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20 Things you Didn't Know About Danielle Weisberg

Danielle Weisberg and Carly

Danielle Weisberg is the co-founder of TheSkimm, which is a current events newsletter that targets millennial women as their main audience. She and her partner, co-founder Carly Zakin have made the business a raging success. Weisberg is an interesting young executive who has made wise choices and she stands as an inspiration for young women who want to achieve success in their own business and entrepreneurial efforts. Here are 20 things about Danielle Weisberg that you might find intriguing and even inspirational.

1. The ladies who founded TheSkimm are both 32 years old

We learned that both Danielle Weisberg and Carly Kazin are 32 years old. They come from the same generation and both have a keen sense about what topics interest women of their age. They start their morning meetings by announcing new hires when its applicable and they also celebrate the anniversaries of their employees' first year at the company, also the second and third years. They treat workers at TheSkimm with the utmost respect and value and during these celebratory moments, the ladies take turns making announcements and always mention notable accomplishments that the workers have made during their time with the company.

2. She went big with the promotional video for The Skimm

Both Danielle and Carly pulled out all of the stops when they shot their promotional video for TheSkimm. The ladies brought some of the biggest names in entertainment and politics on board. These included Issa Rae, Marco Rubio, Tyra Banks, Ted Crus, Madelaine Albright, Newt Gingrich, and Kirsten Gillibrand. These were guests that were certain to grab the attention of their intended audience.

3. TheSkimm was founded in 2012

The Skimm has only been in operation for a total of 7 years. In that short period of time, the newsletter has excelled in delivering the news in a unique tone. It is worded much the way that young women speak with one another. This makes it easy to read and understand because it is presented in plain language without the need to decode any stylistic issues of the author. The newsletter has grown to a base of 7 million subscribers which dwarfs the New York Times' readership of 1.6 million subscribers.

4. Weisberg's goal is to help women live smarter

Danielle Weisberg is keenly aware of the fact that living in the world can be difficult for some women. One of the goals of the newsletter is to empower women with information that will help them live smarter and to make it easier to do so. They have built a community that is centered around storytelling.

5. Knowledge is power and she's doing her part to empower women

TheSkimm is a newsletter that covers a lot of different topics on current events to bring women in the millennial generation up to speed on what has happened as well as the things that are ongoing. It is a factual publication that can help readers to get up to speed so they can hold their own with anyone in conversation about current events. It covers things that are going on in the political world, but the US and abroad, the growing US deficit, what's happening on the international scene, health issues without our own nation, The various political investigations which are ongoing, and much more.

6. She started the publication out of frustration

Danielle Weisberg shared that she felt frustrated because of friends who were not passionate about the news and they didn't show any interest in keeping up on current events. She talked about her feelings with Carly Zakin, who was a longtime friend of hers. The two ladies decided that they would create TheSkimm as a digital newsletter aimed at millennials in a conversational tone that would be more appealing than some of the more formal iterations of current events.

7. Weisberg and Zakin are committed to filling a void

Both ladies have identified a deficit in the news business when it comes to marketing and gaining the interest of millennial women. Prior to the publication of TheSkimm, there really wasn't a conversational newsletter that women of this generation found interesting. The two co-founders share a passion for being aware of current events and they reasoned among themselves that a different approach was needed to catch the attention of their intended audience. Determined to make the news interesting, they established TheSkimm and the two remain committed to bringing millennials up to speed.

8. She has put a lot of thought into development of TheSkimm

There has been a great deal of analysis and planning for the creation of TheSkimm. Weisberg had to consider which elements of the news were putting millennials off, and then create a new format that would be more digestible. The newsletter is set in a digital platform to appease the demand for fast and easy access, which is becoming a necessity for almost any service that is offered these days. She and Zakin also formatted the stories that they share in smaller bytes. This has seemed to be the key to success because of the tremendous growth that the newsletter has shown.

9. She is also involved in community advocacy

Danielle Weisberg spends a great deal of time ensuring that TheSkimm continues to grow and to fulfill the needs of a growing base of readers. Although she has a high amount of responsibilities, which she and Carly share, both women are actively involved with sharing their expertise with others in the community. They are also heavily involved with the KIND Fund and Streetwise Partners.

10. Danielle is highly educated

Danielle Weisberg has attended three different schools. She attended the Latin School of Chicago, and she earned her bachelor of arts degree in English from Tufts University in 2008. Weisberg also attended Temple University in Rome studying in the field of Political Science in 2006. This is when she reconnected with Carly Zakin.

11. She interned at NBC News

Danielle Weisberg spent time at NBC News early in her career, interning at the CNBC company. She joined the broadcast company as a field producer and desk assistant in October of 2008. She spent a total of 11 months fulfilling her internship, leaving in August of 2009. She was assigned to the Washington D.C. Metro Area.

12. Danielle was promoted at NBC News

After her internship ended, Danielle had made such a good impression that she was promoted to the position of researcher for NBC News at the DC Bureau. She began her job with them in August of 2009 and continued through June of 2010.

13. She was also an Assistant Editor

In June of 2010, Danielle left NBC News for a job as an assistant editor at The Daily Beast. She was employed with the company in the Washington DC Metro Area for 3 months, leaving her post in August of 2010. Her job as assistant editor gave her yet more experience in a different phase of the news industry and this was a nice progression on top of the research experience that she had gained in her previous work with NBC News.

14. Her articles are printed in the vernacular

We read through some of the articles that Danielle Weisberg has written and she has a very clear and straightforward style that is a pleasure to read. Reading her work is much like sitting down and talking with a very knowledgeable friend. She talks in everyday jargon and we couldn't help but notice that she isn't afraid to throw in a few expletives, however, her writing is appropriate and we didn't find it to be the least bit offensive. She writes like the average person talks in conversations.

15. Danielle Weisberg's articles are gaining in popularity

We checked on Danielle's LinkedIn site and we found a great link to some of the articles that she has written. Her work is well-written and she has a lot of followers even on her LinkedIn career site. She has a total of 2,787 followers on the site, which tells us that she is an inspiration and a role model for women who are interested in having a career in journalism themselves. Weisberg is a political broadcast as well as a print journalist so she has a lot of great experience and wisdom to share with others who are just getting started in their careers.

16. Danielle sits on several boards

Danielle Weisberg has also been asked to sit on several important advisory boards to share her knowledge and help the companies' governing bodies in making important decisions about how their businesses are run. She is a member of the Ad Council and has been since September of 2018, in the Greater New York City area. She is also a member of the marketing Board of Directors for Tufts University, since December of 2017. It's really quite an honor and a sign of respect to be asked to serve on such boards, but Danielle has shown the world that she is an intelligent and capable businesswoman. In addition to being a fine journalist, she is also an entrepreneur who owns her very own successful media business.

17. She also made an Associate producer

While Danielle was employed at MSNBC, she was promoted to the position of Associate producer for NBC News. This is yet one more wonderful experience that helped to shape her knowledge and understanding of how to run a digital media company. She served in the position from August of 2010 until July of 2012.

18. She grew up in Chicago and has always been passionate about news

Danielle was raised in the downtown area of Chicago, Illinois. This was an ideal setting for inspiring a passion for keeping up with the latest trends in current events. She was exposed to the news on a regular basis and her family encouraged keeping up on the news. This is a passion that Weisberg has had since she was very young and it has only grown with time. The Same is true for Carly Zakin who was raised in Manhattan. She grew up with the New York Times and the Wall Street Journals delivered to her parents' home. The two women were raised in very similar households and the news has been an important part of both of their lives from an early age.

19. Danielle came by her passion honestly

Growing up, Danielle remembers that her father could usually be found with a paper in his hand. Whether it was the Chicago SunTimes or the Chicago Tribune, he was a dyed in the wool news hound. He raised her to be the same way because he wanted her to be able to participate in conversations about the news and to grow up being informed.

20. Danielle Weisberg has a bright future ahead

Danielle is a young and capable professional journalist and entrepreneur to keep your eye on. We see her as a woman with a great deal of potential to continue to move from one success to another. TheSkimm is very much a culmination of her years of experience in various aspects of journalism and media and she has infused her own style of reporting into the digital media resource that she and her partner provide for millennials and anyone else who is interested in subscribing. She has already achieved a measure of success which she shares with her friend and partner, Carly Zakin, but at the age of 32, this is just the beginning for both of these enterprising young women. We believe that she will continue to provide innovative solutions to help keep millennials interested in what is happening in the world around them. As of now, she stands as a powerful influencer and inspiration for women who are interested in pursuing a career in journalism themselves, as well as inspiring others to become informed about current events and to realize how important it is to be in the know.

Allen Lee

Written by Allen Lee

Allen Lee is a Toronto-based freelance writer who studied business in school but has since turned to other pursuits. He spends more time than is perhaps wise with his eyes fixed on a screen either reading history books, keeping up with international news, or playing the latest releases on the Steam platform, which serve as the subject matter for much of his writing output. Currently, Lee is practicing the smidgen of Chinese that he picked up while visiting the Chinese mainland in hopes of someday being able to read certain historical texts in their original language.

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