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Five Companies Leading The Way in Podcast Technology


Podcasting is a trend that is becoming the new standard method for getting your message out to the masses. It seems like more podcasts are covering a variety of different topics from news to current events, social issues, charities, education, self-help, and thousands of other useful topics. Some entrepreneurs do very well by offering subscription podcasts that provide useful information for their audiences. The technology for using podcast tools and software to connect with viewers has also come a long way. It's become a lucrative business venture. Here are five companies leading the way in podcast technology for 2021.

5. Transistor

Transistor offers a podcast building tool that is one of the more recent, but because of its multiple useful features and easy-to-use platform, it's becoming a leader in the podcasting industry. This is a company that caters to serious podcasters including brands, and professional businesses. The company provides professional quality software and tools that include a top-notch podcast site, the capacity to host as many separate podcasts a desired, and software tools that allow for the management of team members. It also provides stats for your podcasts so you know how many viewers are tuning in, along with other useful information. The cost of this platform is reasonably priced at just $19 monthly. This allows for up to 10, 000 downloads monthly. If you need more, there is a tier plan to accommodate your growing podcasting needs. Hosting for both public and private podcasts are available under one single account to save the cost of an additional hosting plan. Transistor offers an affordable approach to quality podcasting technology.

4. Castos

Castos Podcast Hosting is another company that is gaining ground in the tech industry. The program is becoming more well known as word of mouth for its quality and easy-to-use tools spreads. This is the ideal option for those who are frequent WordPress users. The Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin allows you to upload episodes of your podcast from WordPress in a seamless and time-efficient system that also allows you to manage your feed. One of the best features of Castos Podcast Hosting is that users only pay $19 monthly for a customizable player that is designed for embedding their websites. The download bandwidth and upload volume for this monthly subscription fee are unlimited, which makes it one of the best and most affordable options. If you're not sure about whether Castos is right for you, the company offers a 14-ay trial period where you can download and use it for two weeks without paying a cent. There are incentives included if you pay for multiple months or a year in advance, but you can also opt to pay the monthly subscription fee if you decide that it's the right software for you.

3. BuzzSprout

Buzzsprout is a company that provides the latest in podcast technology through its constantly updated software and tools. The program features a well0designed dashboard that provides podcasters with all of the relevant information necessary. The features are consistently being updated to keep an edge over its competitors. If you're looking for podcasting tools that offer the maximum convenience and ease of use BuzzSprout includes built-in transcription integration, a text editor with notes, publishing workflow, Magic Mastering for optimum audio, a new embed player, and affiliate marketing integration for the Buzzsprout website. One of the best things about BuzzSprout, when compared with the others, is that the monthly subscription fee is a mere $12 monthly. It's one of the most affordable options in the podcasting tech industry.

2. Captivate

Captivate offers a podcast hosting platform that is ranked among the best on the market today. what makes this so special is that it features built-in calls to action to help people go to the places you want them to go without confusion. There are no limits on the number of team members you can add to this platform. The website and podcast player is top-notch. Every count features private podcasting with no basic public podcasting restrictions. You get a strong and easy-to-use dashboard that gives you all of the analytics and data necessary with advanced cutting-edge technology that isn't difficult to operate, as with some of the others. Other cool features include the ability to access your dashboard on any device including a smartphone or PC, and others. You can also conduct bath uploading or set a default schedule for loading with WordPress integration through a custom plugin. Podcasts are easier than ever to generate with Captivate.

1. Podbean

Podbean is a company that provides a useful free plan for those who are just getting started and do not need or desire all of the bells and whistles. Although you will need to use the PodBean domain name, it's a good starter site. You get a 5-hour limited upload plan along with basic stats with the free plan, but if you outgrow it, you can always upgrade to the next tier upward. Podbean offers the versatility and convenience for its customers of providing its own Android and iOS app for those who prefer to go with mobile technology. Once you try the free version if your needs change you can move up to the monthly plan that starts at $9 per month. Premium features are offered including custom domains, a website, and advanced stats along with a few other perks. There are a lot of good reasons to go with Podbean when you're first starting. The pricing is lower than some and they do offer a free version. Podbean is playing it smart by capturing audiences who enjoy a good deal with the free version by providing a vehicle for checking out the program in advance of the purchase. This allows potential paying customers to get an idea of the true possibilities of the software before deciding to purchase.

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Written by Allen Lee

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