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How Mobile Pod Hotels Will change Off the Grid Travel

As children, most of us have been exposed to the futuristic realm of living from Sci-Fi movies that we've watched. Earth's inhabitants travel back and forth in hovercraft and live in buildings suspended from the sky. While it seemed far fetched twenty years ago, this is no longer the case. Mobile Pod Hotels are now entering the scope of our reality and some designs show them being used to fill the open spaces in between sky scrapers, suspended in the air. This amazing new innovation in architecture and hospitality services could very well revolutionize the hotel industry in the years to come. We're going to take a closer look at mobile pod hotel technology and get a glimpse of what we may be seeing in the very near future.

What is a mobile pod hotel?

It is a new concept in hotel room planning that is intended to offer a very small space that is filled with all of the necessities that travelers would require for overnight lodging. Instead of booking a large luxury suite, many would actually prefer a space that would accommodate only their basic lodging needs. Mobile pod hotels would offer an eco-conscious environment that would be energy and space efficient in a compact structure with sustainable features.

The Ecocapsule

The Ecocapsule is a unit that is egg shaped with a height of eight feet, a length of seven feet and a fourteen and a half foot width. It contains a kitchenette, folding bed, bathroom and living area. The Ecocapsule would offer a comfortable interior without wasting any space It could be moved via trailer to the chosen destination if desired.


Live Between is a concept that would string several of these pods in between sky scrapers and other areas of unused space to maximize space usage. This would definitely offer guests a new experience. From what we're told, plans are in place to make the units absolutely safe, even though inhabitants would be suspended in their pod in the air. There are discussions about creating a traveling hotel and moving the pods from city to city.

The pods would be secured to buildings with heavy cables and anchored by floor plates to the buildings creating a lobby for entrance and exiting. This would be much like a traveling circus and thrill seekers would have a new experience awaiting them. Off the grid travel could become more like booking a small luxury room in remote locations for the maximum of comfort while braving it in the wilds.

The setup would be completely eco-friendly, using the waste generated from the mobile pods to develop fuel that runs the hybrid vehicles. The pods would also receive their power from converted energy from solar and wind resources, making it totally sustainable. The pods would be moved by a fleet of hybrid vehicles. A unique design that minimizes the use of water with specially adapted plumbing for the kitchen and bathroom will also be a part of this earth loving operation.

According to the creators, the pods would each be self sufficient units and would not depend upon outside resources. It all sounds like an exciting venture that would be the first of its kind. It is a new pop up type of architecture that could very well take the world by storm in the near future. This is the brainchild of Vox Creative.

Implications for future use

Although we'll have to wait to find out how well this new and innovative architectural invention works when it's implemented, there are limitless possibilities for use of the new technology. When we stop to consider how many homeless people that there are in the world, the light bulb turns on. We don't yet have an estimate on the cost of construction of the new mobile pods, but the space and resource efficient design could be used to house hundreds of thousands who don't have a warm place to go at night. Homeless encampments could be transformed in small spaces using mobile pods.

Further speculation

Mobile pods could also provide temporary shelters for victims of natural disasters. Since they are transportable and self sufficient, their use would be logical in regions where power resources have been interrupted. The implications for their use are far reaching and this just adds to the excitement of this new type of technology that is being tested now. How could the present world be transformed by the use of Mobile pod technology? Of course this takes the concept a little beyond the mobile pod hotel genre, but it is worth speculation and perhaps further investigation after the mobile pod hotels have made their trial runs.

The future of luxury hotel accommodations

Who says that luxury doesn't come in small packages? Although space will be used efficiently, the smaller units can still offer conveniences and elegance within a small area. The Mobile Pod Hotels are a brilliant idea and it will be fun and interesting to find out how comfortable and novel these inventions truly are. Imagine being suspended in the sky with a full view of the magnificent sunrises and sunsets from such a unique location. While it may not be for everyone, it will definitely entice thrill seekers or those who have entertained the notion of living among the clouds.

Final thoughts

The world that we live in today is interesting and evolving at a very fast pace. Improvements and innovations are being made in all aspects of technology and across the board within most industries. The invention of mobile pod hotels may seem like a novel new idea that will no doubt bring in the curious for an exciting new experience. Far beyond the novelty of mobile pod hotels is the potential for transforming our world for the better. We'll have to wait a little longer to find out when the unveiling of the first mobile pod hotels will happen. We're not sure which city they'll show up in because the company wants to surprise the locals. We're not sure how well this will work out with regard to booking a room yet, but the novelty of the new pod units will probably be enough to generate long lines of takers.

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