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The Best Cheap Private Jet Flight Options Out There

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Booking a private jet ride has long been regarded as a glamorous, often out-of-reach pleasure. However, there are a number of cheap private jet options available. If you think social isolation at 35,000 feet in your G5 is bad, think again. These days, there are plenty of options for passengers seeking to take to the skies in relative seclusion, many of them with ticket rates that are less than you might imagine. Most services operate out of smaller airports and private terminals, which have resulted in large increases in demand during the pandemic. The world’s largest private aircraft brokers like Air Charter Service have seen an increase in new clients over the last year. Many choose to use this service to reunite with family while flying privately and managing a few touchpoints or contact. This is a perfect solution for those who hadn’t seen their loved ones since before conflicts started breaking out. With the private air travel market growing every day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of your options. However, some strategies work well for scoring seats on planes and finding reliable companies who will fly with you wherever you need them to go. This article will highlight the best cheap private jet flight options available.

5. Aero

Aero offers concierge service with a personal touch. This makes for an unforgettable experience. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly business class and be pampered by Concierge Services is now available. Their prices start at $1,000 each. They also offer notable Inclusions Dedicated pre-flight travels and post-flight after your exciting journey has come to fruition. From Los Angeles, you can enjoy private flights to Jackson Hole and other popular destinations. You may also fly to Europe with Envoy Air, where they offer service all around the world. For those who want to fly like a VIP, there’s no better way than with Aero. With white-glove service from booking to take off and even after the flight and free Wi-Fi in-flight for all passengers (including pets). The design on their planes is top-notch too. You are guaranteed an enjoyable flight with no delays or worries about what might happen next because they take care of everything. This includes baggage handling, curbside greetings by one of their staff members upon arrival at your destination airport, car transportation services if needed before/after trips into town, etcetera.

4. Wheels Up

Their Membership has a one-time initiation charge of $2,995, with annual dues of $2,495 beginning in year two. Members receive special pricing and other benefits. Non-members can now book on a per-leg basis as well. For under $7,000, you can book an entire jet from Burbank to Las Vegas. Wheels Up will provide you with all the snacks, drinks and pets to help that are essential for traveling. They have checked bags included too. Plus, there’s access to partnerships such as Wine Access services so travelers can enjoy their favorite wines at an even lower price than usual during this trip abroad or just nearby in North America. Wheels Up also allows you to share a flight with other passengers who are using the same route through a community messaging function. This helps to make your private flight more practical. In addition, there is no need to negotiate a Venmo payment because the airline bills the other party. Members can also reserve seats on empty-leg trips (when an aircraft is moved to another place) for as little as $320 per leg.

3. SurfAir

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive monthly membership, the best option is to buy a year-long Unlimited Flying Membership with SurfAir. You can also book individual seats at $99 per flight or purchase one of our many other packages available, starting around the price range of $200 to $1000. The Starting Price varies depending on your personal needs. However, no matter what, it’ll be worth saving money by flying with the airline. Various inclusions with the SurfAir flights include membership tiers and unlimited flights. It’s a great way to travel, and you get access to it all year round. Surf Air provides on-demand flights to over 5,000 regional and international airports around the United States. They also have scheduled flights (which follow an existing, non-customizable schedule) in Texas and the West Coast. SurfAir is a great option for people who are looking to save on airfare. For only $99 per flight or monthly fee, you can get up to 3 flights with them - pretty outstanding considering most other companies charge double the amount.

2. Set Jet

The Set Jet membership fee is $99.95 per month, and their flights begin at just $449. You’ll get all of your checked bags, complimentary snacks and drinks too. They also allow pets, but you will need advanced notice for travel. There are several seasons in which you can visit some incredible destinations using Set Jet. From the bustling metropolis that is New York City all year round to luxurious Cabo San Lucas for winter vacations, there’s always something new waiting just around every corner. If you’re one of the first people to book a flight on any route, then there’s no better service than Set Jet. They promise they’ll fly even if only one person does. That’s how good this company is at VIP treatment and getting your family where they need to go when it matters most—in style (and comfort). However, to fly Set Jet, you must be a member, but the benefits of this airfare service make it worth every penny. For starters: no more worrying about security screenings and monthly fees. With one low purchase for $99 (with additional purchases allowed), your future travels will be hassle-free. Also, pre-flighted with some extra amenities on board, including priority boarding passes or upgraded seating options depending on where one is going in first class.

1. JSX

The starting price is $99. Recently, it was revealed that there are flights from Phoenix to Burbank and back for just under a hundred bucks during off-peak hours. However, when you’re looking at this period between 8 am - 4 pm on a weekday, prices can skyrocket up to 400 dollars round trip depending on what route/airline you choose. Checked luggage, pets, snacks, and drinks (including alcohol) are all included. JSX serves various cities, including Las Vegas, Reno-Tahoe, San Diego, East Bay-Napa, Oakland, Monterey, Burbank, LAX, Orange County, Phoenix, Dallas, and Houston are all accessible all year round. Lajitas, Horseshoe Bay, and Destin are popular seasonal destinations. The joy of flying without the hassle, crowds and expense is a reality with JSX. With just 20 minutes before your flight to get there in time for security check-in at the door-to flight that only takes 30 seats. So you’ll have plenty of space between travelers. Also, when it comes down to price - well, let’s say this could make even budget airlines blush because not only are tickets cheaper than most people expect. But they’re also worth every penny, thanks to their excellent rating on customer service reviews alone (seriously).

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