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20 Things You Didn't Know About ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is a cloud software platform that provides businesses with a suite of products and automated technologies. The company is one of the fastest-growing of its kind and is making headlines in the business world. There is a lot to know about this business whether you're an investor looking for up-and-coming startups, or if you're a company that could use help with streamlining your business processes. Here are 20 things you didn't know about ActiveCampaign you might find useful.

1. ActiveCampaign helps companies grow their businesses

According to Wikipedia, ActiveCampaign is an automation platform that assists its clients by providing software solutions that automate campaigns for email marketing and other types of promotion. Sales are also automated, along with other services that are geared toward customer satisfaction. The key technology that benefits businesses is the automation of tasks that were previously completed by staff members. This helps to streamline the entire operations of clients, increasing their bottom lines.

2. Active Campaign is cloud-based

Many businesses are engaging in a practice called cloud-first technology. ActiveCampaign caters to companies in all categories by producing a cloud software program that offers its cloud-based program for those who are migrating to an eventual cloud-only status for their software needs.

3. ActiveCampaign has evolved in its technology

Since the launch of its software products, ActiveCampaign has shown a commitment to evolve with the changing needs of businesses in the technological realm. It began as an on-premises software company. As the cloud-first trend began to emerge, ActiveCampaign made the transition to a cloud-based technology platform which makes it a software-as-a-service business with its sole focus on automation for marketing and sales. It's adaptive and keeps up with the current trends and demands of its clients.

4. ActiveCampaign was founded in 2003

The company has been in business for more than 17 years. It was founded by Jason VandeBoom in 2003. When the company first opened its doors for business in its hometown of Chicago, Illinois, it served as a consulting firm. The next phase of development added on-premises sales and marketing automated software solutions. More features were added to the technology products as time went by. It's come a long way, moving from consultation only to the categories of email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM.

5. ActiveCampaign is an international company

The business is an American company that serves an international community. It is still headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, but it has expanded to include other cities in the US. They also expanded to include international branches. ActiveCampaign has offices in Dublin, Ireland, and Sydney, Australia. The software is used to connect people from all over the world. The platform features also include live chat messaging in a platform that is called Conversations.

6. ActiveCampaign integrates more than 300 applications

One of the benefits that draw customers to ActiveCampaign's platform is its versatility for use with other platforms. It is useful for email marketing, lead scoring, web analytics, and CRM. It adds extra value by offering automation for customer support with integration compatibility for more than 300 different applications. For example, it is compatible with WooCommerce, Facebook, Gmail, PayPal, Shopify, Salesforce, Stripe, WordPress, and hundreds of others. It's a solution that small to medium-sized businesses find to be an affordable way to automate many of their operations. It's practically an all-in-one platform for solving common issues in managing marketing, sales, and customer service, with added features that include analytics. This useful tool helps business owners to monitor the success of their marketing strategies.

7. ActiveCampaign is a large employer getting ready for more growth

According to LinkedIn, there are currently 843 people in the ActiveCampaign workforce. It appears that the company is getting ready for another growth spurt. There are currently 120 new positions listed on their available jobs bulletin. This will take the company close to the 1,000 employee mark. Most of the open positions are available for those who are living in the Chicago, Illinois area, with others listed for Dublin, Ireland, and Sydney Australia. This is a sure sign that CampaignActive is getting ready for another period of growth and expansion.

8. ActiveCampaign is led by a 17-member team of executives

According to Crunchbase, There are 17 people on the executive team of ActiveCampaign. The team is comprised of Jason VandeBoom, the founder and chief executive officer, Milos Srdjevic, as COO, Shaw Howe, the vice president of platform strategy, Matt Thommes, software developer, Jason Miller as senior director, brand marketing, Dathan Brown, sales manager, Dutta Stadip, chief customs officer, and Adam Johnson, senior vice president of sales.

9. The board of directors is made up of one person

Remarkably, ActiveCampaign only has one board member. His name is Todd MacLean. Todd is a co-founder and managing partner of Silversmith Capital Partners. He acts in an advisory capacity for ActiveCampign since 2016. He has founded one organization and he currently acts in board or advisory roles for 7 different companies. Mr. MacLean brings a great deal of business experience to the job and his advisement is in high demand.

10. ActiveCampaign uses 57 technologies

This company depends upon 57 tech different technologies that are distributed throughout 60 technology products to operate its website and its platform. Although the tech that is running in the background is complicated, the user experiences are easy to operate and run seamlessly. Some of the products and technologies used by ActiveCampaign include HTML5, jQuery, Google Analytics, Google Font, API, WordPress, and LetsEncrypt, to name just a few. This kind of technology is expensive to operate, and it contributes to the high overhead costs of keeping the business running.

11. ActiveCampaign is a venture-backed business

So far, ActiveCampaign has participated in 3 rounds of venture capital funding. The first was a round of Series A funding that closed on October 11, 2016, raising $20 million. A Series B round closed on January 28, 2020, raising an additional $100 million. A round of Series C funding closed on April 21, 2021, bringing in another $240 million. Active Campaign has raised a total of $360 in venture capital funding for its operations and expansion.

12. ActiveCampaign has four investors

Although the number of investors for ActiveCampaign is just four, confidence in the company is high. The proof of the backers' belief in its ability to grow and succeed is in the $360 million they invested in the business together. Investors include Dragoneer Investment Group, Susquehanna Growth Equity, Silversmith Partners, and Tiger Global Management. Each of ActiveCampaign's investors also serves as lead investors.

13. ActiveCampaign is a privately held company

The founder and owner of ActiveCampaign have chosen to retain control of his business. So far, there has been no discussion or mention of the possibility of taking the company public. You won't find ActiveCampaign listed on the stock exchange because it isn't listed. Generally, the reason for going public and filing for an initial public offering is to raise funds to grow the company larger. ActiveCampaign has had ample financial backing from venture capital sources, hence, no need to take the alternate round of fundraising.

14. ActiveCampaign supports multiple languages

According to G2's reviews, ActiveCampaign has a goal of serving clients throughout the globe. The platform has been developed to support a variety of different languages. Those supported by the platform include German, English, French, Danish, Finnish, Indonesian Italian, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese so far.

15. ActiveCampaign has grown its customer base

ActiveCampaign targets small to medium-sized businesses in its marketing strategy. The current statistics show that the platform is at work helping more than 130,000 small to medium-sized businesses throughout the world. It is being used in 170 different countries throughout the planet to help companies engage in meaningful ways with their customers. It is becoming a trusted resource by its customers for making businesses run in a more streamlined manner, cutting down the need for these smaller businesses to hire staff to perform manual functions that can be done much more affordably by the automated systems that ActiveCampaign provides.

16. ActiveCampaign is customizable

The ActiveCampaign platform is suitable for use in businesses of all sizes. It offers more than 500 pre-built automation so businesses can pick and choose which ones are the most suitable for their operations. More than three-quarters of ActiveCampaign's customers use its more than 850 possible integrations with other platforms to enhance their marketing strategies. The platform may be tailored by each customer to personalize marketing towards groups or individuals through email, messaging, chat and text media.

17. Reviews are positive for ActiveCampaign's platform

A large part of the overwhelming success for ActiveCampaign has been because of the satisfaction levels of its customers. While there are very few businesses that achieve perfect marks ActiveCampaing has come close. More than 7,000 customers offered their opinions on the quality of the platform. Of these respondents, they rendered a points rating from one to 5 with 5 being perfect and 1 being the worst rating. Twenty-five reviewers gave ActiveCampaign a 1-star rating, 26, gave it a 2, 112 gave it 3 stars and the rest were remarkably satisfied. ActiveCampaign received 1,377 4-star ratings and an amazing 5,769 5 star ratings. This is evidence that the majority of users find the software to be helpful, easy to use, and a good value for its cost.

18. ActiveCampaign is affordable and scalable to the company size

We were impressed with the cost of the packages offered by ActiveCampaign. The most affordable option is called the Lite package. It starts at just $9 per month, paid yearly. It's for companies that are looking for basic features to get started. The package includes unlimited sending with email marketing, sending newsletters, subscription forms, chat, and email support, space for up to 3 users in the company, and marketing information. Businesses may upgrade to premium packages as needed with the Plus plan at $49 monthly offering everything from Lite, CRM with sales automation, landing pages, Facebook custom audiences, lead and contact scoring, integrations, SMS marketing, dynamic content, customer user permissions for up to 25 users.

The next tier is the Professional plan. This package is $129 per month paid annually. It's for medium to larger businesses offering everything from Plus, with added features. It comes with predictive sending with machine learning, predictive content with machine learning, customer attribution and path to purchase, conversion attribution reporting, split automation, site messaging, in-depth onboarding consultation, automation strategy consultation, 3 one-on-one training sessions per month, and can be used by up to 50 of the company's users. The Enterprise package costs $229 per month paid annually. It's intended for companies that need priority support. It offers everything from the Professional package with the addition of custom reporting that is in its Beta stage, custom mail server domain, a custom domain, dedicated account representative, free design services, free social data, phone support, uptime SLA and it's designed for an unlimited number of users in the company.

19. Demonstrations are available

Another benefit that customers like is that Demos are provided by ActiveCampaing for companies that are still making up their minds. These are free and available upon request. ActiveCampaign allows these businesses to get a preview of the platform to assess its usefulness in their operations.

20. ActiveCampaign is a unicorn company

According to Techcrunch, ActiveCampaign has reached unicorn status in its valuation. It has reached the valuation mark of at least $1 billion to qualify. Techcrunch reports that the current valuation of the company is now at $3 billion. It's a rapidly expanding company that serves businesses from around the world with an affordable platform that helps them in turn to grow and prosper. It's a company to keep your eye on.

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