulse offered its services on a one-week trial basis upon which the user has the option of buying the companies services at a premium. According to Business Insider, despite the massive success of the company, many of Roy Mann’s workmates didn’t like the company’s name. Due to this, he was mocked by several of his employees and strangers about the company’s name. After consideration, he decided to adopt a new name and Dapulse came to be known as That said, the name Dapulse still lives on in some of the marketing materials shared by the two brands and in some conference rooms.

4. was arrived upon to give this business a more global perspective - Monday being the start of work-week. To date, has grown immensely. Based in Israel, now has got 130 employees who work tirelessly to ensure the success of this company. Alongside his co-founder Eran Zinman, this company has significantly doubled the revenue that to date it boasts of having a valuation of almost 1.9 billion dollars. This valuation was done after the company had secured new Investors in the form of Stripes Group. The New York-based investor company deals are famous for internet and consumer investments such as Refinery29, Blue Apron, Flatiron Health, and GrubHub. is currently expanding to other major markets boasts an outpost in the USA. Also, the company is coming up with new features aimed at gaining new users in this competitive industry. Some of these features include; column centers, board views, and the Monday stories. These new products have been well-received in the technology sector.

5. Contribution to society

Roy Mann is a man who likes giving back to his community. His involvement in the development and eventual success of various startup companies in Israel is exemplary. Moreover, he likes tutoring young students who have an interest in gaming software development.

6. Other hobbies and interests

As you might have already found out, Roy Mann is an extremely private person. However, he is an online gamer and developer. With regards to his Linked in profile, he is very much into online gaming. His interest is one of the reasons he came up with an online social game known as Save the Alien. Besides this, he also loves 3D printing and other forms of art. Additionally, Roy Mann loves mentoring students especially those with an interest in software development.

7. Personal life

Despite the huge achievements that he has achieved as an entrepreneur, little is known about Roy Mann. He is an extremely private person with little if no information at all available on his social media or Wikipedia page. There is no information about his childhood life or family.

8. Philanthropic work

Through his company,, Roy Mann engages in philanthropically work by giving non-governmental organizations and other charities huge discounts when they purchase various products or services from the company. This helps these organizations be able to manage their various projects at a very minimal cost. Also, he is a big financial contributor to various charity organizations around Tel a Viv.

9. Management style

As the CEO of, Roy Mann employs the participative style of management. During the development of his current Platform-Monday stories and column centers, he demonstrated his hand-on approach to management by being heavily involved in the developmental stages of these programs. Additionally, has become one of the leading tech-based companies in Israel and this can be attributed to the great leadership style of its CEO- Roy Mann.

10. Achievements

In 2018, Roy Mann’s exemplary work as the CEO of was recognized by the APPEALIE. APPEALIE honors exemplary delivery of services to customers and overall business excellence by various SaaS-based companies. won the award in the category of best android SaaS category.

Final Thoughts

Despite being an extremely private person, Roy Mann’s immense contribution to the development of start-up business in Israel cannot go unnoticed. He is a strong supporter of the emergence of tech-based companies in Israel and this can be seen through the success of his company- Moreover, his great leadership skills as the CEO of has enabled this company to thrive in this competitive market. Despite facing high competition from well-established companies like Trello which offer almost similar services, is easily becoming a giant in the technological sector in Israel.

Allen Lee

Written by Allen Lee

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