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20 Things You Didn't Know About Totango

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Totango is a global analytics firm that has recently made The news with an influx of investor funding pushing it to a new and exciting level in its development. The customer success company provides innovative software solutions in a platform that helps businesses to track their levels of customer engagement. If you're not yet familiar with this exciting enterprise, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Totango to bring you up to speed.

1. Totango is an established company

According to Crunchbase, Totango is an established enterprise that has been in business for more than a decade. It was founded in 2010 and has been in operation for eleven years. The legal name of this enterprise is Totango, Inc. The headquarters is located in Redwood City, California. The business provides a platform that helps companies assess customer lifetime loyalty values and increases repeat business. The information it delivers helps its clients to make decisions based on accurate statistical data.

2. Totango is a versatile business

Totango is listed across five industries for internet searches. It is first and foremost an Information Technology company. It is also categorized as IoT, also called The Internet of Things. Totango is also classified as being in the Analytics, Customer Service, and Software-as-a-Service industries. The platform upon which its software solutions are built is broad in its scope and delivers multiple benefits for Totango's clients.

3. Totango uses a complex array of technologies

The Totango official website is powered by a complicated assortment of technologies. The site delivers a smooth and seamless user experience that is accomplished through the active use of a total of 86 technologies. These technologies are distributed across 48 technology products and services. Some of them include iPhone Mobile Compatible, Apple Mobile Web Clips Icon, Viewport Meta, jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, and dozens of others.

4. Totango stands out among its rivals

Totango maintains a distinct edge over its competition in analytics and other tech industries. This is because Totango has secured The registration of five trademarks in scientific and electric apparatus and instruments. This gives Totango sole legal rights to use intellectual properties of technologies that are covered under these trademarks. The platform maintains a uniqueness that cannot be legally used, copied, or imitated by any other business without the express written consent of Totango.

5. There is increasing interest in Totango's products and services

The analytics for Totango over the past thirty days shows that there has been an increase in the total number of visits to its website. In The past month, a total of 117,973 people have visited or used Totango's website. This number represents a monthly visits growth rate of thirteen percent. Totango has received a ranking of number 302,365 of many millions of websites registered on the worldwide web.

6. Totango is most popular in the United States

Totango's analytics reports not only track how many visitors come to the site but also monitors where each visitor is from. The largest volume of web traffic comes from visitors within the United States. Forty-nine percent of web traffic is from people in the United States, reflecting a monthly visits growth of 30.08 percent. Forty-two percent of visitors are from the Philippines with a monthly visits growth rate of 228.53 percent. Three percent of web traffic is from people in the United Kingdom, two percent from Canada, and one percent from South Africa.

7. Totango has a 7-member core executive leadership team

The core leadership team at Totango consists of seven members. Guy Nirpaz is a founder and chief executive officer. Jamie Bertasi serves as a VP of product and COO. Ravit Danino is The vice president of product. Mark Lockareff is chief strategy and administrative officer. Ashwini Sukhdev is a product designer. Hamutal Anavi Russo is a chief financial officer. Omer Gotlieb is a co-founder and a senior vice president of business development. Although its core executive team is small, they are supported by nearly forty other executives and managers who help them to accomplish the overarching goals of the company. Totango's leadership team has established a proven track record of success.

8. Totango has an eight-member board of directors

The board of directors at Totango is comprised of eight members, one of which prefers to remain anonymous. Chemi Peres joined Totango's board of directors in 2015. He is a managing GP and founder of Pitango Venture Capital. He founded four organizations and currently serves on ten boards of directors in advisory roles. Guy Nirpaz is a founder and chief executive officer at Totango. He has founded one organization and currently serves on 1 board of directors in an advisor role. Sherman I. Chu joined Totango's board in 2017. He is a partner and co-founder of Grayhawk Capital. He has founded one organization and currently serves on three boards of directors in advisory roles. Tom Tovar joined Totango's board in September of 2016. He is a chief executive officer of AppDome. He serves on one board. Eric Benhamou is a founder and general partner at Benhamou Global Ventures with three portfolio companies and two exits. Yashwanth Hemaraj joined Totango's board in April of 2020. He is a partner at Benhamou Global ventures. Hemaraj is on 12 BODS. Gary Little joined Totango's board in February of 2014. He is a co-founder and general partner at Canvas Ventures. He has founded one organization and he currently serves on ten boards of directors in advisory roles.

9. Totango is a venture capital-backed company

Totango has participated in a total of six fundraising rounds. The most recent round of Series D funding closed on September 29, 2021. The total amount raised is $146.6 million so far.

10. Totango has secured investor confidence.

Totango is funded by seven investors. The most recent investors to join the fundraising efforts are Pitango Venture Capital and Great Hill Partners. These investors are joined by Canvas Ventures, Benhamou Global Ventures, InterWest Partners, and two other investors who wish to remain anonymous.

11. Totango has made one acquisition

Totango acquired a company called in 2018. Personity is a developer of machine learning technologies. It functions as a PaaS enterprise. The company is headquartered in Jerusalem, Isreal. The amount of The acquisition has not been disclosed. It is assumed that continues to operate in Jerusalem as a subsidiary of its new parent company.

12. Totango is a privately held enterprise

Totango is a privately owned company. The founders decided to keep The company privately owned, and not to file for an IPO to take The company public. This is why you will not be able to find shares of Totango stock listed on any of The public stock exchanges. It has been doing remarkably well through its venture capital fundraising through The seven private investors. Totango is thriving with ample financial backing and it is continuing to grow and expand its operations. We found no discussion in our research that indicates plans to go public any time soon.

13. Totango is good for business

According to Techcrunch, Totango boasts a high score when it comes to helping their clients optimize their customer journeys. The statistics show that an investment in Totango's products and services leads to a reduction of 136% on average, for growth and expansion in their revenues. In addition, churn rates average improvements of nearly two dozen points. The Totango solutions significantly increase their clients' ability to optimize relations with their customers, enhancing current relationships and establishing new ones. Overall, Totango helps them to make more money.

14. Totango plans to improve its current platform

Even though Totango is doing a stellar job for its clients, The executives shared that there are plans in place to further enhance its products. The details of The changes they plan to make have not been elaborated on, but they did share that they will focus on preserving its current SaaS focus. Funding obtained from The most recent Series D round is marked for making these changes. This is an exciting time for Totango as it is entering a new stage in its growth and development.

15. Guy Nirpaz has a solid track record

Guy is one of The two founders of Totango. This is his first entrepreneurial endeavor but he is no stranger to the tech world. He is fluent in English and Hebrew languages. He was The chief architect for Mercury Interactive and served as a software systems architect for IBM. He has also published a book titled "Farm Don't Hunt: The Definitive Guide to Customer Success." He also received The CloudBeat Innovation Showdown Award. Mr. Nirpaz also served as The executive vice president of research and development for GigaSpaces Technologies for nearly four years.

16. Omer Gotlieb is a co-founder of Totango

Omer Gotlieb is a co-founder of Totango who also serves as The senior vice president of business and development. He brings years of management and executive leadership experience to the company. He graduated from The Recanati Business School at Tel Aviv University with his bachelor's in Computer Science and Management in 1998. Before co-founding Totango he was The head of The membership department for The Laboratory for Education Networks at Tel Aviv University. He was also a senior project manager at NetVision Internet Applications. He also worked at AtHoc as The director of client services and was The senior account manager at Addwise. He served as The vice president and general manager of The service providers division at MTS.

17. Oren Raboy is a co-founder of Totango and serial entrepreneur

Oren Raboy is a co-founder at Totango. He has served as The vice president of engineering from October of 2010 through December 2018. In March of 2019, he founded another company called Noogata. He is a co-founder and The chief technology officer. The startup is in Tel Aviv, Israel. Noogata is a machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies enterprise. He founded a company called Beyondo and served as The CEO from 2007 through 2008. He was a senior product manager for Cisco. He was also director of product management and chief architect for a company called P-Cube.

18. Totango is currently hiring

According to its LinkedIn profile, Totango is now hiring new workers. It has listed 29 new job openings. Several of The new jobs are for its headquarters in The United States with many of The jobs offered as remote positions. The company is also hiring for several positions at its Tel Aviv, Israel location.

19. Totango is expanding into other parts of The world

Totango is a global company with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, and The United States. We saw that The enterprise is also expanding its reach into other countries throughout The world. Totango is advertising for a backend data engineer in Kyiv City, Ukraine. It also lists two other job openings for workers in Kyiv City. The 29 new positions represent a significant expansion of a company. There are just 105 employees in its workforce before adding new workers. The new hires are an expansion of its workforce by nearly a third.

20. Totango is a company to keep your eye on

Totango is a tech business that is on the move. It has ample investor support and is starting to expand its reach to more countries around The world. Totango provides essential analytics and support for companies that are trying to improve their customer relations. The platform has a strong track record for significantly increasing client revenues through customer retention and greater loyalty. It's gaining a reputation in The business world and operates globally through The United States, Israel, and Ukraine. This enterprise is a company we expect to become a leader within its niche of the tech industry. It is one to keep your eye on.

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