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20 Things You Didn't Know about Zapp

Delivery Services

The recent COVID-19 pandemic created an intense need for delivery services. As people were encouraged to stay in their homes and quarantined, millions were without the necessities of life with no way to venture out to make their purchases. The rising demand for delivery services encouraged entrepreneurs to enter into this area of business. Zapp lets you order convenience items via our app for delivery in minutes, 24/7. Zapp's sweet spot is spontaneity and urgent need use cases, including last-minute snacks, drinks, essential groceries, personal health and hygiene goods, over-the-counter medicines, and everyday household products. If you're not yet familiar with this new company, here are twenty things you probably didn't know about Zapp

1. Zapp is a British company

Crunchbase explains that Zapp is a delivery service launched in London, United Kingdom. Zapp is also known as Quick Commerce. The legal name of the company is QuickCommerce Ltd. If you're researching this business, all three of the names apply to the same entity.

2. Zapp is a brand new company

Zapp was founded in 2020 by Joe Falter and Navid Hadzaad. The organization has only been in business for a little over a year. It is still in its infancy stage of development, however, it has thrived in the current economic environment, and has grown and expanded remarkably fast. The company has attracted the attention of a large consumer base and it continues to grow.

3. Zapp is a versatile company

Zapp is a versatile accompany that is listed across five segments of business on the internet. Zapp lets you order convenience items via its app for delivery in minutes, 24/7. Zapp's sweet spot is spontaneity and urgent need use cases, including last-minute snacks, drinks, essential groceries, personal health and hygiene goods, over-the-counter medicines, and everyday household products.

4. The Zapp website is simple yet effective

Zapp hasn't spent a lot on the technology to power its website. When compared with some other companies, the technology account is low. While some websites require dozens of technology products and services, Zapp is getting by with just twelve. Some of the technology products and services used to power the website include SPF, iPhone Mobile Compatible, Viewport Meta, and others. The website operates smoothly and efficiently and we applaud them for keeping the costs down while delivering exceptional services.

5. Zapp's website monthly visits growth is down

The analytics for the Zapp website show that the monthly visits to the website have declined by 27.2 percent over the past thirty days. The company is still doing well with an average of 11,672 monthly visits per month. It is ranked as the 1,140,408th website of the millions of sites registered on the world wide web. For a company that is just over a year old, Zapp is doing well.

6. Zapp is the most popular in the United Kingdome

Most of the web traffic to Zapp comes from people living in the United Kingdom. Eighty percent of the visitors are from this country. Statistics show that the website is gaining popularity from people in the countries. Six percent are from The Netherlands. Four percent of the web traffic is from the Philippines with a monthly visits growth rate of 39.13 percent. Four percent of visitors are from Kenya, and two percent are from Canada. The data represented here is useful for decision-makers at the company. It shows where the greatest interest in the services is. The information also shows where more work is needed in terms of marketing.

7. Zapp has a five-member executive leadership team

The executive leadership team at Zapp has five members. Although it's a small team, they're off to a good start and are building a track record of success. Nick Darken is the vice president and creative director. Navid Hadzaad Javaherian is a co-founder. Joe falter is a co-founder. Michael Heid is the chief technology officer. Ngo Chu is the chief financial officer.

8. Zapp is a venture capital-backed organization

Zapp recently announced that it has raised $200 million in Series B funding to continue its mission to build the on-demand supply chain of the future. The new funding takes the total raised by Zapp to $300 million since being founded in summer 2020.

9. Zapp has high investor confidence

We find it remarkable that Zapp has attracted the interest and support of eleven investors in less than a year of its founding. While most companies struggle to find the capital necessary to get established, Zapp has seemed to have no problem finding investors. The most recent investors to join in the fundraising efforts are Vorwerk Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners. Other investors include Burda Principal Investments, Atomico, BroadLight Capital, a lead investor, 468 Capital, also a lead investor, Lewis Hamilton, and Stefan Smalla.

10. Zapp has stiff competition

According to Techcrunch, Zapp is a new company that came into the instant delivery game a little late, but not too late. Other companies already established when the pandemic hit already had their share of the market pie. Zapp is going up against companies such as Deliveroo, Jiffy, GoPuff, Getir, and dozens of others, offering the same or similar services. When they came into the game, getting orders wasn't the hard part. It was easy because of the high demand for services. There were not enough delivery services to meet the needs of the consumers. Now that people are more mobile and active socially, the demand for services is going down. Only the best and most notable service providers will continue to thrive in the current environment. Zapp is up against a horde of delivery services.

11. Zapp has expanded its operations

Zapp started its delivery services in London in 2020. The business has expanded its operations to offer its presence in more mega-cities throughout England. Zapp now provides delivery services in Bristol, Cambridge, and Manchester. In addition, it has expanded services to include Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The growth is impressive for the short time the company has been around. Zapp also just started a new service in Paris, France.

12. Zapp has attracted a celebrity investor

Zapp's delivery service is an attractive investment opportunity for large VC companies and private investors. We learned that one of the early investors in the company is Sir Lewis Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton is a Formula One champion who earned his reputation and wealth as a racecar driver. He supports the company. He knows the value of speed. It offers a solid form of support and a bit of press for the service. Celebrity investors also serve as influencers who can bring in more business from their fanbase.

13. Zapp is a privately owned enterprise

Zapp has not been in business for long, and it is taking the approach that most young companies do. It's retaining its status as a privately owned business. The founders decided not to file for an initial public offering at this time. We've not seen any press releases indicating that it's a consideration shortly either. This is why you'll not be able to find shares of Zapp stock available on any of the public stock exchanges. The company is doing well enough with its private investors tending to the financial needs for growth and expansion.

14. Zapp plays its cards close to the vest

The leadership at Zapp is careful about the kind of information that it releases about the company and its financial status. They've declined to comment on the valuation of the business. Nor do they discuss the number of customers they currently serve, nor how many orders the delivery service has processed since its launch date. They're not getting hung up on the number. There is no need to talk about it just yet. We assume that Zapp will report on statistics when the time is right, and they have something they want to share, we'll hear about it. Until then, the focus is on reaching established goals for the organization and moving forward in its growth.

15. Zapp has a defined business strategy

We learned that Zapp established a formula for success in the on-demand delivery industry. They've set up a series of smaller dark stores that they call Zappstores. These stores have a strategic placement. All have access to an immense distribution center to fulfill customer orders. They're set in place to stay in the game for the long haul, and maintain a strong focus on customer service, to retain their current customers while adding more.

16. Zapp offers customers a variety

Zapp delivers a blend of products that give customers a wide variety of choices for most products. They've analyzed the most popular products for consumers in the area to stock the distribution centers for easy access and get them out quickly. For example, Zapp customers can choose from 21 tequila brands, 50 types of ice cream, and multiple other grocery products of their choosing. It's an attractive proposition for people who are either too busy to take the time for shopping or those with mobility issues or other constraints. One of the best advantages of Zapp is that it provides consumers with instant delivery services. They get their orders fast.

17. Zapp only offers a one time discount

Zapp has distinguished itself from its competitors by giving a one-time discount of 50% for the first order. Beyond that, it does not muddy the waters nor goes after the competition by weekly shopping discounts. Most of the others do, but instead of taking the time to orchestrate discount programs, Zapp focuses on creating an exceptional customer experience with every delivery. They put the time into producing the most wanted products, having them on the shelves, and filling the orders with lightning speed. Their goals are to deliver better products, get them to their destinations on time, and offer reliability. These are the actions needed to build customer loyalty for repeat business. A company that does things the right way doesn't need gimmicks.

18. Zapp is currently hiring

Zapp has listed 98 new job openings on its LinkedIn webpage. The company is poised to increase the size of its 554 member workforce by more than twenty percent. Most of the openings are throughout London, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam. They're gearing up for a massive expansion as there are jobs listed for everything from Warehouse Design Managers to Software Engineers and Last Mile Technology professionals. It is an exciting time for Zapp as it's moving forward into a new phase of growth and development.

19. Zapp is a GameChanger

Zapp's services are welcome at a time when the need is great. Consumers have become accustomed to the convenience of Zapp's delivery services. Many customers have come to depend on it as a modern convenience, even when they could do the shopping themselves. Zapp entered the delivery services scene at the right time. The organization has firmly established itself as a reputable and dependable company. It's amassed a client base that continues to grow.

20. Zapp is a company to keep your eye on

We don't know much about the current financial status of Zapp. It's because the leadership is keeping that information private for now. We don't know if it has reached the stage of profitability yet, but it is doing a lot of business. What we do know is that investors are encouraged. They're funneling hundreds of millions of dollars into a new startup. It's only been operating for a little over a year. Zapp is a company that bears watching as it continues to grow exponentially. It's successful amidst stiff competition. It has solid financial backing and appears to be thriving and growing. This startup could be one of the next giants in the instant delivery service industry, but only time will tell.

Allen Lee

Written by Allen Lee

Allen Lee is a Toronto-based freelance writer who studied business in school but has since turned to other pursuits. He spends more time than is perhaps wise with his eyes fixed on a screen either reading history books, keeping up with international news, or playing the latest releases on the Steam platform, which serve as the subject matter for much of his writing output. Currently, Lee is practicing the smidgen of Chinese that he picked up while visiting the Chinese mainland in hopes of someday being able to read certain historical texts in their original language.

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