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10 Things You Didn't Know about Itamar Zur

Itamar Zur

Itamar Zur is the CEO and co-founder of Veho, a next-generation shipping company specializing in end-to-end parcel delivery carriers for e-commerce companies. Since founding in 2016, he's been with the company and has seen it through both good and bad. Zur is motivated by seeing his team achieve their goals and by making a positive impact on the world (through creating valuable products that can improve people's lives). Zur prioritizes hiring talented people who are passionate about what they do and then offers them a good work environment that consists of an office and fun. In contrast, you work together as a team. He's transparent with his employees, reaches out to customers directly for feedback, follows open standards like service-oriented architecture, keeps up with what users want so he can continue creating innovative products that improve people's lives, remains motivated over the years, etc. He is especially interested in science fiction writing because it helps him dream up new product ideas to design for Veho. Zur likes photography and sports like karate or soccer (which is good for his health).

1. On coming to the US from Israel

Itamar Zur was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel, and came to the US alone at age 25. He studied at Carnegie Mellon University and got his Ph.D. there. Itamar talks about this as a transforming experience because it made him part of another society and culture. He had to leave behind what he knew best to adapt (an experience many immigrants go through). At CMU, he describes himself as an introvert who gradually learned how to be more social, which has helped him become a better leader since then.

2. On Leadership

According to his Twitter bio, he is the co-founder and CEO of Veho, a next-generation shipping company. He's responsible for Veho's overall direction and for ensuring the company's goals are met by its employees (he wants them to feel like they're working on something meaningful and essential). He does this by setting an example and being transparent with them (sharing the company's vision and how things are going, good or bad).

3. On Prioritizing Employees

Itamar Zur has spoken about how to have a great company culture, and you need first to have great employees. He prioritizes hiring the right people, then giving them the tools they need to do their jobs well. And if there are ever any issues, he's always open to hearing employee feedback and making changes when needed.

4. On Connecting with Customers

Itamar Zur is passionate about connecting with Veho's customers to understand their needs better and see what kinds of future products they would find helpful. He does this by attending conferences, trade shows, working with sales reps, and visiting customers to get feedback from them directly. He also follows open standards like service-oriented architecture (SOA) to ensure Veho's products can easily integrate with others. This customer feedback helps him and his team create innovative products that improve people's lives.

5. On Service-Oriented Architecture

Itamar Zur is a big proponent of next-generation technology and final mile crowdsourcing so people can get their deliveries as fast as possible. When you have a technical mindset, it's easy to adopt new technologies and may only take 1 hour of your time. In addition, he talks about SOA because it helps companies better integrate with other services, learn from them, buy from them, etc. Another thing Itamar Zur likes to do is come up with new product ideas by thinking about something he doesn't have but would like to have, and then work together as a team to try to build it.

6. On Innovation

Itamar Zur enjoys learning about science fiction writing because it helps him dream up new product ideas to improve people's lives. He also loves the outdoors and photography, which helps him recharge after work.

7. On his biggest challenge

He talks about being in charge of everything in Veho's beginning stages - from customer service to developing new products to solving infrastructure issues. At one time, he had to hire so many people. His company had four offices (he's since consolidated them into one). He talks about this challenge as very time-consuming and something he wouldn't want to do again.

8. On Veho's History

Since its beginning, Itamar Zur has been with Veho when it was still a startup in 2016. According to the Veho company website, he was one of the original co-founders and has been with the company through its highs and lows. He's seen how the company has evolved, from its early days of talking business goals to the execution of the first global shipping service.

9. On What Keeps Him Going

Itamar Zur is motivated by seeing his team achieve their goals and by making a positive impact on the world (through creating valuable products that can improve people's lives). He's also motivated by learning new things and staying current with what's going on in the technology industry. Itamar Zur is really into science fiction writing, which he says helps him dream up new product ideas to design for Veho. He also likes photography and sports like karate or soccer (which is good for his health).

10. On His Favorite Product

Itamar Zur says his favorite product is entrepreneurship itself. He loves building companies and seeing them succeed, especially knowing he positively impacted the world through what they did. He also likes that he gets to work with passionate people about what they do. Apart from these two, he's a fan of end-to-end parcel delivery services because it's convenient and can save people a lot of time.

He is Successful

Itamar Zur is the CEO of Veho, a company that specializes in end-to-end parcel delivery services for eCommerce companies. He has a background in entrepreneurship and loves to solve problems by meeting with customers, attending conferences, and learning new things. He stresses the importance of teamwork and staying current with your field by reading industry blogs - ideas that can also help you be a great entrepreneur. For him, the best part of his job is seeing his team achieve their goals and positively impact the world. He also loves to read science fiction writing and take photos because they help him approach work from different angles and see things in new ways. And that is basically what most people don't know about Itamar Zur.

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