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20 Things You Didn't Know About Sennder

Sennder is a digital freight company that is disrupting the industry with its innovations in managing the logistics for freight pickup and delivery. The purpose of Sennder is to serve as a liaison that connects large commercial shipping companies with smaller freight carriers to expedite shipping services and streamline the processes. If you've not yet heard about Sennder, don't feel bad. The business originates in Europe, but it's one that you're likely to hear a lot about shortly. Here are 20 things you didn't know about Sennder to bring you up to date on this game-changing startup.

1. Sennder is a German startup

According to Crunchbase, Sennder was founded in 2015 with its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Its three co-founders are all first-time entrepreneurs. This is their first joint venture and the first startup for each of the three. They are David Nothacker, Julius Koehler, and Nicolaus Schefenacker.

2. Sennder is a versatile freight company

Sennder offers a unique service for shipping companies of all sizes. It is a shipping tech company that falls under four major industry categories. It is a shipping connector, a freight service, and it also provides logistics for its clients. Sennder also provides industrial automation for streamlining the shipping processes for its clients.

3. Sennder has a 6-member executive leadership team

The leadership team at Sennder is small in size, but the group is powerful and effective in advancing the company forward to success. There are six members of its executive team. Dirk Daumann is the chief technology officer. Julius Koehler is a co-founder and managing director. Benjamin Chino is vice president of product. Thomas Christenson is the chief operating officer. David Nothacker is a co-founder and managing director. Nicolaus Schefenacker is a co-founder and managing director.

4. Sennder has a small board of advisors

There are three members on the board of directors for Sennder. These advisors provide input for the strategic planning and direction that the company will take. Christoph Schuh is a partner at Lakestar. He currently serves on four boards in advisory roles. Sonali De Rycker has been a board member since April of 2019. She is a partner at Accel and currently sits on 11 boards in an advisory capacity. The third member of the Sennder board is Daniel Kirchleitner. Daniel currently serves on four different board advisory positions.

5. Sennder uses advanced technology to power its website and product lines

Sennder actively uses seventy-five technologies to power its website. It's a complicated array of different technologies that deliver a smooth user experience and interface, but beneath the scenes, its IT team is busy keeping all of the various features running smoothly. The seventy-five technologies are delivered through twenty-four different tech products including jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, iPhone Mobile Compatible, Google Font API, Viewport Meta, and several others.

6. Sennder's technology is unique

One of the reasons that Sennder is soaring above its main competitors in the industry is because the technology and features that it offers clients are different. The technicians and developers who work behind the scenes at Sennder, creating its unique technology products and services have created intellectual property that is protected from imitation by others. Sennder has registered six trademarks in the transport, packaging, and storing classification which means that nobody else can legally use the protected systems. This gives them a definite edge over competitors and it helps them to maintain a unique service that is unlike any other.

7. The overhead costs for Sennder's IT is high

The complex and numerous types of technology that Sennder uses to power its website and its products do not come cheaply. The estimated annual cost for the various technologies and products is budgeted at $6.6 million per year. Even though the cost is astronomical, Sennder still manages to be profitable.

8. The Sennder website is popular in Germany

Sennder is a company that receives an average of 20,564 visits per month to its site. It is the most popular in Germany, where the headquarters is located. There are also quite a few visitors to the site from other countries. Nineteen percent originate in Bulgaria, Sixteen percent from Poland, seven percent from France, and three percent from the United Kingdom.

9. Sennder is a late-stage venture capital-funded startup

So far, Sennder has participated in eight funding rounds. The latest was a Series D round that was completed on June 1, 2021. The total amount of funds raised through investors is $340 million. Sennder has 6 lead investors and 17 investors total. These include Baillie Gifford, H14, GR Capital, Accel, Lakestar, Early Bird Venture Capital, HV Capital, Project A Ventures, Perpetual Investors, Scania Growth Capital, and several others. Investor confidence in Sennder is high, but with very good reason as it has achieved remarkable levels of success.

10. Sennder is a unicorn startup

According to Techcrunch, the most recent round of venture capital funding brought in the $80 million needed to push Senner over the top to become a member of the elite unicorn club. Those that qualify must have a valuation of at least $1 billion, and Sender has exceeded that figure. It is recognized as one of the best-funded freight companies in the world today.

11. Sennder is growing its workforce

According to LinkedIn, there are currently 703 employees working for Sennder, but this is about to change. Even though there has been a slowdown due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, the freight business has been making steady progress throughout Europe. Sennder is advertising that it has 108 open job positions.

12. International expansion is happening at Sennder

The Berlin, Germany-based startup has advertised more than a hundred new available jobs. While there are quite a few of them in Berlin, there are also several open in Poland, as well as in the Netherlands. We also saw that there are jobs with Sennder opening up in France and Italy. This leads us to believe that there is a push to expand throughout Europe that is ongoing. The recent $80 million in funding is enough to expand its operations throughout several other countries in the world in an exciting new burst of growth. We also saw openings for new jobs in Madrid, Spain, Latvia, and Lithuania. This is an exciting phase of new development for Sennder, which is already one of the largest digital freight companies in all of Europe, and it is about to grow even larger.

13. Sennder is revolutionizing the freight industry

One of the ways that Sennder is changing the freight industry in Europe is that it leverages logistical data to help companies obtain full truck loads. This makes each trip more profitable for the companies, and all stakeholders involved. The unique in-house developed platform links large commercial shippers with the smaller carriers. It uses automation technology to streamline contact processes and help those who offer specific freight routes to find products to completely fill the trucks for each leg of the journey to and from the dropoff points.

14. Sennder manages thousands of vehicles

Sennder can help all freight providers in the countries where it operates to connect. It delivers clean and clear data for decision-makers to help them to know who to contact the complete their loads. It specializes in road freight forwarding throughout continental Europe. Sennder has become the number one provider in all of Europe. Companies previously depended on paper and handwritten information to make contacts and to arrange for pickups and deliveries. They also used the old antiquated systems of faxes and telephones. The processes of connecting people in the industry were tedious and time-consuming. The new digital platform is much faster, easier, and more efficient. It helps freight companies with sensitive timelines to locate one another to build loads on trucks that are mutually beneficial. The platform provides real-time booking tools with precise live tracking for superior logistics supply chain services. The platform integrates directly into the existing system that Freight companies have in place and makes it better for everyone involved. Sennder manages over 10,000 trucks each day through its technology platform.

15. Sennder saves freight companies money

Although Sennder charges for the services and products they provide, they also help to save their clients a lot of money. They work directly with shippers through software solutions that completely cut out the middlemen, such as freight brokers. This helps freight companies of all sizes to save a lot through direct connection with one another.

16. Sennder is on a mission

According to its official website, Sennder has a stated mission. It states clearly that its purpose is "moving trucks with the power of data to unlock endless and sustainable capacity at unparalleled quality." This is a powerful statement, and from the track record that the company has established, that is precisely what it is doing.

17. Sennder has a solid company culture

Every business develops a culture, and some are better than others. The values that help to create the environment and culture of Sennder include putting the customers first. Their strategies and products are all developed to make sure that the customer gets more than what they expected. They also have plans in place to grow with their shippers and carriers through ever-changing times. At Sennder they trust in their data and back their decisions with facts and figures. They acknowledge that they make mistakes, but they learn from them and continue to move forward. Sennder is a company that believes in taking ownership, and they go the extra mile for their clients. Sennder is successful because they realize that it takes everybody on the team to work together to reach their common goals. Finally, the last value is that they empower those that are around them, which makes Sennder a fairly positive place to work.

18. Sennder is concerned about the environment

While it's difficult to say that Sennder is a one hundred percent green company, they are certainly trying to go as green as possible. The road freight business calls for the use of trucks ran by diesel and other fuels. Sennder has taken big steps in making sure that they are leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint, and they encourage others to do the same. They're ranked among the top sixteen percent of all companies in sustainability. It has been a member of the Alliance for Logistics Innovation through CollaboratiThis on in Europe since 2020. Sennder uses advanced fuels that reduce carbon by up to 90 percent. They have extended the use of these fuels to their operations throughout Europe.

19. You won't find Sennder on the stock exchange

Sennder is still a privately held, venture-capital-backed company. Although it's good investment risk, the owners have not yet acknowledged publicly that there are any plans to file for an IPO and take the business public. With a valuation of over a billion and plenty of strong investor support, it doesn't look like Sennder needs to raise money through an initial public offering. This is why you won't see any shares for the company listed on the stock exchange.

20. Sennder is a company to keep your eye on

While Sennder has already reached a pinnacle of greatness in the business world, there are still many directions left for it to go when it comes to expansion and growth. There are still many places in Europe where it has not yet expanded. Then there are the Americas who could also benefit from the Sennder platform. For now, it appears that Sennder is going to keep its resources within the borders of Europe. This is a company to keep your eye on as it is just beginning to show its capacity for growth and expansion. With the more than 100 new jobs listed throughout Europe, we fully expect to see this company jump yet further ahead and continue to grow and prosper.

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