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20 Things You Didn't Know about Singapore Airlines

There's no doubt that you've at least heard of Singapore Airlines, but what do you really know about this company? Unless you have been one of the lucky individuals who have flown on it yourself, you might be wondering what it is really like. If you want to know more, you can find out 20 interesting things about this company by reading through this article. By the time you are finished, you'll no doubt have a newfound appreciation for the corporation itself, not to mention the operations that they routinely undertake on a daily basis.

1. They've been doing business since 1972

As far as doing business in the current state in which they have been running things, they have been at it since 1972. That is a whopping 46 years. That in and of itself is impressive enough, as very few businesses manage to find a way to stay afloat that long. However, there is something even more impressive about this business that you will find out in the next paragraph.

2. They were actually founded in 1947

For a rather long period of time, the airline was known as Malayan Airways and that portion of the company was founded in 1947. It wasn't until 1972 that the corporate restructuring took place and the airline was renamed Singapore Airlines. When it's all said and done, you are dealing with a company that's been in business for a remarkable 71 years. That is almost unheard of with any type of corporation, much less an air carrier.

3. The airline is based at the Singapore Airport

As you might have already guessed from the name, the airline is based at Singapore Airport. That has been its operating hub for several years and it serves the air carrier well as both the corporate office and as a central location for operations.

4. There are many smaller airlines working under them

As is often the case with many major air carriers, there are a number of smaller airlines that are associated with the larger one. Some of them operate on a regional basis and others are low-cost versions of the airline, giving people of virtually all income levels an opportunity to fly wherever and whenever they need to.

5. They are widely considered the best airline the world over

Airlines are always in strict competition with each other but it's really rare that one is voted the best airline in the world time and time again. In this particular case, the award has been handed to them several times with the most recent being just this year. When you are voted the best airline in the entire world, you know that you are doing something right. Think about that for a second. They had to beat out every other major air carrier in the world in order to win this award, something that is not easily done.

6. They have also been voted as having the best airline seat in the business

They've also won awards for the seats they install in their aircraft. These seats are probably among the most comfortable aircraft seats that you will ever have the pleasure of sitting in and depending on the type of aircraft that you are flying on and the class that you book, those seats will vary from more comfortable than anything you have probably ever felt to absolutely awe-inspiring.

7. They also got an award for featuring the best first class cabin of any airline

This probably won't surprise you, especially knowing that they have an award for the best airline overall. Their first class cabins are second to none, and they have been rewarded for their efforts. If you really want to know what it's like to fly in class, this is the place to do it.

8. They handle their own maintenance and repairs in house

Every once in awhile, you will run up on an airline that contracts its maintenance and repair out to other companies. This can be a potentially dangerous process because it gives the airline itself very little control over what's going on with the aircraft it operates. Fortunately, this is not an air carrier that engages in those types of practices. Instead, all of their maintenance and repair is handled in house, giving them complete control over what flies and what doesn't.

9. The airline operates in nine different countries

They operate out of their central hub in Singapore but they travel to nine different countries and a whopping 27 different stops. That gives you plenty of options when you are flying on this particular airline, so if you have the opportunity to fly on it at some point in the future, you would be doing yourself a favor to take that opportunity and run with it.

10. They have business deals with companies such as Rolls-Royce and Boeing

It probably won't surprise you to know that they frequently do business with companies like Rolls-Royce, Boeing and Airbus. These are the most prolific companies when it comes to aircraft manufacturing as well as engine manufacturing so it only makes sense that they would do business on a routine basis with all of them.

11. They were the first ever airline to fly the Airbus A380

Today, the Airbus A380 is nothing short of a legend. However, when it was very first introduced, it was Singapore Airlines that served as the operational test vehicle for these aircraft. They were the very first air carrier to take delivery of the Airbus A380 and try it out in real-world circumstances to see how people would like it. Clearly, their customers loved it and the rest is history.

12. They were also the first to fly the Boeing 787

This air carrier has never been afraid to step out there and try something new. In addition to including the Airbus A380 as a brand new type of aircraft that had never been introduced to the world before, they did the same thing with the Boeing 787. Their goal is to incorporate the very best aircraft manufactured in the entire world into their fleet so that their customers get the most value for their dollar. You might say that they have succeeded handily at this particular goal.

13. The same is true for the Airbus A350

They were also the first ones to fly the Airbus A350, an aircraft that is designed specifically for long-haul flights. Today, this is one of their best aircraft in the fleet and they routinely use it for those longer intercontinental flights.

14. They rank in the top fifteen when it comes to money made each year

When you stop and think about the enormous number of air carriers that operate around the world each and every year, ending up in the top 15 is no small feat, to be sure. It takes a lot of work and time to rise to that level. Singapore Airlines has not only managed to rise to such a level, but to maintain that position for several years running.

15. They are ranked in the top ten by number of customers flown

This is largely because they routinely rank in the top 10 when it comes to the number of customers that fly on the airline on a yearly basis. After all, they have a stellar reputation when it comes to getting to their destination on time, passenger comfort and amenities, and perhaps most importantly, safety. When you stop and think about it, you have to ask yourself why a person wouldn't want to book a flight on this air carrier. It's no wonder that they routinely show up in the top 10 year after year.

16. They are widely regarded as the top of the line are carrier in Asia

This one shouldn't surprise you either. It should only stand to reason that if they have been voted the best airline in the world, they are certainly the best air carrier in their region. For several years running, they have been voted the best air carrier in Asia and it doesn't look like that will be changing at any time in the near future.

17. They operate the best first class suites

When you fly first class with this air carrier, you get an interior suite to yourself. It's like being in an five star hotel that provides you with top quality everything and you have that entire section of the cabin all to yourself. It really doesn't get any better than that. It gives you the chance to work or to kick back and relax. You can watch movies, listen to music or sleep, whichever you prefer. Whatever you decide to do, you don't have to share your space with other strangers in the process.

18. Even their business class seats are extra wide

It's no wonder they have won awards for their seats. Even in business class, their seats are almost three times wider than your typical aircraft seat. This gives you enough room to move around and that really pays off on those long intercontinental flights.

19. They have an excellent safety record

As previously mentioned, this air carrier’s safety record is virtually second-to-none. They have had a few incidents, like almost every other air carrier in operation, but they haven't had anything happen recently. When you compare the number of incidents to the number of flights that are flown on a daily basis, they have one of the best safety records out of any air carrier that has ever been in operation.

20. They provide catering services to their customers

Of course, they provide catering services to their customers as well. It simply wouldn't make sense to do anything less. This is an airline that knows how to please its customers and if they are going to go to the trouble of providing you with top of the line first class suites and better seating arrangements, it only makes sense that they would also provide you with catering services. Don't get confused and think that the catering services available here are the same as those you find in every other airline, either. The truth is, it's the same type of food that you would expect to find in a five star restaurant and it is all prepared by an actual chef.

There you have it. The next time you have a need to travel, you might want to make every effort to travel on Singapore Airlines if it is at all possible. For some people that travel to the areas served by the airline on a routine basis, they make an active decision to fly on this air carrier as much as possible. It is much more comfortable when flying on this airline and you have an entirely different experience when flying with them than you do with many of the other air carriers that you could choose from. It's almost like taking you back to the Golden Age of Aviation where everything was new and exciting, yet it combines this experience with the highest levels of technology possible and rolls it all into one. It truly is one of the most unique and best experiences that you will ever likely have when it comes to flying on a commercial airliner.

This is not an air carrier that takes its job lightly. It knows that when everything is said and done, it’s really about much more than merely getting passengers from one location to the next. These days, passengers have a lot of options available to them. They also know what they want and if they are unable to get the things they are looking for with one air carrier, they will likely move on to another one until they do. That is precisely why this particular air carrier places such a focus on safety, efficiency and passenger satisfaction, not to mention increased levels of comfort. All of these things have combines to make this air carrier the best in the world. As long as they keep doing what they have been doing, there is no reason to think that they won’t continue to be extremely popular for many years to come. That is why Singapore Airlines has proven to be a cut above the competition.

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