20 Big Companies That Don’t Drug Test Employees


The legalization of cannabis has presented big problems for companies that either regularly or randomly drug test. In response to the change in legislation, many large companies deleted this requirement from their handbooks to lessen the impact of employee dismissals.

They don’t see the point in penalizing workers for participating in legal activities. While some major companies still frown on the use of marijuana by their employees, others realize that the drug stays in the system for several weeks at detectable levels. If you use cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes and you’re looking for a job, here are 20 big companies that do not drug test employees.

1. Chipotle

According to the Public Health website, Chipotle is among the large fast-food chains that do not require their workers to submit to drug testing. The chain is known for its solid benefits packages and bonus programs. Chipotle employs an average of 64,000 workers at any given point in time. No drug testing is required to keep your job at Chipotle so you won’t be surprised by a random pull for testing.

2. Google

Google is one of the most desirable tech companies to work for, but the competition for employment is high. It’s tough to land a job with this company, but they do not require drug testing. Google is looking for workers who are innovative and efficient, but they don’t care if you use cannabis in your personal life.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft is another tech company that doesn’t delve into your personal life. Like Google, it’s tough to get on at Microsoft as the competition is high. Passing a drug test is not a requirement for gaining employment at Microsoft. There are no worries about passing a drug test after they hire you because it’s not on their list of priorities. As long as you report to work sober, do your job and fulfill your responsibilities, there is no reason to dread a random drug test because it doesn’t happen here.

4. Starbucks

Starbucks operates thousands of coffee shops throughout the nation and the globe. The company’s main concern is efficiency and customer service. They do not require passing a drug screening to gain employment, nor do they randomly test workers. If you’re good at your job and your customers are happy with the service you provide, you’re golden at Starbucks. Most Starbucks workers just need to have exceptional customer service skills and be able to make the best beverages.

5. Whole Foods

Whole Foods is another big company that focuses on what you do on the job versus what you do in your personal life. If you’re a food aficionado and you do your job well, it’s all they ask. Whole Foods does not require drug testing for pre or post-employment. The Austin, Texas-based high-end food chain does not discriminate against workers for use of cannabis or other recreational drugs, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the performance of job duties. It’s a progressive company that is more concerned about performance on the job than what you do in your personal life.

6. Apple

Apple is yet another tech company that maintains a focus on on-the-job performance rather than what employees do in their time. There are no known requirements for drug testing at Apple. It’s a competitive company and it isn’t easy to secure employment with them, but drug testing is not a part of the package. Workers have no worries about random drug screenings either. Apple realizes that the employment pool is small enough without taking more candidates out of the pool by drug testing.

7. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is another big retail chain that has no requirement for taking or passing a drug test for employees. All they ask is that you educate yourself about the sporting goods products they sell to the public. Anyone with a sense of adventure, who loves providing exceptional customer service for shoppers, can have a solid career with the sporting goods retailer. They’re looking for people with a willing and friendly attitude, but Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t emphasize digging into your personal life.

8. Michael’s

Michael’s is one of the largest craft store chains in the nation today. The company hires people who like working with the public and have a knowledge of craft materials and supplies. Many people take part or full-time jobs with the company because of the generous employee discounts. Michael doesn’t require a pre-employment drug screening. Nor do they require their workers to submit to random drug testing. If you’re looking for a job in the retail industry that doesn’t demand clean drug tests, this may be one to consider.

9. Petsmart

Key to Cannabis reports that Petsmart does not require candidates to pass a drug test for employment. The store employs retail associates, stockers, grooming specialists, and others. It also offers jobs that let you learn on the job.No drug testing is required for employees unless there is an accident that happens on the job and the worker’s mental focusing abilities come into question. Work with pet owners and advise them on the best products to buy for their beloved pets.

10. Target

Target is a major retail chain that offers a supermarket with a variety of goods for sale. It’s a department store that sells clothing, electronics, and about everything else you can think of. Target used to require drug testing for employees, but they’ve lifted the requirement for most of its workers. The only employees that must still submit to drug testing at Target are loss prevention workers and those who work in the warehouse. Employees enjoy the wonderful discounts they receive as one of the perks of the job. For most, the main requirement is a cheerful and friendly attitude with a willingness to provide customers with top-notch service.

11. Trader Joe’s

Respect My Region confirms that Trader Joe’s, a high-end food chain is more concerned about providing wholesome and healthy foods for its customers than they are about their employees’ use of cannabis. The company does not require drug testing for pre-employment. Nor does it require workers to submit to random drug tests. This is a great place to work for anyone who is health-conscious and has a desire to promote healthier eating choices.

12. Sprouts

Sprouts is a natural and organic supermarket chain that does not drug test its employees. Like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, you can find stores in legal cannabis states including New York, California, and Nevada. They realize that the employment pool would be cut significantly if they implemented drug testing mandates, so they don’t do it. If you have a passion for natural foods and promoting good health, working at Sprouts is an excellent option, even if you use cannabis.

13. Gap

Gap is a trendy retail chain that does not require drug testing for its employees, nor for applicants who are looking for a job. Even if you work in the warehouse and operate a forklift, you won’t need to worry about drug testing, unless of course, there is an accident on the job. Drug testing is not a part of their culture if you work for Gap in a state where cannabis is legal. Just don’t partake while you’re on the job and you’ll be fine. It’s wise to check with the individual Gap outlet to confirm that you’re in an area where it’s legal as each store reserves the right to implement policies depending on location. Most people have no worries about drug testing, especially sales associates.

14. Amazon

Amazon is a company that does not test for marijuana use. While they do administer drug tests, they have deleted testing for cannabis from their required battery. If you use other drugs, it may be a problem, but they’re not going to look down on you for the use of cannabis. They view the use of cannabis as the same as using alcohol. Just don’t use it while you’re on the job and they’re not going to say a word about it. This rule holds fast for all positions with Amazon that are not regulated by the US Department of Transportation. If you’re a driver, you may still be required to submit to drug testing. Amazon offers a variety of different job positions, so before you apply, make sure that you check the requirements.

15. Kroger

Kroger is a supermarket chain that does not usually drug test its employees. Having said that, you must know your criminal history may cause a red flag for the company. Workers with clean criminal backgrounds are not drug tested, however, those who are in the system may be subjected to drug testing. They won’t give you any trouble for cannabis though. They view it as a legal drug and don’t test for it. If you use cannabis for medical or recreational reasons, you don’t need to worry about drug tests cutting short your tenure with them unless you have a criminal record.

16. Walmart

One More Cup of Coffee confirms that some first-time employees do not need to worry about drug testing at Walmart. the only jobs that require drug testing at Walmart are those that are considered “safety-sensitive,” including warehouse, pharmacy, lawn & garden, deli, and maintenance jobs. None of the others require drug testing. The average Walmart clerk needs to have a cheerful attitude and a willingness to provide exceptional customer service to shoppers.

17. Facebook

Facebook is a social media giant that employs a variety of workers. Many of these jobs are technical, but it’s not necessary to pass a drug test to qualify. Facebook does not mandate random drug tests either. Facebook offers a variety of job positions. Some of them require on-site office work and others as remote workers.

18. Twitter

Twitter follows suit with Facebook. It is yet another giant in the tech industry. The company doesn’t require drug testing as a pre-employment mandate. Nor do they drug-test their workers randomly. Twitter follows suit with many other social media companies in keeping their nose out of your business.

19. 24-Hour Fitness

According to Med Card Now, 24-Hour Fitness is one of the largest health and fitness gym chains in the country. If you’re fitness-minded, you can apply without worrying about a drug test. The company does not require workers to submit to drug testing. The only conditions that could result in the need for drug testing are if a situation occurs that results in an injury to persons or damage to property.

20. Dollar General

Dollar General is a major retail chain corporation. They place smaller stores that are scaled-down versions of Walmart with groceries and variety. This company does not require pre-employment or random drug tests of its employees.

Final thoughts

Finding large companies that do not require drug testing is becoming easier these days. With the legalization of marijuana in many states, companies are realizing that insisting on mandatory drug testing will limit their ability to find workers to keep their businesses running. Currently, 56 percent of large businesses still require some type of drug testing, however, some have modified the tests to exclude cannabis. Some have suspended drug testing altogether unless there is an incident that causes injury or damage. It’s easier to find these companies in states where marijuana use has been legalized, but some companies have applied the rules nationwide. It’s always best to check the rules that apply to each company you’re trying to get a job with so there are no surprises.

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