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Does Chipotle Drug Test Its Employees?


Someone once said that you should not let your past affect your future because the mistakes are not life sentences but valuable life lessons. On the other hand, it is often said that you are not free until your past does not affect your future. In this instance, if you are a habitual drug user and are still unemployed, you will constantly wonder if the drugs in your system will stand in the way of you getting your dream job. Well, in most cases, it does because not many companies want drug addicts on their payroll because of the liabilities incurred. So, if you are wondering whether Chipotle drug tests its employees, here is what we have found out in that regard.

No, Chipotle Does Not Drug Test

Going by a Reddit thread it seems that you do not have to be worried about being tested when applying to join the Chipotle workforce. As per the discussion, one person said that he goes to work high on drugs and if the management notices, it does not care as long as the drugs do not influence job performance. Others agree that Chipotle does not conduct drug tests, but another added that even if he smoked during lunch breaks, he was careful not to give management a reason to be suspicious. There is, however, one disclaimer that a Reddit user publicized. The eatery will not drug test unless you get hurt on the job and need workers’ compensation. Others added that the company does not conduct background checks. We cannot go by what other people have experienced since a company’s policies change frequently. Therefore, the Chipotle website gave us a clue about their drug testing policy. According to the website, the company has rules regarding the collection of personal information during the recruitment process. It goes ahead to explain that once you apply for a job, Chipotle will collect personal information such as your name, work, education history, and anything else normally included in a resume. Should Chipotle offer you a job, they will conduct background checks and gather any other additional information on criminal history, as far as the applicable law permits. Since it does not mention anything concerning pre-employment drug testing, it is safe to include that it does not conduct it. However, if you have a criminal past, you should be prepared for a thorough criminal background check.

How Does Testing Positive Drugs Affect Workers’ Compensation?

As one person disclosed, Chipotle usually conducts a drug test if you claim workers’ compensation. Most employers are not willing to pay the benefits and will find something to disqualify the workers from claiming benefits. Therefore, the moment you claim your workers' compensation, Chipotle will want to ensure that the injury caused was due to your carelessness arising from drug use. According to DAM firm, testing positive does not automatically bar you from claiming your benefits. For you to be disqualified from claiming the compensation, Chipotle would have to prove that you were under the influence when the accident occurred, and the drugs were the primary cause of the accident. Therefore, if you test positive for painkillers or other prescribed medicine and you had adhered to the prescribed dosage, you can still collect your benefits. Still, the entire process has to be strictly according to set guidelines. Otherwise, even if an employee’s injuries were due to drug use, the positive results are ruled invalid in a compensation claim. The reluctance to award workers their compensation after testing positive for drugs is because drugs have been discovered to impair judgment, focus, and decrease awareness. Workers who willingly expose themselves to drugs and work in a dangerous environment are deemed negligent. If Chipotle can prove that you were high during an accident, you will be liable for your injuries. However, it must conduct the drug tests within the required window. For alcohol, the test must be administered within 8 hours after the accident, while other drug tests should be conducted within 32 hours. Once time lapses, an employer should not subject an employee to any drug test to prove that the accident was due to drug abuse. Even if the test is conducted within the set time frame, it is important to note that workers’ compensation does not pay post-accident drug tests. It only covers medical treatment resulting from a workplace injury.

What Employers Need to Know about Prescription Drug Addiction

Companies like Chipotle and Starbucks that do not bother conducting random drug tests risk exposing their employees to opioid painkiller addiction. Without drug tests to know who can cause accidents, the chances of workplace injuries are high. The worst thing is that even innocent workers can be affected. If it happens, such workers will have to go home to treat their injuries and sometimes are prescribed opioid painkillers. Unfortunately, as SFM published, such painkillers have a major impact on workers’ recovery and the duration taken to return to work. As per the article, studies have shown that injured workers who take high doses of opioid painkillers take more time recovering from their injuries than those who use lower dosages of regular painkillers. It makes more sense for an organization that is not keen on paying workers' compensation to be more vigilant about drug use in the workplace because the claims for workers on opioid painkillers are significantly higher. The employees who are happy that the company does not conduct drug tests then end up being prescribed opioid painkillers realize that it is not worth it. Besides being careless and risking the lives of others, they also are on the losing end when they take a long time to recover thus cannot work. Additionally, should the employees become addicted to opioids, they begin a downward spiral because most companies do not hire drug addicts.

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