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Does Lowes Drug Test All Its Employees?


The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in employees getting laid off and businesses collapsing. Surprisingly, Lowe’s hardware and home improvement retail stores survived the severe economic crisis. Today, Lowes recruits job applicants from all walks of life to help them stabilize economically during these harsh times. So, whether you’re looking to be a store manager or cashier at Lowe’s, you likely wonder; does Lowe’s drug test all its employees?

What to expect if you’re looking to get employed at Lowes

Lowe’s always conduct pre-employment drug screening as a safety measure. If you like to experiment with recreational drugs, you may have problems passing the test hence losing your chance to get employed. They do this because:

They don’t want to taint their reputation

Lowe’s requires you to have the test because you’re going to handle complex equipment and machinery. Perhaps you will be contracted for a home improvement project in people’s homes, and the last thing the company needs is getting a bad reputation due to an employee’s impaired judgment.

To increase employees’ productivity

Suppose you went on a night out drinking with your friends and the next day you needed to go to work. In that case, you will be too hungover to work the following day. The company doesn’t condone a lack of productivity at work. These drugs not only impair your judgment but also compromise your work productivity, increasing your chances of getting fired. If you want to stay on the company’s good books, avoid recreational drugs by all means.

How Lowe’s conducts drug tests

Whether you’re looking to be a full-time or part-time employee, Lowe’s will require you to have a mouth swab test. The test reveals if you have ingested recreational substances in the past week. The swab test is so accurate that no one can tamper with it. It happens on-site, and you should have your results after a few days through a phone call.

Which illicit substances does Lowe’s drug test target?

The mouth swab test that Lowe’s performs works on a 5-panel basis. According to Green Fleets, the test reveals if current or potential employees have taken illicit substances like marijuana, meth, cocaine, or heroin. The primary goal is to ensure you haven’t taken any illicit drugs that can impair your judgment while handling complex machinery and equipment in the line of duty. There’s a separate test for people taking prescription drugs like sleeping pills and opioids. You’ll need to inform the company if you’re under any medication so they can find a reasonable test solution to avoid tampering with your results. Part of your job is to provide an authorized prescription to help you pass your drug test.

How often Lowe’s performs drug test

If you’re looking for a job or already an employee at Lowe’s, they may conduct random drug tests on you, particularly if you’ve had an accident or faced an incident at work. Lowe’s recruitment process starts with a drug test and a background and aptitude test. From there, you will undergo two or more interviews, depending on the company’s policies. The drug test may happen during your first interview, but they may also do the same in your second interview to confirm if the first test was accurate. Lowe’s doesn’t condone the use of illicit substances at work or anywhere else, as long as you’re looking to work there. Before signing the contract, make sure you understand their terms and conditions. Most likely, they’ll need you to agree to have the test they suspect that you were under the influence of recreational drugs during your line of duty. If you’re injured at work, and you test negative for the illicit substances test, Lowe’s may pay you a compensation fee. They conduct these tests to determine whether you were at fault due to the drugs you might have taken. The company will not be held liable for your injury or loss if you test positive for the test. After passing the drug test, compensation covers your medical costs and other expenses to ensure you recover properly without spending money from your pocket before resuming work. Once you recover, Lowe’s will again drug test you to prove if you qualify to resume work.

What happens if you fail Lowe’s drug test?

If you test positive for ingestion of illicit substances, Lowe’s will not consider your job application. You also risk compulsory job termination if you’re an employee. According to Query Sprout, reapplying means, you have to wait 90 days after results prove you took the drugs. It’s vital to check out the company’s quitting policy, termination policy, and dress code to understand how these policies can impact your employment experience.

The easiest way to pass Lowe’s drug test

Quitting recreational drugs is the best way to get a job in Lowe’s. It’s a difficult decision to make, considering how addictive these substances are. Think of it like Lowe’s initiative to empower you, helping you make the best decision in life. One way to quit drugs is checking into rehab to remove them from your system, preventing your body from craving them. If your interview is in a week, stop taking the drugs completely. Also, you never know when Lowe’s will call you for an interview. For example, if Lowe’s calls you for an interview less than a week after applying, inform them that you’re not ready for the test. Tapering off drugs from your system might need time. Going by Felony Friendly Jobs’ report, the reason Lowe’s uses the mouth swab test is because people outsource for fake urine, compromising the results. To increase your chances of landing or maintaining your job at Lowe’s is quitting drugs for good. The random tests maintain their integrity and protect employees from accidents while at work.


If you’re a hardcore drug user, chances are you might not land a job at Lowes, leave alone keep it. The buck stops with you. It takes strong willpower and discipline to quit drugs, not just to keep your job but for your safety and health. Lowe’s is only looking out for you, and the best way of doing that is to ensure you’re free from drugs.

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