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10 Healthcare Startups to Keep an Eye on in 2021


The recent Covid-19 pandemic has spurred a flurry of research and discoveries in the healthcare industry. Although the strain has garnered its share of activity, it's been busy on the biotech and healthcare front. Other diseases and health conditions continue to affect the masses and it's been a prosperous time for healthcare startups with investors making significant contributions for funding to advance technology for treatments to save lives and reduce pain and discomfort. Here are 10 healthcare startups to keep an eye on in 2021.

10. Rally Health

Rally Health provides a platform for consumers that includes prevention tools in the form of self-learning resources and interventions for the prevention of the development of chronic diseases. The platform also offers a guided weight loss program with personalized resources for learning about healthy options, monitoring health status, finding the most appropriate medical professional for checkups, and learn about health care costs in localities with transparent data. Over 20 million consumers presently access the platform through the enrollment of thousands of employers who make Rally Health's digital services available to their workers.

9. Village MD

VillageMD is a health tech primary care startup that provides users with a 3-step model for the delivery of healthcare. Patients who enroll in VillageMD given access to The VillageModel Clinic for access to physician assistance and virtual clinic appointments, providing at-home visits without the need to travel. Access is provided to advanced health expertise and analytics through the power of artificial intelligence, helping physicians leverage the technology for improved decision-making in patient assessment with connections to more than a thousand clinical source systems for patient data.

8. Babylon Health

Babylon Health is a London, England healthcare company offering telehealth services through AI technology, providing digitally accessible healthcare for the masses. Babylon connects users with physicians through digital consultations with a unique platform that operates 7 days a week, 24-hours per day. Video appointments and digital consultations from more than 60 countries throughout the world are available with operations of the healthcare startup active in Rwanda, APAC, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. This is a startup to keep your eye on as it has plans for expansion across EMEA and South America shortly. Typically, users seek remedies for minor to moderately concerning health conditions including skin allergies, bronchitis, flu, and other symptoms for assessment, and if necessary, prescription medications, other treatment recommendations, or referral to specialized medical services as needed.

7. Freenome

Freenome is a biotechnology health startup that combines medicine with biology and machine learning. The platform assists physicians in detecting cancer in its earliest stages through a simple blood test. Freenome is a California-based startup that has been in operation since 2014. Its mission is to transform the management of cancer patients from early detection forward with knowledge, tools, and expertise for healthier living. It operates on a Multiomics platform for early cancer detection to provide medical professionals with an early start in assigning the most appropriate therapies. Freenome has secured high investor confidence with $507.6 million already raised for cancer and other disease prevention and early detection services.

6. Healx

Healx is a digital healthcare startup based in the United Kingdom. The company uses artificial intelligence for improving the speed of drug discovery to treat rare diseases. It is an award-winning company that has made significant strides in identifying the most compatible drugs for therapies in treating rare diseases with an accelerated platform. The startup employs a team of experts in next-generation drug discovery, along with bioinformaticians and AI experts. The company has successfully raised $56 million in its Series B funding that closed in the Fall of 2019.

5. HealthCrowd

HealthCrowd is a San Mateo, California-based health tech startup that specializes in the delivery of Software as a Service platform for healthcare communications. The mission of the company is to assist organizations in achieving business results through ad analytics, machine learning, and domain expertise in healthcare. HealthCrowd's current focus is on the definition of mobile health messaging markets in the US. The communication platform offers a proprietary analytics tool called Clairvoylce to help healthcare businesses resolve issues of return on investments with RiskSentinel as the tool that addresses regulation and compliance matters for federal and industry mandates. The technology is geared toward assisting healthcare businesses to simplify their operations, increase business efficiency, lower costs, and maintain compliance with all regulations and statutes.

4. Alector

Alecto is a healthcare technology company that is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The business was established in 2013 and is actively engaged in programs to treat and cure neurodegeneration via immuno-neurology practices. The targets are Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Forty novel targets are identified with clinical trials underway to treat frontotemporal dementia with programs showing positive signs in the early trials. Since February of 2019, the startup has raised $176 million in funding at the initial public offering. Shares are available for purchase, trading, and sale through the ticker symbol: ALEC.

3. Baby Scripts

Baby Scripts is a remote monitoring platform that provides healthcare workers with a means of tracking vital signs of pregnant women, to monitor for critical alerts and elevated risk of complications in the pregnancy. It's a tool for OBGYNs to help keep pregnant women out of clinics during the Covid-19 crisis while monitoring their health status for signs of concern. Baby Scrips is a mobile app that is used by millions to help reduce the number of patients coming and going from clinics.

2. Fisher Wallace Laboratories

Fisher Wallace Laboratories is a therapeutics startup that has developed a cranial electrotherapy device that is the first of its kind. It is used in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety, and depression with a twenty-minute treatment that activates neurotransmitters in the brain to lower stress hormones and activate serotonin, beta-endorphin, and dopamine responses. It's useful for clinicians who are struggling to fill the demand for mental health care in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The new device is intended to provide therapeutic relief for mental health conditions as an alternative to prescription drugs or therapy sessions. This device has already been prescribed by over 10,000 mental health professionals and physicians as an alternative treatment for common mental health issues.

1. TailorMed

TailorMed is a software platform for health care systems that helps them identify which patients are at risk for not paying for services received. This program is a business software system that provides an alert for administrators and office staff. It gives them a heads up about the potential of a patient to need a referral to resources that can help with payments, including insurance plans, state, or community resources, premium assistance, and other programs that help provide patients with financial support. TailorMed helps healthcare businesses decrease delinquent accounts while giving patients options to relieve financial burdens and reduce stress from unpaid medical bills. The platform is currently active in over 200 clinics and 50 healthcare facilities throughout the nation.

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