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The 20 Cheapest Airlines in the World in 2022

Spirit Airlines

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to fly in and out of the country frequently? Your likely guess is that the people are wealthy. That could be the case, but did you know that you do not need to be rich to fly? It is simply a matter of identifying airlines that offer cheap rates.

Some people fly with expensive airlines because of their popularity. Others assume that they will offer better services than the cheap ones. Whatever your reasons for using expensive airlines, you need to know that there are cheap airlines which equally provide the best services.

If you are tired of flying with expensive airlines, you will be glad to know that there are several cheap airlines you can fly with. Below, we will focus on the 20 cheapest airlines worldwide, with their headquarters below.

20. Jetstar Airways (Australia)

This airline is part of the Jetstar Group, a multi-national airline group comprising a network of low-cost airlines. It flies to 40 destinations in 12 countries. One of the ways they make flying cheaper is by allowing you to fly with Qantas Points. Qantas Points are awarded to frequent flyers of this airline.

You must sign up as a Qantas Frequent Flyer member to get these points. According to Finty, you will start at the Bronze level when you sign up. As you gather points, you will be promoted to other levels, which award you more points.

19. Air New Zealand (New Zealand)

The airline is certified as a 4-Star Airline. According to Skytrax, the 4-Star Airline rating is awarded to airlines that deliver an excellent overall quality performance in terms of amenities, food, and beverages, cleanliness, seats, etc. With such impressive qualities, it is incredible how the airline remains budget-friendly. For instance, you can spend a one-way airfare of $825 from New Zealand to Singapore.

18. AirAsia (Malaysia)

AirAsia has been offering cheap flights since 2001, which explains why it has become on the same level as other top international airlines. Like Jetstar, this airline has a loyalty program called BIG. Every time you book with the airline, you earn some points. You can redeem the points for free flight tickets.

Other benefits of the program you may receive include discounts, special offers, and priority booking. Another way you can acquire cheap tickets is by booking several months in advance before they sell out. Out of 150 tickets, 15 of them may be the cheap ones.

17. IndiGo (India)

IndiGo is currently India’s largest passenger airline. According to CNBC TV 18, it has a market share of 58.9%, as of 2022. The airline primarily operates within India’s domestic air travel market, but it can offer international flights to Bangladesh, China and Vietnam.

The airline’s flights are cheap because it does not provide extra services other than carrying passengers from place to place. If you desire additional services, you will have to pay extra for them.

16. EasyJet (United Kingdom)

EasyJet usually prices its tickets cheaply as soon as they are released. That means you must habitually check the release dates on the airline’s website. The beauty of this airline is that it releases several batches of tickets throughout the year, which means the odds of you traveling cheaply are high.

However, the prices of the tickets may slightly be raised if several people are booking. Another reason the airline is cheap is its exclusion of a ‘family tax,’ which some airlines charge. The fee is normally paid by parents who want to sit next to their children.

15. Norwegian Air (Norway)

When you fly with this airline, you will be left wondering why it is so cheap. For instance, its seats are quite spacious, and it has complimentary personal entertainment centers. The airline offers you affordable ways to fly by choosing between the LowFare option and the LowFare+ option.

The former is cheaper, but services like seat reservation, food and drinks, and checked baggage are optional. If you cannot fly for long distances without food, it would be best to choose LowFare+. You will only pay about $150 extra.

14. JetBlue (the United States)

JetBlue ferries more than 38 million customers to over 100 cities in the United States, Caribbean, and Latin America. The airline allows you to pay for cheap air tickets through its program called Blue Basic.

When you opt for this program, you will not be entitled to advanced seat selection. Instead, you will only be able to pick a seat 24 hours before the flight and will board last. Be that as it may, you will still have access to free Wi-Fi and be allowed to bring a full-size carry-on bag.

13. Southwest Airlines (the United States)

Southwest Airlines allows you to rebook a flight at a lower price. Sometimes the prices of air tickets may drop after you have already booked one. For some airlines, you may be forced to retain the ticket or pay the exact cost for the flight. Fortunately, the airline allows you to rebook after ticket prices drop.

However, you must subscribe to Southwest Airlines’ Business Select or Anytime fare program to enjoy such a benefit. If you are not in any program and cancel your ticket, you will receive the cost of your canceled flight in the form of travel funds. Some airlines charge you for printing your boarding pass or checking your bag. Luckily, this airline does not charge such fees.

12. WestJet (Canada)

WestJet has routes to over 100 destinations throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America, and Europe. You can enjoy cheap air travel by choosing WestJet’s Basic Plan.

Although you will get very affordable rates, you will not be eligible for WestJet Rewards, cancellations, seat changes or selection, and Platinum or Gold Benefits. This plan is, therefore, ideal for individuals who simply want to fly from one place to the other without any additional service or product.

11. Ryanair (Ireland)

Ryanair planes are known for their low turnaround times, which generally translates to cheap flights. When an airline’s airplane is on the ground, it is charged airport fees. So the longer an airplane is on the ground, the more the airport fees increase.

That explains why Ryanair airplanes take the shortest time possible on the ground. Since the airplanes take off immediately, the management does not have to forward the cost of the airport fees to the clients. So, it is up to the client to do what they can to avoid spending more. For instance, clients could print their boarding passes at home to avoid spending much time on the ground.

10. Azul Brazilian Airlines (Brazil)

If your flight may be too long, you may want plenty of space to lie down. Fortunately, this company can provide you with the space you need, but at a fee. Upon paying for the service, you will be provided an 86cm gap between the seats that will allow you to stretch your legs to lie down.

An amenity that you will enjoy at no additional cost is snacks. For snacks, you can opt for orange cake, chocolate chips, potato chips, milk cookies, Japanese-style peanuts, etc. As for drinks, you can expect Guarana Kuat, mango juice, coffee, water, and so on.

9. Eurowings (Germany)

This airline specializes in low-cost direct flights within Europe. If your priority is flying at low prices, you can choose one of their fare plans called Basic. With Basic, you are allowed to carry a large piece of luggage (55x40x23 cm) on board, something you cannot do in other cheap airlines.

Another benefit of the plan is that you can book priority boarding in advance. Since no additional service will be offered, you will have to pay for them whenever you need them.

8. Spirit Airlines (the United States)

To fly cheaply with this airline, you could apply for a Saver$ Club membership. When you purchase a membership, you must choose from any of the three:

  • 12-month membership: $69.95
  • 18-month membership: $99.90
  • 24-month membership: $129.90

Whichever option you choose, the airline will automatically renew your membership by charging you $69.95 every year. However, before deducting your money, the airline will remind you a month earlier. Once you become a member, you will enjoy discounted prices on seats, bags, shortcut boarding, and so on.

7. SpiceJet (India)

The Sun Group launched the airline for the sole purpose of offering affordable ticketing costs. Its affordability can be attributed to its no-frills policy and online booking. For a no-frills flight, you will enjoy a baggage allowance of 20 kilograms. Additionally, you can board with your camera, laptop, and purse for free.

This airline’s crew offers special assistance to people living with disabilities, unaccompanied children, and travelers with infants. To enjoy such services, you will have to pay some fee.

6. Virgin Australia (Australia)

One way you can spend low fare costs is by booking 60 days in advance. The beauty of the offer is that you can play domestically or internationally. Another way of using less fare is by getting a Velocity Frequent Flyer membership. The best part about joining this membership is that there is no joining fee.

Once you become a member, you will be entitled to Wi-Fi access, premium entry, advance seat selection, priority phone service, and many other perks.

5. Etihad Airways (United Arab Emirates)

To enjoy cheap flights (domestically and internationally) with this airline, you would have to do it via the Rehlat platform. The platform is a fast way of booking affordable flights. Besides enjoying the reasonable fare, you will get to enjoy the Wi-Fi, luxurious seating, on-demand entertainment system, and catering services.

This airline has a flexible check-in system. For instance, you can check in your luggage 2 hours before the flight departure or three months in advance.

4. Scoot (Singapore)

Scoot is a low-cost airline from the Singapore Airlines Group. Some of the benefits you will enjoy from this airline are check-in of baggage across your flights, a single ticket itinerary, rebooking a flight after yours was disrupted, etc. Scoot allows you to earn through its loyalty program called KrisFlyer. Through this program, you can earn KrisFlyer miles that you can redeem for flight upgrades or award tickets.

3. VietJet Air (Vietnam)

This airline was launched in 2021 and became the first private airline in Vietnam to offer domestic and international services. It operates 385 flights daily within Vietnam and to places like South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand.

VietJet Air is one of the few airlines that allows you to fly before paying. If you do not have the money for the flight, you can pay for the air tickets within 6 months through an installment purchase plan.

2. Vueling Airlines (Spain)

If you are traveling light, it would be best to travel with the airline’s Basic Fare package. Under this plan, you can only travel with a backpacker with a single hand-carry. Even so, the cheap package is limiting, and you will not be eligible for a flight date change, priority boarding, free cancellation, and free seat selection.

However, you will enjoy comfortable seating due to the vast legroom space. If you are not satisfied with the space, you can upgrade to the Excellent Service plan.

1. Flynas (Saudi Arabia)

Flynas allows you to book low-fare flights across the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. For the low prices, the seating is comfortable due to the spaciousness.

If you desire a seat with more legroom or want one next to your friend or family, you can call them or visit any of its sales offices. The seat prices vary depending on the aircraft type and route.


Some people have been postponing their vacations due to the belief that flying is expensive. Such people fail to realize that there are affordable airlines they can fly with. However, flying with a cheap airline comes at a cost. In some instances, you will not be given food, Wi-Fi, or be allowed to carry a suitcase. However, if that does not deter you, you can board a cheap airline and only worry about reaching your destination.

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