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Five Companies Leading the Way in Telehealth Infrastructure


Telehealth is a trending technology in the worldwide healthcare system. Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare professionals offer telehealth services to people who live in remote locations. This service was also useful during the height of the covid-19 pandemic to help decrease the number of people gathering at hospitals and clinics. Telehealth technology is used to help monitor patients to assess if they needed to be seen at hospitals. It provides the infrastructure for online visits and remote patient monitoring requirements that are driving the need for telehealth services. Companies that specialize in technology and services are cashing in on the demand for these potentially life-saving services. Here are five companies leading the way in telehealth infrastructure currently.

5. Gyant

Gyant is a company that specializes in the development and marketing of telehealth technology products. The products use artificial intelligence technology to collect information about the medical history of patients. It also analyzes the data. It is used to build the telehealth infrastructure for this modern method of remote healthcare. Gyant's technology system delivers services that fill in the information in the patient chart through artificial intelligence. It makes virtual visits more efficient for patients and healthcare providers. This reduces the workload associated with charting. Users receive a disposition along with advice to patients for taking care of themselves and when warranted, referral to the recommended care setting, in only minutes. GYANT provides automation for complicated charts to prepare for events. It adheres to protocols for providing diagnosis-specific follow-up information. These help patients know the details recommended in their treatment plans to achieve the best possible outcomes. GYANT provides software for clients and healthcare workers that includes follow-up appointments and pre-surgery visits to help patients prepare for procedures and surgical events. Gyant is a unique telehealth infrastructure provider with products that enhance patient healthcare encounters. Patients give the system a high rating of 4.9 stars out of a possible five with high re-engagement rates and 94 percent of patients that continue using GYANT from the start of medical appointment through resolution.

4. Hale Health

Hale Health is a company that provides clients with a remote care platform that can handle all of a patient's healthcare needs. The platform connects healthcare professionals and their patients in between physical visits. It is designed to provide easy access to medical help for everyone who suffered from acute issues as well as for the management of more complicated diseases and health conditions. Hale's products provide a suite of tools that are centered around the needs of the patient as well as the healthcare providers. They are integrated with existing systems so they're not difficult or complicated to install alongside existing systems. Hale's products provide a constant connection between healthcare providers and the patients they serve outside of the clinic. It allows doctors to give more personalized care. Hale is a unique company that provides a system that organizes clinical information about patients into individual patient cards that healthcare professionals can access. The system allows users to stay connected from a variety of different devices including smartphones/mobile devices, desktops, or tablets. The Hale system collects information based on the symptoms that patients relay to make sure that the best possible actions are taken by providers. Patients can start new triage requests to healthcare providers or give information in advance of visits or any needed information after a healthcare visit or procedure for better healthcare management, and more. The system also provides easy billing and payment services a well as requests for video visits, information about co-pays, and other services. It's so easy to use that patients only need to tap the screen once to review and complete payments through the app that they can download on their smartphones.

3. Zipnosis

Zipnosis is a company that provides an emergency medical response and portal integration platform. The products and services offer the entire service infrastructure for a quick launch of virtual care systems. It is also scalable. This telehealth infrastructure system provides patients access to needed medicine via the telehealth virtual system. The platform is simple and it allows healthcare providers to triage and treat patients through a system of telehealth technology for common and more complicated health conditions. Zipnosis is based on a multi-modal virtual care platform. It offers a large array of modalities that healthcare providers appreciate because it can be tailored to meet the needs of the clinic or hospital that is using it. The technology provides customized services that work together for doing baseline assessments and moving patients to the right kind of care to meet their situations. The system is designed for the utmost in flexibility.

2. Snap MD Inc.

Snap MD Inc is a company that operates and owns a cloud-based telemedicine patient-to-provider platform. The products and services help to connect children and parents with pediatric physicians throughout the United States. The platform also allows healthcare providers who serve patients with time-sensitive consultation needs to connect with them and provide needed information as well as to conduct follow-up medical visits in a virtual environment. This is one of the most widely used systems for facilitating physician-to-physician consultations to discuss patient care. It allows for faster and more efficient physician collaboration. Snap MD allows for clinics that offer a range of specializations to organize their affairs through one single system. The technology behind SnapMD's virtual care management telemedicine platform is powered by an AI software platform. The system features integration with all of the functions and features that are required to provide any kind of medical services that are suitable for the virtual care environment. Snap MD Inc is a software provider that offers the technology necessary to fully virtualize hospitals and clinics with just one interface. This company is making a difference by providing the means to provide efficient and effective virtual visits with a high satisfaction level from both healthcare providers and patients. The system is easy to use and many recommend it to their friends and family.

1. 19 Labs

19 Labs is a Menlo Park technology startup that specializes in the provision of enhanced telehealth technologies. Their main client bases are located in rural communities. They offer point-of-care solutions through their software packages that provide the necessary technology for telehealth and virtual diagnostic services to patients who live in remote areas. The system includes the use of remote diagnostic devices that are powered by artificial intelligence. The communication segment of the products is compatible with Zoom or AmWell video calling products. This is one of the leaders in providing telehealth infrastructure technology for the diagnosis of health conditions as well as for providing patient education. 19 Labs is responsible for the development, marketing, and distribution of telehealth infrastructure technology.

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