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Does Bath and Body Works Drug Test Employees?

Bath and Body Works

1990 was the year Bath, and Body Works was established in New Albany, Ohio. Since then, it’s expanded its outlets to Canada, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, Puerto Rico, Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, and Jordan. It is one of the leading companies specializing in bath products in the US, owned by the parent company, L Brands. Be it lotions, shower gels, scented candles, fragrances, or body mists, Bath and Body will have you covered. According to Felony Friendly Jobs, salaried and hourly employees total 15,249, and they are always looking to increase the number. So, if you want a job at this esteemed company, you might be wondering; does Bath and Body Works drug test its employees? Read on to find out.

The jobs you can apply for at Bath and Body Works

Whether you’re an entry-level or professional, Bath and Body Works is ready to go through your resumé and credentials to determine if you’re fit to work there. To apply for a managerial position, having credentials to prove you have experience in retail and a high school diploma is an added advantage. According to HowIGotJob, the company looks to hire job applicants for the following positions:

A sales associate ($8 hourly)

Your role as a sales associate is to provide an exceptional customer experience. The ability to lift products as heavy as 20 pounds is an added advantage. Plus, the more you can withstand long working hours, the longer you will work there.

Cashier ($8 hourly)

Cashiers partake obligations in the customer service department and payment counter. Increase your chances of landing this job if you’re computer proficient and are quick with transactions.

Manager ($50,000 yearly salary)

To work as a manager at Bath and Body Works, you must have a high school diploma. Years of experience in retail is an added advantage.

Other factors to note when applying for a job at Bath and Body Works

According to Felony Friendly Jobs, Bath and Body Works might not conduct a background check from current or former candidates applying for unskilled positions. However, the same might not apply to managerial positions. Another thing to note is that having a record of a misdemeanor or felony conviction should be the first thing you tell the human resource representative at Bath and Body Works. The goal is to validate your pre-employment background check claims, not expose you as a felon. So, if you’ve ever been arrested or jailed for whatever offense in the past, be ready to answer some tough questions from the HR department. Expect their response within seven days, though it might take longer than that. But if the delay is getting you anxious, contact the recruiter or human resource representative for your peace of mind.

Does Bath and Body Works drug test its employees?

Before hiring you, Bath and Body Works might not need you to undergo a drug test. However, there is an exception. Applicants for the position of management and other skills might need to present a blood and urine sample before getting hired. A pre-employment drug test might not be mandatory for hiring job applicants, but it can apply in certain instances. For example, if an employee gets a personal injury while operating machinery, Bath and Body Works might drug test them. It’s a strategy to prove if the employee was in their right state of mind while on duty. If you’re tested for illicit substances and test positive for them, Bath and Body Works might not compensate for your claim. Therefore, it’s important to keep away from these toxic substances not only to keep your job but for your health. Keep in mind that you may test negative for illicit substances, even if you’re currently using them. We advise you to avoid using illicit drugs at least a week before submitting the urine sample to the company or an accredited testing facility.

Which instances might compel Bath and Body Works to conduct random drug screening?

Deciding whether to use recreational drugs is a personal choice, but it comes with consequences. Companies like Bath and Body Works prohibit employees from using them when arriving and in the workplace. An employee under the influence of an illicit substance can put employers and their colleagues at risk. Like other reputable companies in the US, Bath and Body Works doesn’t condone drug use because it predisposes employees to workplace injuries. So, if you arrive at work under the influence of drugs or use them on duty, the company might require you to undergo a random drug screen.

Sometimes, your manager might ask you to bring a urine sample for a random drug screen. Perhaps you looked intoxicated to perform your duties, or someone reported to the manager that you secretly take the drugs. It’s either you comply or resign immediately. Bath and Body Works may drug screen its employees for Ecstasy, Oxycodone, Antidepressants, Methadone, PCP, Tricyclic, Benzodiazepines, and Amphetamines. Some outlets may test for alcohol, so you should be ready for anything. Working for Bath & Body Works comes with a myriad of perks. For starters, you get employee discounts on products sold by the company, entitled to career development opportunities like promotions and training programs, you get promotions for diligent works, a retirement package for the longest-serving employees. Additionally, you have paid time off, sick days, and vacations besides the health and life insurance coverage.

The requirements you need to fulfill as a job seeker at Bath and Body Works

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You should be drug-free
  • You should have a GED or high school diploma

Remember, recruiting policies change from time to time. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to check the company’s official website for clarifications.


Working at this esteemed company does have many perks. Besides fulfilling your career, at least you have a way of earning a living. The pre-employment and random employee drug tests are to keep you in order so you don’t end up damaging the company’s reputation. It’s also the company’s initiative to keep you under control so you don’t ruin your health and life.

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