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10 Batman Gadgets and Technology That Exist in Real Life

Batman Gadgets

One of the only superheroes that any geek thought they could emulate is Batman. Although he does not have a real superpower, per se, he boasts a variety of interesting and useful gadgets that help him fight crime and stop the bad guys. You don’t see geeks playing in gamma radiation or lining up to be bitten by a radioactive spider to be a superhero; as they shouldn’t. The result of those experiments would be catastrophic. However, purchasing gadgets and training with them is a viable alternative.

The allure of becoming the Dark Knight has captured the interest of the world and made fans wonder what Batman-esque gadgets are available for purchase. The following is a list of 10 Batman gadgets and technology that exist in real life. These gadgets have been sorted into three categories: combat, utility and vehicles


The items in the combat list include armor and weapons which can help you be a more effective Batman on offense and defense:

D30 Armor

D30 Armor

Personal safety is the top priority when in a battle. The D30 armor is the most impact-resistant material available on the market. It quickly absorbs the shock by spreading the impact across the entire material. The flexibility allows it to easily form around critical parts of the body. Law enforcement, military and sports players have highly depended on this material for protection. Although it may not deflect bullets, it can help during a rumble.

BodyGuard Stun Glove

BodyGuard Stun Glove

Since Batman doesn’t really like to kill people, a gun is inappropriate. To replace a gun, the BodyGuard stun glove is the best alternative. The device comes with an LED flash light, stun prongs, and HD camera and a laser guide. There is also enough room on the forearm section of the gadget to place radio communicators, navigation devices and other types of useful gadgets to help stun the enemy.

Returning Batarang

Returning Batarang

Victor Poulin has constructed a Batarang that actually returns to you when thrown. Although it will likely not return when you hit an opponent, it will when you miss. The concept behind this is when you hit a baddie, you should be able to retrieve the gadget because you knocked him out with the blow. The size makes it difficult to conceal on your utility belt but is excellent in one of your vehicles.




The StickNFind Bluetooth sticker can track perpetrators up to 10 feet away and provides their last known location once out of range. You even have the ability to set an alert on your cell phone when the sticker is back in range. An underground hideout will not aid your foes with this marvel of modern technology.

Grapple Gun


As a long-time staple for Batman, the grapple gun will help you get into an enemy hideout, i.e. your treehouse, or get away quickly. In all versions of Batman, the grapple gun is small enough to be transported around in his utility belt. In real life, this is not feasible and must be significantly larger. The Grapple Gun is an excellent component to keep in your Batmobile. With this gun, you can actually easily scale tall buildings. If some punk thinks he can break into the roof of a build, he has another thing coming.

GoMotion Waist Light

GoMotion Waist Light

There are multiple situations where the real Dark Knight needs a light and to be hands-free. For instance, when dismantling a bomb in a dark forest or tunnel, this light is the solution. The 100 lumen bulb delivers three intensity levels as well as an adjustable beam angle. There are also multiple holsters that include a hydration pack in the instance that you become thirsty.

Pocket Grappling Hook

Pocket Grappling Hook

If the grapple gun is too heavy to lug around down, the Pocket Grappling Hook will help you scale tall buildings and even fits in your utility belt. When used with the proper cable, the cook can support 350-pounds. Although you may not officially be able to use it on tall buildings, it is ideal for scaling houses and other smaller structures. The compact size of the gadget makes it simple to conceal within your belt, amongst the other gadgets.

The most difficult part is concealing the necessary amount of wire to attach to the hook. Using a little creativity will help you solve the problem. Do not go around your neighborhood attempting to scale homes or else you will be arrested.

Bluetooth Headset


The Bluetooth Headset allows you to communicate with your home base, i.e. your mother, when she calls telling you that dinner is ready. There have been numerous times in the 75 years of Batman where Alfred has called during critical scenes to provide vital information that helped him during battle. Of course during such a struggle, you cannot whip out your cell phone to take a call. Therefore, the hidden Bluetooth headset is ideal in such a situation.




Although the Hoverbike is still in the prototype stage, it will be an excellent option once commercialized. The Hoverbike gives you the ability to hover 10,000 feet above the ground so you can chase bad guys through the country or city. The vehicle boasts an 1170cc motor that will give you all the powered need to have the upper hand during the chase. Batman has a number of vehicles that can work seamlessly across land and water, similar to the Hoverbike. Of course, once available, this device will be rather expensive.



Having a reliable mode of transportation to fight crime is critical for any superhero. Of course it must be equipped with all required gadgets to get the job done. Of course a tank is out of most people’s price range so the Nissan GT-R is the closet to the Batmobile on the market. You will have 545 horsepower for high speed chases with criminals followed by a high speed chase from the police, an all-wheel drive system for excellent handling and a 6-speed transmission for control. Modern conveniences include a screen featuring key-performance information and a sleek design that allows you to add Batwings to you whip.

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