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10 Things You Didn't Know about Louis Tetu

Louis Tetu

It's difficult not to be impressed by Louis Tetu. While some people are out shouting their accomplishments to the world, Louis has been quietly working behind the scenes to co-create and manage two of the largest companies that most people can't name. Of course, that doesn't change the fact that you've almost certainly benefited, directly or indirectly, from Tetu's work. In his current capacity, he is CEO of Coveo, which provides software interfaces to brands that you use every day like Microsoft. Here are ten more things you didn't know about Louis Tetu.

1. Twitter Trivia

It seems like everyone is on social media these days. Louis Tetu is no different; you can find him on Twitter. However, if you're expecting to get brand insight into his companies, or some personal wisdom about how to become a better CEO, you'll be disappointed. While Louis has had a twitter account for two years, in that time, he has tweeted twice. One of his tweets is a picture of spilled salt (or sugar).

2. Before Coveo

Tetu is the co-founder of a 'little' company you may not know the name of. Taleo Corporation is the leading international provider of on-demand Internet software for talent and human capital management. We won't get into the details of what that means here, but suffice it to say, if you're a Fortune Five Hundred company that wants to have, and keep decent staff, then you need what Taleo has to offer.

3. Sold (For More Than a Billion Dollars)

If you helped create a huge corporation like Taleo, why would you ever leave? We can't answer for Mr. Tetu, but we can warrant an educated guess. To put it simply, Taleo was acquired by Oracle for a staggering $1.9 billion. Louis may not be the proud co-owner of that company, but he made sure it was well on its way before they sold. Doubtless, that netted him a pretty penny, but he earned it with hard work and business acumen.

4. Time to Relax

Even business moguls have to relax and kick back sometimes. Some people do that by watching TV or going out to the theater. Perhaps Louis does that as well, but if so, we haven't heard about it. Having a drink with friends, however, is something you're probably more likely to catch him doing. According to the Coveo website, Louis is a wine and travel enthusiast. It's hard for us to imagine when he has time between his job, brilliant innovations, and family, but everyone deserves a break now and then.

5. Educated Man

Tetu attended school at the Laval University of Canada. He graduated in 1985 with an Engineering degree. That sort of organized and mathematical inclination goes a long way toward explaining how he managed to come up with such brilliant ideas. He was later honored at Laval in 1997 because of his exceptional social contributions and business achievements.

6. Home & Family

People are people, no matter how brilliant. No one exists in a vacuum unless you're counting the astronauts on the ISS, and even they have a tiny community. Louis isn't just a smart businessman. He's a family man as well. He lives in Quebec, Canada, with his wife and three children. Though most people tend to think of California as the heart of the technological world, Quebec is a highly educated place with multiple universities. It's also one of the oldest cities in North America.

7. Award-Winning

Being honored at your alma matter is something no one will ever forget. However, that's not the only award Louis Tetu has been given for his incredible skills. In 2006 he won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year award for the Technology and Communication category. Every year the different regions, Vancouver, Halifax, Calgary, Toronto, and, of course, Quebec, hold an awards ceremony to give out the awards in different categories like health sciences and Lifetime Achievements. Only a few individuals ever receive the distinction of taking home one of the prized entrepreneurial awards.

8. Back To School

More than simply making money, Tetu is an angel investor, and he gives back to the global community. He works with charities that help children of low-income families in emerging countries to reintegrate into highschool. Louis believes that there are smart people everywhere, and the best way to uplift is to use the resources you already have on hand to better your situation. Educating kids certainly aligns with those goals. We have to admire a man who cares so deeply about making the world better and smarter.

9. Walk on the Wild Side

You might expect a tech genius and software mogul to spend all his time at the office, but Louis manages to make time for the important things. He has his family, and his love of traveling and good wine, but this CEO is also likely to be out skiing the slopes, diving in the ocean or flying in a helicopter. In fact, Louis has a Commercial Helicopter Pilots License. Moreover, he's on the Board of Directors for the Quebec City International Airport. Perhaps getting a birds' eye view of the world is part of what inspired him to help change the way people handle information.

10. Artificial Intelligence

Among its other work, Coveo is a global leader in AI technology. When you look at the IoT (Internet of Things) and interface with computers, phones, smart homes, and other technology, you're likely using technology that comes from Conveo. Hiring a forward-thinking individual like Louis was a perfect match for the company, as proven by the fact that they just recently became a billion-dollar company as well. However, as far as we know, Oracle hasn't tried to acquire them... yet.

“Wealth gets created by assets that are used in a better way. Knowledge is the predominant asset in the developed world. Imagine making that asset twice as valuable?”

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