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10 Things You Didn't Know About Heimo Scheuch

Heimo Scheuch

Heimo Scheuch is the Chairman of the Management Board and CEO at Weinerberger AG. He assumed the executive leadership post in August of 2009. He leads the largest producer of building materials, bricks, and infrastructure solutions for construction in the world. Mr. Scheuch stands as a role model for those who seek executive leadership positions in the business world. Upon research into his personal and career life, we made some interesting discoveries that inspire and a few tips about how to accomplish the level of success that he now enjoys. Here are 10 things you didn't know about Heimo Scheuch that may be helpful.

1. Mr. Scheuch is currently 55 years of age

Heimo Scheuch is an Austrian business manager. He was born on October 15, 1966, in the city of Villach. This makes him 55 years old, according to Wikipedia. He was raised in Muhldorf in Molltal.

2. He holds a doctoral degree

Scheuch has traveled to multiple countries in his lifetime. He attended college in several places throughout the world including London, Paris, and Vienna. He majored in law and economics studies, completing his undergraduate degree. Scheuch went back to graduate school in 1993 to Vienna, where he enrolled in the University of Vienna, earning his doctorate.

3. He worked his way up in the business world

Dr. Scheuch started his professional career at the Shook, Hardy, and Bacon corporate finance law firm, which is based out of London, England, and Milan, Italy. This was his first job after completing his academic studies in preparation for his career. He worked for the corporate finance firm until 1996 when he left to pursue better opportunities and advancement.

4. Dr. Scheuch advanced quickly at Weinerberger

Heimo joined his current workplace in 1966, but his position was not in executive leadership. He started at a lower level position as the assistant to the management board. He remained in this position with the firm for just one year before his talents and skills in leadership were recognized, and he was promoted to the position of Senior Management. He was transferred to Belgium for this position until 1999. It took just two years for him just 2 years in the job to be appointed as Terca's CEO.

5. Scheuch has served on several supervisory boards

Board positions indicate that there is a high level of confidence in a member's ability to provide sound wisdom and advisement on matters of great importance to the governance of a company or organization. Scheuch has been appointed to several different boards throughout his career. He served on the Wiener Borse AG board, as well as an appointment as President of the European Association of Bricks and Clay Roof Tiles board, just to name a few.

6. He also worked as a director

Scheuch hasn't always worked in high-level management. According to Bloomberg, he served as a director for Chelwood Group Unltd from September of 2004 to an undisclosed date. At the same time, he was a director at Brick Business Ltd. In 2007, he accepted a directorship at Baggeridge Brick Ltd. His work serving as a director helped him understand more about leadership at a management level. It was good training that helped to prepare him for advancement to positions with more responsibility.

7. He only worked for four years as an attorney

Although Scheuch became a licensed attorney, he didn't' spend a lot of time working in this capacity. He only worked a total of four years as a lawyer. He served at Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP from the beginning of 1993 through the end of 1996. His knowledge of corporate finance laws and regulations is part of the reason why he is so successful in executive leadership positions.

8. He is an international businessman

Scheuch has lived and worked in several different countries throughout Europe. He is a board member of the Association of Vienna Stock Exchange Issuers in Austria. He has also served on French boards, as well as German and other international committees and boards of directors. His work has taken him all over the world. Heimo Scheuch is comfortable and well-versed in working in many social and business environments throughout Europe. His years of experience and his track record for success make him an advisor who is in high demand because he understands the nature of business along with the legal framework for large operations.

9. He is a multi-millionaire

Dr. Heimo Scheuch earns a healthy wage for his contributions to the successes at Weinerberger AG. He receives total compensation of $2,378,840 annually. He leads the executive team in earning the highest income of anyone else working at the company, according to Wallmine. He earns more than two million dollars per year and he has been in his current job since 2009. He's been building his personal wealth for several decades as he was well paid at his previous leadership posts.

10. He views Apple as a role model

In an interview shared on AESC, Dr. Scheuch was asked which companies in the world are the most inspirational to him, and which that he considered to be a good role model for operations. Of all the different big businesses, he chose the American tech giant Apple. He is impressed with the level of innovation and the strong commitment that Apple has shown, which has served as a role model for other corporations to emulate. He shared that he appreciates Geberit of Switzerland because of its strong branding and its evolution in the past few years. These companies have inspired him and his leadership team to follow some of the same principles in their quest to constantly improve their operations. Scheuch leads his team by example, which challenges them to also seek innovative business solutions as the companies that he lists among those that he holds in the highest regard.

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