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10 Things You Didn't Know About Tom Lemberg

Clinical trials are becoming increasingly popular in the modern world as people have realized their benefits in helping eradicate illnesses. The sensitivity of the processes involved often makes the entire cause lengthy and often lasts for more than five years. Technology has helped in streamlining and speeding up these trials, resulting in a positive economic impact for the companies involved. Tom Lemberg, the founder and current CEO of Curebase, is a popular name in the healthcare industry. His startup has created a digital clinical trial assistant to enhance how medical providers identify, activate, and administer clinical trials to their patients. However, Tom's career did not start at Curebase. Here are 10 things you might not know about Tom Lemberg.

10. Curebase intends to expand clinical trials

Clinical trials are a vast industry where tens of thousands of trials are conducted in different parts of the world, making the processes slow. Tom feels that a significant majority of patients cannot take part in these trials because of where they live. Clinical trials are mostly done in conventional academic hospitals and research institutions which are often far from where most patients are located. Curebase was founded to expand clinical trials, allowing any patient to participate from anywhere. It makes these trials more accessible and speeds up the process of helping patients get new medicines. Lamberg notes that he loves working in the digital healthcare industry and wanted to create a solution just for patients. Clinical trials prioritize patients, and he wanted to start a company that did the same when starting Curebase.

9. Y-Combinator

Tom Lamberg has been a Y-Combinator alum since 2018 and has spearheaded Curebase's growth since 2017. The startup recently raised $2.5 in venture funding. Y Combinator has a model for funding startups by investing a specified amount of money per company and working intensively with the companies to get them into the best shape possible. It also helps refine their pitch to investors.

8. Cranbrook formed a solid foundation for him

In an interview with Xfund, Lamberg noted that Cranbrook was an excellent place to acquire a well-rounded education, featuring math, science, and other areas. It also prepared him for both college and the real world ahead. He stated that being a founder and CEO entails having lots of different skills and sensibilities. In addition to studying different subjects in school, Tom also learned to work with others, and this helped him collaborate and direct those who work for his company.

7. Public Speaking

According to the Conference Forum, Lamberg will be one of the speakers at DPharm's Disruptive Innovations US Speakers. The event will be held in Boston, in September 2022. He is also listed as one of the key speakers at the "Healthcare and Biotech Perspectives from Silicon Valley," a private event organized in partnership with the University of Minnesota Medical Industry Leadership Institute.

6. Forbes 30 under 30

Tom and his company (Curebase) have been recognized for their efforts. He was featured in the list of Forbes 30 under 30 in 2022, acknowledged for making positive global changes in the healthcare sector. Curebase is a modern technology solution that enables patients to take part in clinical trials in their own communities or homes. It ensures that patients get quality medical innovations promptly and enhance human wellbeing through efficient clinical studies. Lemberg and his team utilize innovative clinical software and reliable remote study management technologies, making clinical trials and research more efficient. Curebase has enrolled over 10,000 patients in more than 40 decentralized clinical studies since 2017. In addition, Tom led his team through the Covid-19 global pandemic, assisting multiple sponsors in obtaining Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA through remote trials.

5. Syapse

Lemberg worked at Syapse between September 2015 and November 2017, serving in different capacities. He served as a product manager overseeing product management tasks in EMR integration, tumor board decision support system, and clinical trial matching engine. Tom also held the role of a Customer Solutions Software Engineer, deploying the Syapse software platform and point-of-care solutions for nurses and coordinators to major community oncology centers in the US. Syapse is a real-world evidence startup located in San Francisco, CA.

4. Athenahealth

According to his LinkedIn profile, Tom served in the role of a software development engineer at Athenahealth from August 2014 to August 2015. Athenahealth is a private company providing network-enabled services for healthcare companies and point-of-care mobile apps in America. It was founded in 1997in San Diego and has its headquarters currently located in Watertown, Massachusetts.

3. Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and Amazon

Mr. Lemberg was a research intern at Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering between July 2012 and June 2013. His roles included handling data-driven research on Biomarkers for depression clinical studies. He also worked as a software development engineer intern at Amazon from May to August 2013.

2. Teaching fellow at Harvard

Tom started his career at Harvard University where he worked as a teaching fellow, tutoring Usable Interactive Systems' design as well as mobile application development. He served in this role from January 2011 to May 2013.

1. Personal history

Tom Lemberg grew up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and graduated from Cranbrook Kingswood before joining Harvard University in 2010. He left Harvard in 2014, having acquired a degree in computer science and molecular and cellular biology, and is passionate about applying his software skills and experience to help solve the toughest problems in medicine and health.


Tom Lemberg is the founder and CEO of Curebase, a technology startup that provides a decentralized clinical trials software platform. The digital healthcare company also serves as a clinical service provider. Tom has extensive skills and experience in healthcare and life science software development ranging from precision oncology to the cloud EMR space and clinical trial decision support. Lamberg is a software engineer by training and has worked in health tech throughout his career. His company's mission is to hasten the clinical trial process by 50%, transform the $50B+ clinical trial industry, and enhance patient diversity by fifty percent.

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