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10 Things You Didn't Know about Dan Morehead

Dan Morehead

Dan Morehead is the CEO and Co-Chief investment officer for Pantera, a company that provides investors exposure to Bitcoin and other digital currency startups. His company is one of several working on a shift in global finance and commerce. Since its inception, Pantera has become one of the most well-recognized names for cryptocurrency exposure. One of the things that made the company successful is that they started buying early before Bitcoin became mainstream. Additionally, Morehead is one of the most vocal advocates for people looking for investment opportunities in cryptocurrency. Morehead has been a savvy investor looking at unknown and uncertain markets throughout his career before they have exploded. This foresight has created a lucrative career that continues to move forward and help other investors increase their portfolios. These are 10 things you didn't know about Dan Morehead.

1. The Shift

Morehead started Pantera investing in 2003 as a global macro investment firm but switched to bitcoin in 2014. Until then, he'd spent his career in macro investing. While at his previous firm, Tiger Management, with Julian Robertson, Morehead began looking for the next big thing in investing and current trends. However, he didn't just leap; he wanted to find something that had an above-average reward if he made a substantial jump into an unknown field.

2. Introduction

In 2011, his brother was the first person to tell him about Bitcoin. Back then, there was limited information. Immediately, Morehead thought it was an investing concept, and he was interested. Two years later, a few more friends sat down with him for a conference call. According to The Fool, the call lasted four hours. It was then, Moorehead knew he wanted to invest. Despite his excitement and belief that this would be the next big thing in the financial market, he waited several more months before jumping into the investment.

3. Prior experience

Morehead began his carer at Goldman Sachs as a mortgage securities trader. He also co-founded and was the CEO of Atriax, an electronic foreign exchange platform. Additionally, he was the global head of FX options at Deutsche Bank in London. Additionally, he managed macro fund and derivates trading units in North America and Bankers Trust.

4. Education

Morehead has an impressive educational background. He graduated Princeton University magna cum laude Princeton University was a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Additionally, he received the Carmichael Prize for an outstanding thesis.

5. Predictions

According to My Trading Skills, Moorehead predicted bitcoin would rise to $40000 by 2019. Although this did not happen, he has continued to post predictions and other insights on his social media. Additionally, he is still seeing a rising upward trend in bitcoin and thinks it will reach $100000 by the end of 2021, and other alt-coins will grow a hundred times over in the next five years. Currently, his predictions are on target.

6. Worthy Investment

Morehead started the Pantera Capital hedge fund when the markets were uncertain and whether bitcoin would be successful. However, his gambles have paid off. One of Panterea'as first investments is now working twenty-four thousand percent higher than its actual worth making it one of the most successful investments of all time.

7. It's not just Bitcoin

According to Daily Hodl, Morehead staunchly maintains his stance on what a wroth investment Bitcoin is. Yet, he is also starting to see others who can outperform it in the next year. He thinks that Ethereum and XRP will be the main ones to outpace Bitcoin. Yet, he also thinks Polkadot (DOT), a multichain protocol founded by Gavin Wood, Etheruem co-founder, will be another strong contender.

8. Scaling

According to Coin Telegraph, Morehead has been moving swiftly up their top 100 list for cryptocurrency as Pantera Capital's reputation continues to grow. The Cointelegraph top 100 is a collection of individuals who invented the crypto industry with forward-thinking ideas. Moreover, it's a list devoted to people, who like Morehead, have stayed at the forefront of the industry and kept looking at ways to keeping moving the cryptocurrency industry forward.

9. Evolving

Even though Dan Morehead built Pantera with a different path in mind, his experience allowed him to see the rising market trends in cryptocurrency and steer his company towards the increasing market. Morehead's 25 years of experience and knowledge have consistently placed him as an authority on rising financial and currency trends since he has worked with macro funds, macro trading, as well as investment and advisory services. The most significant push forward for Pantera was when it began partnering with other digital coin companies like Benchmark and Ribbit Capital. Again, Morehead's diligent look at smart investments and partnerships has driven his company's success.

10. Looking to the future

When asked about his investment strategies, Morehead is quick to point out he looks at the bigger picture and not just the negative talk and downplaying. During an interview with The Fool, he talked about early investments when Gorbachev was still prime minister that seemed risky and ill-advised. Nonetheless, he still invested, and it had a significant payout. Morehead looks at Bitcoin and Blockchain the same way. He feels that although it hasn't thoroughly disrupted the market yet, he sees a great potential to positively impact the economy and not replace but definitely work concurrently with other currencies.

Final Thoughts

In 2017, Dan Morehead said, "Bitcoin's essentially going to revolutionize currency or money." Since that time, his foresight has begun to be proven correct. He's taken Pantera Capital to the forefront of the bitcoin market and helped people looking to expand their portfolio. Additionally, he's been able to use his broad range of knowledge to continually monitor currency trends and look for the next big thing in cryptocurrency.

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