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20 Things You Don't Know About Ro Healthcare


Ro Healthcare is a healthcare technology company which aims to put patients at the center of all that they do. It was founded by Zachariah Reitano, Saman Rahmanian and Rob Schutz. They all still work for the company and are CEO, Chief Product Officer and Chief Growth Officer respectively. Here are 20 things about the company that you may not know.

1. The Company Started Out As A Teleheath Business

The origins of the company were in the teleheath industry. In the early days of the business, it also focused exclusively on mens health issues. The founders of the company all had experience of visiting the ER or doctors office to talk about issues such as hair loss and erectile dysfunction. Being able to talk to a doctor, but without the embarrassment of having to do it face to face, was reassuring for a lot of men. However, even from the beginning the founders of Ro always wanted it to eventually focus on more than just men's health.

2. They Offer A Smoking Cessation Service

Their smoking cessation service is called ZeRo. This is a fairly recent service but it has proven to be popular so far. If patients can stop smoking, then it means they are less likely to develop serious medical conditions. However, it is not something that it easy to do without support, and the service that Ro offers provides several different support options. Prescriptions are available for aids such as nicotine patches and gum, and there is also an app which helps you track and control your cravings.

3. They Offer Tailored Services To Men And Women

Tailored services are available to both men and women. This means that everyone is able to get specific support for the health issues that affect them the most. If a patient has a gender specific issue that they want to talk to a doctor about, then Ro can refer them to a specialist. Other services that they offer include weight loss assistance and diagnostic blood tests.

4. Their Services Are Available Out Of Business Hours

One of the things that makes Ro so popular is that their services can be accessed out of normal working hours. This allows people to still get the help and support they need without having to take time off work. Services are available on evenings and at the weekend, and because they are online, people can talk to a doctor from the comfort of their own home. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen an increase in medical appointments being offered remotely, and this is a trend which is likely to continue.

5. You Do Not Need Insurance To Access Their Services

You also do not need to have medical insurance to be able to take advantage of the services that they offer. All of the fees that are payable for their services are confirmed upfront, so you will always know how much any treatment will cost. Fear of being landed with a huge medical bill can sometimes put off uninsured people asking for the help that they need. Ro are not opposed to working with insurance companies in the future to make their services accessible to more people.

6. Joycelyn Elders, MD Is A Medical Advisor

One of their most respected medical advisors is Joycelyn Elders. Notable Biographies lists one her achievements as being named as the first African-American U.S. surgeon general. She was also only the second woman to hold the position. One of the roles medical advisors for Ro have is to explore new conditions and new treatments. This is something that Elders remains actively involved in.

7. It Was Valued at $5 Billion In 2021

In 2021 the company was given a valuation of $5 billion. This shows just how much the company has grown in a short space of time. The company went through several rounds of funding in order to raise this valuation. Forbes give details of this funding on their article about the company. In this article Reitano recognizes that this valuation is not really that high compared to what the healthcare industry as a whole is worth. However, it is still something the company is proud of.

8. Zachariah Reitano's Father Was A Doctor

Reitano already had some insight into the world of medical practice as his father was a doctor. He was aware of some of the frustrations that his dad faced while he was working and looked to make improvements which could end these frustrations for medical practitioners. When he was younger, he saw how lucky his family were to have someone they could call on if they ever needed medical advice, and this is something he wanted Ro to be able to offer. His father had also faced health issues of his own, and this made Reitano realize the importance of getting the right treatment as soon as possible.

9. They Offer A Health Guide Which Has Been Compared To WebMD

Ro offer a health guide which gives information about some of the most common health issues that people face. This gives information on symptoms and treatment, and advice about when to get in touch with a doctor. All of the information on the website is reviewed by medical professionals, so you can be sure that it is accurate. The site will tell you how conditions are diagnosed, and when you can treat it at home and when you need to call a doctor.

10. It Was Named As One Of Inc.’s Best Workplaces Two Years In A Row

Inc Magazine included Ro in its best places to work list in 2020 and then again in 2021. This ranking has also been backed up by research that Great Place To Work has carried out. There are also reviews from employees of the company that can be found online. Some of the things that employees say they like about the company are the way they were made to feel welcome when they first started, and the way management run the business in an honest and ethical manner.

11. Roman Is An Official Sponsor Of Major League Baseball

The men’s health brand of the company, Roman, is a sponsor of the MLB. The partnership began in 2019 as part of the League's commitment to raising awareness of prostate cancer in men. It was a multi-year deal that centers around the games that are played on the weekend of Father's Day. Roman sponsors the TV and digital media coverage of games over that weekend.

12. Fast Company Has Named Them As One Of The World's Most Innovative Companies

In 2019, they were named as the second most innovative company in Wellness by Fast Company. This was in large part due to the way that they have used technology to combine several different aspects of patient care. Fast Company were also impressed with the way that Ro addressed mens health issues in a way that made them approachable. Ro are appreciative of the accolades like this one that they receive, but it does not make them complacent. They are always looking to make improvements that will make the experience better for patients.

13. The Company Headquarters Are In New York

New York City is the location of the company headquarters. According to Commercial Observer, they acquired this space in 2019. Their office is located on the Avenue of the Americas. Most of the other buildings on the avenue are also used for commercial purposes. The offices are large and open plan to make it easier for employees to collaborate.

14. It Began Selling At Home COVID Tests During 2021

During 2021 it made COVID tests that you could take yourself at home part of its product range. Mass testing was an important part of dealing with the pandemic, because it was common for people to have the virus with no symptoms. If people could test at home, it meant they could take steps to stop the spread of the virus if they tested positive. Even as restrictions are starting to lift, testing at home will still have a role to play, and so this is a service that Ro may continue to offer for some time.

15. It Has Offered Six Million Digital Healthcare Appointments Since 2017

Over 6 million digital appointments have been offered by Ro since 2017, which is well over 1 million appointments every year. Some of these people may have not seen a doctor otherwise for a number of reasons.They may not have been able to get the time off work to attend an appointment, or they may have been worried about insurance. It is likely that in the coming years, digital appointments are going to become more common throughout the whole of the health care system. Ro will continue to make sure that their digital appointments are accessible to anyone that needs them as they expand this area of their business.

16. They Provide Full Transparency For All Their Patients

Ro do not agree with the idea that patients should put blind trust in the medical advice that they receive. They have a complete transparency policy on their website. They make the promise that patients will know everything that they know. Ro also feel that it is important that people are told where their medication is being sourced from. They believe that when people have access to information about their treatment, then they are better placed to make informed decisions.

17. Their Aim Is To Use Technology To Empower Medical Professionals

Ro does not want the roles of medical professionals to become obsolete because of technology. Instead they want to be be able to use technology to give them power to do their jobs better. Offering digital appointments means doctors can treat more patients, and if they really need to see them in person then this can be arranged in an efficient manner. Ro also helps to improve the efficiency of the whole process of not only seeing a doctor, but also getting the medication or other treatment that the patient needs.

1 8. They Have 10 Pharmacy Fulfilment Centers Across The United States

As part of their aim to offer a seamless experience for patients, Ro ship medications that have been prescribed from their own pharmacies. They have also built fulfillment centers so that stock can get to pharmacies in a timely manner.The fulfillment centers are strategically located around the US so that no state is left underrepresented. The locations of the centers also mean that medications are able to be delivered to patients in just a few days.

19. A Single Platform For All Medical Needs Is Expected To Be Launched In 2022

One of the aims of the company in the coming year is to launch a single platform. This will make it far easier for for patients to get access to all the services that they need.Tech Crunch explain that a more efficient platform will also help to reduce costs for patients. Once they have had their appointment with a doctor, they can be prescribed medication which will also be dispatched by Ro. This process will be more efficient for the patients and it will also make things behind the scene easier.

20. 1 in 5 Patients Use Ro For More Than One Issue

A good indication of the popularity of the service is that there are many patients that use them for more than one issue. This suggests that people are impressed with the service that they receive on the first contact with the company.As Ro continue to expand the services that they offer, there is more chance that they will be able to help with whatever issues the patient is facing. Some of the issues that Ro can help with go hand in hand and so support is available from both fronts. For example, some people may find that they put on weight when they stop smoking. As Ro offer weight management and smoking cessation services, patients can have a combined approach to their treatment.

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