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The Details of JetBlue’s New Mint Class “Suites”


We have always believed that only first-class passengers get the best of everything during flights. Even Fergie said that part of living the glamorous life is by flying first class. However, JetBlue is revolutionizing how its passengers fly by making them as comfortable as possible, even when flying business class. In 2019, JetBlue announced that it was planning to expand the premium Mint cabin in two years, and the airline has kept its word. JetBlue Mint Class Suites are here, and you can learn all about them from the details below.

An Upgrade from Mint Class

In 2014, Skift published that JetBlue was in the process of establishing a middle ground between legacy lines and low-cost carriers. The solution was the Mint Class, in which passengers enjoyed the luxury of traveling in private suites. The perks include lots of entertainment through more than 100 channels of SiriusXM radio and 15-inch flat screens offering up to 100 channels of DirecTV. JetBlue Mint Class has 12 double suites and four single suites. Food compares to five-star restaurants and includes sumptuous watermelons, creamy scrambled eggs, and classic muesli. Passengers can order from the Marketplace, which provides an assortment of soft drinks and snacks.

Comfort is the ultimate goal in Mint Class; hence, the 16 seats can extend flat to accommodate a passenger as tall as 6 feet, 8 inches. Four seats were already described as “suites,” and JetBlue proudly said none of the rival carriers offered such on domestic flights. No need to sleep clutching your belongings because the seats also have storage space for shoes and purses. If your body aches from the flight, the seats have a button to prompt a massage, and there is plenty of legroom. When traveling with cranky kids or you prefer working on the go, your electronics will never run out of power because seats have charging stations. There is also a free in-flight wireless service upgraded to permit video streaming.

The JetBlue Mint Class debuted on June 15, 2014, with a flight on A321 from JFK airport to Los Angeles. The airline began by pricing the tickets between $599 and $999 for one-way flights, a price that most wondered if it would maintain due to the competition. However, director of product development, Jamie Perry told NBC News that other carriers were pricing their products too high yet, their services were relatively average. Therefore, even if other airlines charged $2,000, Perry insisted the less-than-$1000 price was there to stay due to increased fuel efficiency, high demand and ability to ferry more passengers per trip, compared to competitors.

JetBlue Mint Suite

According to The Points Guy, the JetBlue Mint Class only offered four passengers the experience of suites due to combining 2-2 and 1-1 seat configuration. However, the Mint Suite, also referred to as Mint 2.0 since it’s an upgrade from the original Mint Class, offers everyone a private suite with a 1-1 arrangement. Each suite has a sliding and direct access door to the aisle. It has a lot in common with the Mint Business Class because some of the amenities include wireless charging stations, 17-inch flat screens, free and fast Wi-Fi, and storage for personal possessions like laptops, shoes and purses. It also has Tuft & Needle foam and a breathable cover.

The Mint Suite comes with a Mint Studio. As One Mile at a Time explains, the A321LRs have 24 business class seats. The first row of two seats only comprises the Mint Studios, while the remaining 22 seats in 11 rows comprise the Mint Suites. Mint Studios are a premium service for which you will have to pay an upgrade fee. As per the article, the author initially paid $129 to be bumped to Mint Studios, but upon checking later, the charge had risen to $299, one-way. The Mint Studios are regarded as a premium product because the airbus has herringbone business class seats meaning that the first two seats have much more space than the rest. It has much bigger doors, an extra aside table and much larger screens. It even provides an extra seatbelt if you invite someone to join you in the Mint Studio. The extra pay could be worth it, considering that JetBlue claims that Mint Studio has the largest lie-flat bed in any US carrier and provides the most space compared to other US airlines offering premium experiences. You have the option of upgrading to Mint Studio during booking or before departure, but only if the seats are available.

More Regarding the Features of JetBlue Mint Suites

According to Business Insider, the main reason JetBlue ensured that each suite has a direct access door is that it had received feedback from customers who said they would prefer privacy. Each seat is a window and aisle seat so that customers who like gazing outside can do so at their pleasure. The seats are therefore angled such that the passengers’ heads rest perfectly positioned to look out the window. The airline also ensures that entertainment is not cut short during landing and takeoff. As per the article, unlike other airlines that require passengers to switch off any electronic devices, JetBlue’s entertainment screens were made in such a way that they do not have to be off during landing and taking off. You do not even have to wait until you are on board to start utilizing the free Wi-Fi; the airline ensured that passengers could use it from the gate. Additionally, if you are organized and would prefer not to see so many cords sticking out of your seat when not in use, it offers a cord wrap. If you are tall and have complained about short blankets that barely cover your feet that problem is addressed by JetBlue whose blankets have a foot nook. Finally, you have the option of changing lighting color and creating the ideal mood through the suite’s control panel when you need some sleep.

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