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20 Things You Didn't Know About Bath & Body Works

Bath and Body Works has become a staple retailer for many Americans. They offer lovely bath products and fragrances at reasonable prices. Just walking into a brick and mortar location is like a trip to an olfactory heaven. To honor a company that has brought so many people so much comfort and pleasure, here are 20 interesting facts about Bath and Body Works.

1. The company was founded in 1990

It's hard to believe that Bath 7 Body Works has been around for 28 years. There are a few of us who remember what it was like before they came into town. The company brought a variety of sweet-smelling luxury bath and body items that allowed women and men to pamper themselves. New product lines are developed on a regular basis and just when you thought you'd found your favorite fragrance something even more appealing would emerge in their new lineup.

2. Bath & Body Works has something in common with Victoria's Secret

You may actually shop at both retailers and not be able to figure out what it is. Both Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret are owned by the same parent company. L Brands not only owns these two successful retail stores, but the also own Pink, Henri Bendel, and La Senza. They used to be the owners of Abercrombie & Fitch, Express and The Limited, but these companies have since changed hands, but such is the nature of big business in the beauty and fashion industry.

3. They are the owners of the most popular fragrance in America

We all have our favorite fragrances, and no two people have the same preferences, but one fragrance reigns supreme in the United States as a big-time favorite. Japanese Cherry Blossom captured the title of America's favorite in 2016 and it has held a firm lead over all the rest.

4. The headquarters is based in Ohio

When Bath & Body Works opened their first store they were located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Through the years the business has grown and expanded exponentially. The headquarters was established in Columbus, Ohio now, but there is still an outlet open and serving customers in Cambridge. It's amazing how quickly a new business can become popular from just one small store and end up spreading throughout the entire nation as well as abroad.

5. Bath & Body Works changes with the times

With the passage of time, trends in fashion and beauty evolve and if a company wants to stay in business they will change with the demands of the public. This company has invested a great deal of time and effort in keeping abreast on current trends and patterns in the beauty industry. They have done an amazing job of keeping in touch with the changing demands of their customers. They're consistently developing new product lines that become big sellers. They add new fragrances and products to their inventory and they know how to be creative in their presentations as well. Just step inside of a Bath & Body Works store and you'll see what we mean. The layout is attractive and it draws you in. You will find the latest in bath fizzies, body lotions, gels and any other new and trendy product offered by the competition.

6. Bath & Body Works lets you try it before you buy it

One of the best things about visiting a Bath & Body Works store is that they usually have something new. Whether it's a new product type or a new fragrance, there's something fresh available. What's really great about the store policies is that they expect you to try them out. They provide large-sized testers which are filled with the products. You can try them out before you buy them to make sure that they're compatible with your body chemistry. A scent that smells great on one person may not work as well for another. It's a wonderful service that not all retailers offer. Some expect you to buy without the benefit of a pre-test.

7. Bath & Body Works has gone international

Now even when you're traveling abroad you can find a Bath & Body Works store. They've expanded into twenty-five different countries. Whether you're in Australia, Thailand, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates or many other countries in the world, they have established a presence there, and the shops are meeting with great success in their new locations. It gives you the feeling of home when you can find your favorite fragrance shop in a foreign land.

8. Bath & Body Works is for men as well as women

Some people have the mistaken notion that Bath & Body Works products are made only for women. While it's true that many of their fragrances have a feminine appeal, they also make products for men. Ladies, the next time that your husbands or boyfriends want to pass on going into the store with you to shop, you can let them know that there are many products in the store that are created specifically for men. It might be a mistake though. If your man becomes as addicted to Bath & Body Works as you are you might have to share the budget allowance with him.

9. Mondays are a special day for Bath & Body Works customers

Not everyone is aware of this very important fact, but everyone needs to be. Bath & Body Works makes its release of new launches on Mondays. If you're looking for a new fragrance or product to inspire you or just to change things up, be on the lookout for their new launches on the first day of the week. We expect this to continue to be the case unless they make some changes with their corporate launch planning. This was privileged news that was leaked from somebody who knows.

10. Nostalgia is a big thing with Bath & Body Works

In case you haven't noticed, Bath & Body Works leans heavily towards nostalgia in their product lines. This doesn't mean that they're not uptempo and modern, because they are, but there are some products that were originally released in the 1990s that loyal customers absolutely fell in love with. It would be heartbreaking for them if the company decided to phase out the lines. They do this as a courtesy to their loyal customers. In fact, Bath & Body Works has a website that they've dedicated to showcasing vintage bath and body products from the era that ran from 1990 through 2002.

11. They offer a fragrance finder for your convenience

Bath & Body Works has built a fragrance finder into their website. This is to make it more convenient and easy to find a favorite scent when you can't remember the exact name. The tools assist you by providing the scents in useful categories that can help to jog your memory. For example, it will offer clues for categories such as citrus, sweet and floral.

12. They offer big discounts semi-annually

Bath & Body Works offers two huge sales events. It's important for all enthusiasts of the brand to know when these amazing savings evens will take place. one is offered in January, and the other in June. These are the best times to stock up on your favorite products for personal use as well as for gifts for others. The savings can go as high as up to 75 percent off the regular prices.

13. Traditional Advertising is not used by Bath & Body Works

How many times have you seen a commercial for Bath & Body Works on the television? Have you seen magazine advertisements? You don't need to think too hard because you haven't. This is not the type of advertising that the company has chosen to go with. The company is so confident in the quality and in the appeal of their products that they rely on repeat customers spreading the news by word of mouth and by staff collecting customer information and making contact to let them know about any special promotions that will be coming up in the near future.

14. There are almost 1,700 Bath & Body Works locations

Bath & Body Works has become a phenomenon in Canada and the United States and beyond. They've had to open 1,600 stores in the United States just to keep up with customer demand. There are 80 additional stores open in other countries throughout the world.

15. Bath & Body Works will send you Facebook notifications.

It's great that you can sign up for notifications of sales and special deals through Facebook. One of the best things about a post from Bath & Body Works on your account is that your friends and family will see it too. All you have to do is Like the post and make a comment about a product that you've really been wanting and someone may get it for a birthday or Christmas gift for you.

16. You can get ideas from their Pinterest account

Yes, Bath & Body Works has a Pinterest account. This is a place where you can go to find tons of inspirations and ideas for your home as well as for fun fashion and beauty. They have volumes of ideas on their pages which are inspired by their various collections. Check out the site to discover what new and inventive things you can do with Bath & Body Works products.

17. America's favorite fragrance is Bath & Body Works' top seller

This really should come as no surprise. Japanese Cherry Blossom is the company's number one selling fragrance of all time. What is even more impressive is that the scent has been produced in a mind-blowing number of iterations. They've collected the data on this and would you believe that there are over 30 million different variations of the Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance? It's absolutely true. The original fragrance was launched in 2006 and since then there have been millions of copies and variations made, no doubt, to avoid copyright infringement. Some of them are really close but it's difficult to come up with an exact formulation.

18. The Parent company created a fictional founder for Bath & Body Works

This may be the most novel and interesting fact we've shared about Bath & Body Works yet. You see, when Bath & Body Works was first created, it started as a beauty line that was sold by the Express retailer. The product line emerged and required its own unique branding and because of its origin, L Brands figured that the best way to handle the situation would be to create a fictitious founder. This is how Kate was created. The next time you visit a B&BW store, look for any signs of Kate because each location is supposed to have the look and feel of being Kate's home. They should have a cozy feeling that makes all visitors feel welcome and it must smell absolutely amazing.

19. The top selling product for the company is a fine fragrance mist

One might think that a lotion or bath gel would be the highest selling product, but it's not. It's actually a body splash that can be spritzed anywhere you desire to have the fragrance. It's intended to serve several purposes. It's not overwhelming in its strength and it also includes aloe in its ingredients so it hydrates the skin as well.

20. Bath & Body Works is a great place to work

Employees of Bath & Body Works are some of the most fortunate people in the world. The store offers all employees a discount of twenty percent off of B&BW products. This is just for starters. After they've been with the company for two months, the discount increases to thirty percent off for part-time workers and a whopping forty percent off for full-time employees. What a great perk! Of course one of the best parts of working at a Bath & Body Works would be to experience the wonderful environment that is filled with warm scents and a cheerful atmosphere. How in the world could you be sad when you're surrounded by so much beauty and positivity? It would be a lot of fun to be there when the new product lines or a new fragrance first comes out. With frequent releases and about two hundred new products coming out every year, the adventure would never end.

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