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10 Things You Didn't Know about Adi Ben-Ari

Adi Ben-Ari is the chief executive officer of a London and Portugal-based startup called Applied Blockchain. The company has made recent news with its infusion of investor funding and disrupting performance in the financial tech industry. Ben-Ari achieved rapid success with the development of Applied Blockchain, which has made impressive progress in the fintech arena. We wanted to know more about the brilliant executive and how he became so successful in his career. After looking into his personal and professional histories, we made some fascinating discoveries we share with you. Here are the things you probably didn't know about Adi Ben-Ari that you might find inspirational.

1. He is also a co-founder of Applied Blockchain

Crunchbase confirms that Adi Ben-Ari is not only the CEO of Applied Blockchain but is also a co-founder of the business. He and his partner launched the successful enterprise with headquarters in London and offices in Portugal. It's an international company that provides fintech solutions for the blockchain industry.

2. Adi Ben-Ari gained the approval of the UK Government

Adi's company serves many notable clients. Among them is the United Kingdom's government. Ben-Ari is a respected businessman in the community. He has received an invitation to the House of Lords, where he represented the blockchain industry at an event titled the Blockchain Round Table. His work makes significant contributions to the betterment of the economy and financial services in the United Kingdom.

3. Adi Ben-Ari is a serial entrepreneur

Applied Blockchain is not Adi Ben-Ari's only entrepreneurial endeavor. He either founded or co-founded three companies. Ben-Ari launched Nuggets in 2016. He served as the chief technology officer of the company. He founded Applied Blockchain in April of 2015 and currently serves as the CEO. Ari also established a company called APPII, where he served as an advisor.

4. Adi Ben-Ari is a hard worker

Adi Ben-Ari is not the kind of person who establishes a company and then hires all the work out to others. He is a hard worker who rolls up his sleeves and tackles the work necessary along with his staff members. He is currently working three full-time jobs at the same time. Adi is the chief executive officer at Applied Blockchain since 2015. In 2016 he added the job of chief technology officer for Nuggets, still occupying the position. He is also an advisor for APPII. We marvel at his dynamic personality and ability to juggle two executive jobs and one advisory position at the same time.

5. He's in demand as a keynote speaker

Adi Ben-Ari has a youthful appearance, but he has twenty years of experience in enterprise. He's not new to the executive leadership arena, but he didn't start at the top. He worked his way up through the years and he has gained tons of useful knowledge and experience. He's respected for his wisdom and is frequently asked to speak at educational events and gatherings within the blockchain industry. He's an expert in delivering blockchain solutions and advising blockchain startups. He's a noted speaker at many conferences in the industry.

6. Adi Ben-Ari has an international education

Adi's LinkedIn profile reports that Adi attended the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. He started classes in 1992 and graduated just three years later in 1995, with his Bachelor of Science degree. He continued his advanced education at Tel Aviv University. He studied there from 2000 to 2003, earning his Master's of Business Administration degree.

7. Adi Ben-Ari has impressive credentials

Beyond his bachelor's and master's degrees, Adi has many certifications and licenses from prestigious schools of higher learning. He earned a certification in product management from Stanford University in December 2020. Ben-Ari is also Corda Certified from R3 since October 2020. He earned credentials in Cyber Futures from the University of Oxford in September of 2020. Ari is certified as a PRINCE2 Practitioner from Acceo and earned his credentials from Sun Microsystems as a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect. He is also a TIBCO Certified Professional with certification from TIBCO Software Inc. He also earned credentials from the Try R Code School. Adi maintains numerous certifications and works in a hands-on environment.

8. Adi Ben-Ari is an inventor

Adi is a multi-talented and brilliant leader and entrepreneur who has also gained recognition for several inventions. He created a system for smart contract data privacy for blockchain including a method. He filed for a patent on the invention on November 24, 2015, in the United States for the creation. He also developed a payment system and method for pard present transaction processing using a card reader dongle in E and M-Commerce. Mr. Ben-Ari filed for a patent in the United States for the invention on July 10, 2014. The latter is intended to secure transactions and reduce the risk of fraud.

9. Adi Ben-Ari is bilingual

Mr. Ben-Ari speaks two languages. He lists them on his LinkedIn profile as skills. He is bilingual in both Hebrew and English languages. He lists them both as native and proficient languages in his repertoire. Speaking, reading, and writing two languages with native proficiency helps him to be more effective with international business relations in Hebrew and English-speaking business enterprises. ​​​​​​​

10. He is an expert in advanced blockchain technology and more

Enterprise Times recognizes Adi Ben-Ari as an expert in the production of enterprise software, blockchain, and advanced cryptography solutions. He is one of the greatest minds on the topics in the modern world today. He advises numerous blockchain startups, discussing the ins and outs of the industry including confidential computing, and mobile payments. It's why he is in such high demand as a keynote speaker. He's a multi-tasker who happily shares his expertise with others in the industry while running his three startups that are achieving remarkable success.

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