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10 Things You Didn't Know About Shariq Siddiqui

Shariq Siddiqui

Shariq Siddiqui is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Veeve and a technological entrepreneur. Before working at Veeve, Siddiqui spent almost 10 years at Amazon working as the Head of Product Management. In this position, he pioneered a number of high-profile projects, including; Amazon's Home Services, Amazon's Alexa Identity Platform, and Amazon Identity & Payments. In his role as a technology entrepreneur, Siddiqui created a hyperlocal app known as NYCWAY- which was later purchased by the BMW interactive in the year 2009. This guide will tell you ten things you were unaware of about Shariq Siddiqui.

1. He Established Veeve in 2019

In October 2019, Veeve raised approximately $2.1 million in a seed funding event. Currently, the company has around 15 employees. Amazon started developing the Amazon Go technology by opening up convenience grocery stores before rolling out full-scale grocery destinations. With the help of Faisal Shifayat, the former Google computer scientist, Shariq launched a tracking technology that would be installed in smart shopping carts to launch Veeve. Veeve, which is currently located in a suburb outside of Seattle, Washington, designs smart shopping carts fitted with sensors and overhead cameras. The aim is to keep track of what you purchase and automatically charge you upon leaving the store. The Veeve cart also comes with a touchscreen that guides customers on the present recipes, amazing deals, and new products available in the store.

2. He Produced the AI-powered Smart Cart

At Veeve, Shariq Siddiqui created an AI-powered smart cart. The main purpose of this smart cart was to offer customers a contactless and efficient shopping experience while in the store. The Veeve smart cart consists of cameras, a touchscreen display, and a well-calibrated scale for computing the price of the items bought automatically and their respective weight. This shopping cart also helps customers make their purchases easily and receive recommendations on in-store new items.

3. He Is Highly Skilled

Shariq Siddiqui went to the University of New York- Hunter College and later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. In addition to being an innovator and entrepreneur, Siddiqui is highly-skilled in the following areas:

  • Product Management
  • Web Analytics
  • E-commerce
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Cross-functional Team Leadership
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Software Project Management
  • Analytics

4. He Once Worked for Amazon

It was after the establishment of smart shopping carts that Amazon decided to test the technology and use it in the marketing of its products. Amazon found out that the carts came with sensors and overhead cameras that were used to monitor the items picked and carried out from the store by customers.

5. He Was One of the First People to Interact with Amazon Go

Despite not being part of the Amazon employees working on developing the company's grocery tech concept Amazon Go, Umer Sadiq and Shariq Siddiqui were impressed with the concept. They decided to test this concept when Amazon's first convenience store was launched in Seattle around three years ago. Both Sadiq and Siddiqui later realized that this ‘’Just Walk Out” technology would prove to be a challenge when implemented in larger grocery shops, and it would be more expensive. Therefore, they decided to partner with Faisal Shifayat, the former Google computer scientist, to create Veeve, a new Seattle-based company, in the year 2018.

6. His Product Was Inspired by Just Walk Out

Shariq Siddiqui is a technology inventor, leader, and entrepreneur. It is such attributes that influenced him to come up with outstanding products. For example, Shariq created Veeve after noticing the inefficiencies of the Just Walk Out technology experience adapted at the Amazon Go convenience stores. He was inspired to create a state-of-the-art AI-powered grocery cart that would improve the shopping experience of all in-store customers and deliver the ultimate customer personalization and improved shopping convenience.

7. He Is an Experienced Technology Entrepreneur

Before working as the Chief Executive Officer of Veeve, Shariq Siddiqui was the Head of Product Management at Amazon. As a technology entrepreneur, he initiated various high-profile projects within the organization. Siddiqui is also the founder of NYCWAY, which is a hyperlocal app established in the year 2009. This is according to his LinkedIn profile.

8. He Founded NYCWAY

Siddiqui spent almost 10 years working at Amazon as the Head of Product Management, pioneering several initiatives. Moreover, he is the leading founder of a hyperlocal app known as NYCWAY. The app was funded by Michael Bloomberg and later sold to BMW Interactive in 2009.

9. His Company Is Contributing to the Gig Economy

Recent comments from Siddiqui about Veeve is that the company is currently finishing on its business model. But since the company mainly deals with independent grocery stores, it will lease its smart shopping carts to the market on a monthly basis. Siddiqui added, saying that, through this business model, all in-store shoppers could now earn a little extra coin by purchasing groceries for other people. He also outlined a scenario where, if he was going to his local market, he could opt to include another person’s shopping list on his smart cart and deliver those groceries to their owners on his journey back home.

10. He Is a Confident Leader

With more than two decades of experience working at Amazon, Shariq Siddiqui and his partner Umer Sadiq can be described as confident and well-knowledgeable entrepreneurs. However, it is hard for the market industry to ignore the recent Amazon’s announcement of a major new rival known as the "Dash Cart," which makes it an immediate competitor to Veeve's smart shopping carts. Umer Sadiq and Shariq Siddiqui later commented after Amazon's new announcement that they hadn't seen the actual "Dash Cart." They claimed that there was one distinctive aspect of their smart carts that they believe will give them an edge over Amazon's new product. Shariq Siddiqui added saying that, "We are already out there in the market collecting as much customer data as possible, and we hopefully believe that this will give us an edge over this new competitor.”


To sum up, you now know that Shariq Siddiqui is the Chief Executive Officer of Veeve and that he spent almost a decade working at Amazon as the Head of Product Management. You also know that, as a technology entrepreneur, Siddiqui launched a hyperlocal app known as NYCWAY and is an innovative, courageous leader that is revolutionalizing the world of cashier-less shopping.

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