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The 20 Best Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas for First Time Visitors

Playa del Amor: Lovers Beach

Located on the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas has become one of Mexico's top tourist destinations, and for good reason: The things to do in Cabo San Lucas are as diverse as they are enriching. The attractions and activities offer first time tourists a fabulous glimpse of Mexico's warm and friendly people, engaging environments, and delicious cuisine. To add more flavor to your visit, first time visitors are encouraged to pick up the Gringo Gazette. This is an English language publication which not only contains local news, but also is filled with interesting things to do, and places to see when in Cabo. First time visitors to Cabo should also pay attention to the beaches before they take a dip. if you're of a mind to have a beach day, where you explore the beaches along Cabo's Tourist Corridor, please keep an eye out for warning flags. If you see one, it means the waters are not suitable for swimming, snorkeling or diving. And lastly, don't forget the sunscreen! The sun in Cabo can burn those with light skin quite easily, so bring along some SPF 30 or higher, and make sure its waterproof.

Cabo San Lucas Luxury Spa

20. Pamper Yourself at a Cabo San Lucas Luxury Spa

When it comes to pampering its tourists, Cabo takes a back seat to no one. Known as one of the spa capitals of the world. Each new spa which is built seems to outdo the other when it comes to size and offering tourists a luxurious experience. A good example is the spa resort, the One and Only Palmilla. This 5 star luxury spa located on Pelican Beach, comes with two infinity pools, a 27 hole golf course and 5 restaurants, and fabulous in house spas which offer you the best in health and wellness. Other famed spas include the Solmar Spa, Justintime spa and wellness center, the Desert Spa, and the Pedregal Spa. All of these spas rank among the top 5 health and wellness spas on Tripadvisor, and for good reason. Each are customer service driven to provide you with the best in relaxation and rejuvenation.

Juan More Taco Food Tours

19. Juan More Taco Food Tours

After days of flyboarding, hiking and diving, it's time to settle down and learn about the art of making traditional, Mexican food, and Juan Moore has among the best food tours in Cabo.The Juan Moore Food Tour is actually composed of a variety of food tours, each one tailored to deliver a different experience for incoming tourists,. Here, you're guided through town, where you're introduced to the various dishes traditional to the Cabo area. For a first time tourist, this is the best way to get a handle on Cabo's best food and beverage establishments. In fact, you're allowed to taste the dishes you're introduced to. Not only that, but the tour incorporates much of Cabo's local history and culture as you walk.

The San Jose Del Cabo Art Walk

18. The San Jose Del Cabo Art Walk

Among the many things to do in Cabo San Lucas is taking in their art and culture. Immerse yourself in the culture of Cabo San Lucas by taking the San Jose Del Cabo Art Walk. Here, galleries both big and small ensconce themselves in the city's art district every Thursday at dusk, to give tourists a taste of true Cabo art, culture and cuisine. The evening is meant for enjoyment and relaxation, so it's the perfect end to a day full of exploring, leaving you relaxed and refreshed. You'll be able to enjoy the culinary favorites of the region, along with tasting many of their fine wines. The art walk gives first time visitors to Cabos a real chance to learn about the lifestyle and people of Cabo, as you mingle with the locals and take advantage of their kind hospitality. If your visit to the San Jose Del Cabo Art Walk left you wanting for more, then pay a visit to the magical town of Todos Santos, where you'll be able to delve even deeper into the art and culture of Cabo.

Playa El Médano

17. Playa El Médano

If you're into partying the night away after a exciting day of exploration, then Playa El Medano is where you should go. This sweet spot is considered by many to be the hub of social activity in Cabo San Lucas. Of all the beaches in and around Cabo, this is arguably the most crowded. It stretches close to 2 miles long, with its crystal blue water inviting one and all to enjoy a quick dip, and dry off in the warm sun. Playa El Medano is not just for sunbathers. Other activities include jet skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, and beach volleyball, among others. You'll also be pleased to note that there are plenty of eateries and bars scattered among the soft, warm sands.

Day in the Life of a Pirate

16. Experience a Day in the Life of a Pirate

Live like a pirate in Cabo, even for just one day. In case you weren't aware, Cabo San Lucas has quite a colorful past regarding pirate activity. Its first fortress to offer protection from the thieves of the seas was constructed in 1587. So, it would only be natural for Cabo to offer tourists more than their share of pirate tours. These tours range from the family friendly treasure hunt adventures, and snorkeling excursions, to the adults only pirate booze cruises. The romantic ones among you can also find pirate, sunset dinner cruises, designed to give you a sense of sailing the seven seas at sunset. Once you decide to immerse yourself in the pirate life, you must pay a visit to the Buccaneer Queen. A most magnificent ship, she's all pirate through and through. With a height of 96 feet, and of authentic pirate ship design, she's been featured in both commercials and film.

Cabo's Tourist Corridor

15. Explore Cabo's Tourist Corridor

Otherwise known as the Cabo's Golden Corridor by some, the Tourist Corridor is one of the best ways to get an all encompassing view of all things Cabo. The Tourist Corridor is a stretch of land, composed of 20 miles of Cabo's best beaches, golf courses and resorts. Taking a day or two to explore the Tourist Corridor is an experience many first time visitors to Cabo San Lucas won't soon forget. Here, you'll be able to make a stop at many of Cabos best snorkeling and diving locations, as well as bars and eateries. Those who enjoy golfing will definitely want to visit one of their world renowned golf courses designed by famed golfers such as Jack Nicklaus.

Ecotourism Adventures

14. Ecotourism Adventures

One of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas is experiencing their wild flora and fauna. How would you like to walk the same lands as the Pericue did? Well, you can when you take one of the many ecotours offered in Cabo. The Pericue are thought to be the first people to roam the Americas, and hiking through the gorgeous canyons of Cabo will take you to the places the Pericue themselves walked, many centuries ago. In recent years, ecotourism has seen an increase of tourists, as more and more tourists rave about how these tours enrich their lives and understanding of local regions. Ecotours center on the flora and fauna of Cabo San Lucas, and are headed by guides who are fluent in the knowledge of Cabo's rich history and ecosystems. They'll enlighten you when it comes to the plant and animal life of the region, as well as the culture of the peoples, then and now.

The Sand Falls of Cabo

13. The Sand Falls of Cabo

Also known as sand cascades, the Sand Falls of Cabo San Lucas are a natural phenomenon occurring in the bay of Cabo San Lucas.  These sand falls are a masterpiece of nature, as mounds upon mounds of sand continually pour down through the rocky clefts, giving the appearance of a waterfall, but instead made up of sands driven to the bottom of the bay. Thought to have been discovered by the late, great ocean explorer, Jacques Cousteau, the Sand Falls are the result of contact between North America's tectonic plates and Pacific plates. Add to that, the meeting of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez, and you get the Sand Falls. These tours are diving tours, so you may also get a glimpse of an octopus or a seahorse or two.

Playa del Amor: Lovers Beach

12. Playa del Amor: Lovers Beach

Lovers Beach is the perfect place for couples to visit during their honeymoon, or for those couples taking some time off to reacquaint themselves with one another. Famous for its pristine waters and clean, sultry beaches, Lovers Beach has been a standard 'get-away' experience for many people over the years. But snuggling under the warm sun isn't all that this beach offers. You can also have some day-time fun sailing the waters in a glass bottom boat, or observe the great variety of aquatic life while reclining on the beach. However, if you prefer to get a bit closer, you can take a snorkeling excursion in the warm and calm waters of the Sea of Cortez, where you can get up close and photograph its diverse assortment of colorful marine life. Other sites include Pelican rock as well as mounds of sea lions sunbathing in their colonies. A note of caution, Lovers Beach has no bathrooms or eateries, so remember to pack your own refreshments and visit the loo before you leave.


11. Flyboarding

If you've never heard of flyboarding before, then please take some time to view some of the action on Youtube. Basically, you are attached to a hydroflighting device called a flyboard. The purpose is to propel you straight up, and out of the water, or to propel you under the water. You'll start by standing on the flyboard, and wait for the water pressure to shoot you straight up, sometimes up to 70 feet. After which you return to the water via diving. Here's the best part: You don't have to have experience to do it! Most of the flyboarding tours hire experienced experts who work one on one to have you up in the air in no time. First time visitors to Cabo might take one look at the videos and think they are for experienced flyers only, but not so. Experienced and certified experts not only get you hooked up to the device, but also control how high you go.

Hitting the Waves, Cabo Style

10. Hitting the Waves, Cabo Style

First time visitors to Cabo who consider surfing to be more than an activity, but a fine art, will not be left wanting here. In point of fact, surfers could actually build their entire vacation itinerary around surfing as Cabo is home to locations which offer the surfer a vast diversity of experiences. For instance, even though one can surf all year long in Cabo, you'll find that the fall and winter seasons, have the best surfing on the Cape's Pacific side, whereas during the spring and summer, it's time to surf the Sea of Cortez. Even beginners can fare well here, as many surfing tours have surfing schools, where you can get your feet wet, so to speak.

Seal Lions in Isla Espiritu Santo

9. Swim with the Sea Lions in Isla Espiritu Santo

Unlike dolphin shows where the dolphins are kept in cramped aquariums, these sea lions exist in the wild, and that's just where you'll greet them for your swim in the Sea of Cortez. The Sea of Cortez is known as the most biodiverse regions on our planet, so your time there will be well spent. There are a few considerations for you to make note of before you sign on for one of these tours. First, you need to be moderately fit in order to participate. This means no underlying medical conditions. They also do not allow pregnant tourists on this tour. Finally, check with your travel agency for the proper season, as it's closed during seal mating season.

Snorkeling Adventures

8. Snorkeling Adventures

Snorkeling is great family activity for all to enjoy, inexpensive and perfect for first time visitors to Cabo. While there exist more snorkeling sites than we can list here, know that some of the best snorkeling areas are located in Santa Maria Cove, Cabo Pulmo and Chileno Bay. As previously mentioned, Lovers Beach also offers snorkeling, but the currents can get a bit rough there, so those who are not skilled and strong swimmers may want to avoid that spot, in favor of some of the others. If you don't have time in your schedule to venture out to the previously mentioned marine reserves, then know that Cabo has plenty of local snorkeling tours available. Here, snorkeling tours concentrate on areas such as Pelican Rock, the North Wall or Lands End. These sites are guaranteed to be teaming with a fabulous assortment of colorful marine life for you to enjoy and photograph. In general, boats will take you out to the location, where you'll snorkel without a guide.

Beaches of Cabo on an ATV

7. Hit the Beaches of Cabo on an ATV

You've seen the sights of Cabo San Lucas the conventional way, now how about something a bit more exciting? If you're an adventurer at heart, then taking one of the many ATV tours of Cabo is an absolute must.  Taking in Cabo San Lucas via an ATV off road tour is an exhilarating experience, as you travel miles and miles, taking in the panoramic scenic beauty that is Cabo. You'll find that most tours have no problem with beginners, and even encourage them to join in on the fun. They'll provide you with a short lesson. If you're put off by shifting, know that these ATV's are beginner friendly, so operating a shift is as simple as flipping a switch, as no clutch is involved. Dirt bike tours are also encouraged. However, dirt bike tours are reserved for those with dirt bike experience, and not suitable for beginners. To get the best experience, look for the tours that offer the most ride-time. As for a drivers license, no worries, as these tours are off road, so not license is required.

Ziplining Adventures

6. Ziplining Adventures

There are no words to explain the adrenaline rush afforded those who experience a zipline adventure in Cabo. If you're a first time visitor to Cabo, know that no previous experience is required for these tours, which makes them terrific way to get a unique view of Cabo from up above. Experts are at each and every Ziplining tour, to help you strap into a secure, rock climbing harness, and send you flying for miles over Cabo, and yes, ziplines are equipped with brakes if you feel you're going too fast. When your ziplining adventure is over, you can then gather with your friends and/or relations at one of the many bars or eateries that await you, and have a good chat about what a fabulous experience you had. Finally, don't forget to wear comfortable clothing, sneakers, and of course, bring that action cam and be prepared to take some breathtaking shots of Cabo!

Extreme Sporting Activities

5. Extreme Sporting Activities

While Cabo San Lucas offers some of the best ground tours in the world, for some that's just not enough. For those of you aching to integrate some adrenaline pumping action to your itinerary, then try your hand at the extreme sporting tours offered in Cabo. Not for the faint of heart, to be sure, but if you've had a good, solid relaxing time enjoying the standard tours, then these extreme sporting activities can help switch up the rhythm of your stay in Cabo. Extreme sporting tours include bungee jumping, parasailing, sling swinging, flyboarding and wave runners. How extreme are these activities? Well, the Bungee Jump is a 300 foot drop, and the Sling Swing has you elevated 328 feet in the air, with a fall and swing at around 75 miles per hour! Please note before you sign on, that many extreme activity tours restrict people with underlying health conditions and pregnancy.

Baby Turtle Release

4. Baby Turtle Release

Turtles are fascinating to watch, and even more fascinating when you are involved in helping the species survive, and you can do that during your stay in Cabo.  The Association for the Protection of the Environment and the Marine Turtle in Southern Baja has organized just that. They allow tourists to help herd the new hatchlings into the sea. There are 5 species of sea turtles, all of them endangered in Baja, and they need help go ensure they enter the sea unharmed. Tours are for adults and children, and involve a certified guide. Each individual gets to adopt one turtle to release into the ocean, then help free the rest. You'll receive a Certificate of Adoption for you to frame and hang on your wall.

Cabo Wabo

3. The Cabo Wabo

Fans of the Cabo Wabo Cantina consider it more than just a place to stop for a drink or two. Instead, they consider Cabo Wabo to be a way of life, a philosophy to follow if you will. Indeed, paying a visit to this iconic waystation for the wild is considered one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas. This is a fabulous establishment for first time tourists, who desire to experience the excitement and nightlife of Cabo San Lucas on a whole new level. The Cabo Wabo itself was created for those who love to party and have a good time, which makes visit to Cabo Wabo the perfect break from a long day of sightseeing. Developed and owned by classic rock legend, Sammy Hagar, you'll be astonished at the overall size of the place. Dedicated to making the tourist feel at home, you'll be welcomed with numerous stages where live music is performed for your pleasure, as well a plenty of cozy spots for you to relax and have a drink or two with friends.

Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

2. Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

For those just visiting Cabo for the very first time, a trip to the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is a must see. In fact, a visit to their Coral Reefs is highly recommended, as it's the only living, hard coral reef in North America, and home to one of the best assortments of sea creatures of any coral reef anywhere with over 800 species of marine life. Here, you'll be able to spend some relaxing down time, snorkeling among the coral reef, sunbathing on a pristine beach, or simply admiring its breathtaking mountain range. Many of the tours in Cabo Pulmo, such as Cabo Pulmo Watersports operate on a walk in basis, which means you just show up and a short time later, you're diving or snorkeling!

Whale Watching

1. Whale Watching

Globally, the whale watching industry is currently worth well over 2 billion dollars, and Cabo is home to some of the best whale watching tours on the planet. So, it's easy to under stand that one of the main draws for Cabo San Lucas are the whale watching tours. Whales are magnificent creatures, and to see one in its natural habitat is a remarkable site, one not soon forgotten. If this interests you, make sure you schedule your trip to Cabo somewhere between December and April, as that's when whales perform their traditional migration to Magdalena Bay in the Sea of Cortes, which are their breeding grounds. The type of whales you'll see include humpback whales and gray whales. Some visitors may also see sperm and pilot whales. You can watch from a distance, or book tour boats which take you out into the ocean. Finally, when searching for whale watching tours, look for those which allow you to listen to the whales as they call out to one another under the waters.

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