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The 20 Biggest Landscaping Companies in the U.S. in 2022


Did you know that the best way to improve the curb appeal and perceived value of your residential or commercial property is by having professional landscapers design your outdoor environment? Well, it's true. In fact, landscaping is an industry that shows no real sign of ever slowing down. According to Turf Magazine, it's estimated that a well thought out, professional landscaping job can increase the value of your property up to 15 percent. For residential property owners, your home will gain instant appeal where it once had none. For commercial clients, the state of your outside environment is often the first impression others receive of you. So, for those of you considering upgrading your property, we've collected 20 of the biggest landscaping companies in the U.S. for your consideration.

The 20 Biggest Landscaping Companies in the U.S.

As previously stated, a beautiful outdoor environment adds value to your property as well as presents a proper first impression. Wielding vegetation into an artful outside environment isn't for everyone. It's because of this that residents and businesses hire professional landscapers. A good landscaping company offers competitive pricing, flexible scheduling practices, has excellent customer reviews and of course, a stunning portfolio.

20. Mariani Landscape: $95,500,000

Mariani Landscaping's mission statement is "to create and maintain unique, quality environments for the benefit of our clients and community." Stationed in Lake Bluff, Illinois, Mariani Landscaping handles both residential and commercial landscaping tasks. Their landscape architects are responsible for creating some of the most beautiful outdoor environments, while their craftsmen and gardeners work to maintain these environments. To get a gist of the quality of work they provide their clients, all one needs do is study their online portfolio. Here, you'll see projects ranging from an urban terrace to a renaissance revival garden.

19. Loving: $119,329,170

Loving Landscaping provides both residential and commercial services. Their areas of expertise include general landscaping services, outdoor living environments and farming solutions. As more and more home buyers are seeing their outdoor spaces as living spaces, Loving has take up the cause to partner with new home builders such as Pulte Homes, Lennar and DR Horton home builders. When it comes to farming, Loving produces some of the highest quality sod around.

18. Landscape Development Inc.: $124,750,000

Landscape Development Inc. comes to you with over 40 years of experience under their belt. As such, they are quite capable of handling everything from industrial landscapes, developments and environmental restorations to design builds and recreation areas. They also hire certified tree specialists, estate and water management experts. If that's not all, they also offer earth services. By earth services we mean dealing with shore erosion, create wave barrier systems and slope protection. Landscape Development is also responsible for constructing solar farms, waterfront protection and restoration.

17. Juniper: $138,000,000

With over 5000 satisfied customers, 9 Florida locations and over 1000 employees, you know that Juniper Landscaping is doing something right. Juniper offers clients the best in landscaping, irrigation, pest control and fertilization services. Their portfolio includes the World Equestrian Center, University Village, Boathouse 31, Corkscrew Shores and more. Their teams of professional technicians are just at home performing renovations as they are performing relocations. Whether you're thinking of adding a new system of garden lighting or need a time-tested company to deal with drainage issues, Juniper is one landscaper you can count on.

16. Divisions Maintenance Group: $169,985,250

Divisions Maintenance Group knows that a beautifully manicured landscape can add value to your property. That's why having your property maintained on a regular basis is so important. There's no "one-size-fits-all" solution at DMG. In fact, DMG personalizes each and every project to insure that it's just what the customer ordered. As such, there are no two landscape plans alike. DMG offers both lawn care and grounds keeping services such as lawn mowing, water management, general lawn care, tree trimming and snow/ice management. All work is performed by trained, expert professionals.

15. Lawn Doctor: $172,020,000

Founded in the 1960s by Bob Magda and Tony Giordana, Lawn Doctor quickly began to move on up in the landscaping business with over 450 locations nationwide. Today, they offer lawn care, including yard and lawn pest control services. They also have yearly programs available for clients which include fertilization and weed plans, mosquito control plans and tick control plans. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak, and they hold an average Google consumer rating of 4.7 out of 5.0.

14. Park West: $175,000,000

Stationed in California, Park West Landscaping company offers landscape construction, management and arbor care services. A big part of that is water management. Water management can be quite expensive, so it's wise to keep up with the system. As such, Park West has trained professionals who manage, design and build irrigation projects. This includes systems that recycle water. So, as you can see it's just not about beautification with Park West, but assisting you in creating a workable, management team, so you can take care of business while they do the rest. Notable projects Park West have been involved in include the Santa Clara Square, the Great Park, and Rady Shell.

13. U.S. Lawns: $195,600,000

If you're in need of a professional landscaper that specializes in commercial landscaping, then U.S Lawns might have what you're looking for. As of today, U.S. Lawns has over 250 offices across the country, staffed with expert landscapers. As a full-service commercial landscaper, U.S. Lawns offers landscape maintenance, improvements, lawn care, soft and hardscaping as well as irrigation and snow/ice management. But wait, there's more. They also specialize in tree services as well as provide storm response for clients.

12. LandCare: $246,000,000

With over 4,000 employees serving over 20 states, LandCare landscaping services has established itself as a top contender in the landscaping industry. CEO Mike Bogan believes that it's crucial for a landscaping company to establish a connection between people and the outside environment, and that's just where they excel. LandCare centers on the commercial side of landscaping and landscape management. They also provide clients with irrigation and water management as well as snow and ice management. Clients include the Hughes Center, Las -Vegas, Nevada, and Valley Ranch, Irving, Texas.

11. Ruppert Landscape: $249,000,000

Ruppert Landscaping excels when it comes to landscape construction and management. Headquartered in Latonsville, Maryland, Ruppert's projects have included the EXO Apartments, Scissortail Park, United Therapeutics Unisphere, and the Arboretum in Richmond, Virginia. In fact, Ruppert's Landscaping won the National Association of Landscape Professionals and Landscape Contractors Association awards for the Virginia Arboretum. Finally, Ruppert Landscaping has teamed with their sister company, Ruppert Nurseries to grow trees on 800 acres of land.

10. Gothic Landscape: $259,000,000

Gothic Landscaping lays claim to being the country's largest, commercial family owned landscaping business, which is impressive considering that they currently service only 3 states: California, Nevada and Arizona. Gothic has been in business for over 38 years, a testament to its belief in trust and integrity. Services offered include: Landscape management, landscape construction, sustainable environments, and environmental restoration. Recent projects are the Corporate Campus in Menlo Park, Sun City Alicante, North as Vegas and 17 West The Gallery in Costa Mesa.

9. Weed Man: $259,562,911

Weed Man is a successful lawn care company with over 250 locations nationwide. For well over 50 years, Weed Man has helped their clients craft livable outdoor spaces. Services include fertilization, weed control, pest management, aeration, seeding, mosquito control and much more. In fact, no matter what your lawn care concerns, you know that Weed Man will do what it takes to correct them for you. All of their technicians have been professionally trained and all branches are locally owned and operated.

8. Sperber Landscape Company: $268,800,000

Since 1949 Sperber landscaping have been helping to beautify America. Founder and CEO, Richard Sperber believes that "landscaping has the power to change people's lives". Sperber landscaping companies have re-imagined and built hundreds of commercial properties over the years. Examples of their stellar workmanship include the Sheraton Kauai Resort, Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Marquette University, KuKui Grove and many, many more. No project is beyond their scope. From military housing, office complexes, religious properties, retail, and so on. Whatever the job, Sperber is willing to take on the challenge.

7. SavATree: $295,000,000

Coming in at number 7 on our list of the biggest landscaping companies in the U.S. is SavATree. SavATree services both residential and commercial customers by performing a variety of services. SavATree bases their tree care processes on the latest scientific research. Additionally, there is no general plan that fits all customers. This means that their experts look at each clients needs as an individual, so each client receives personalized landscaping attention. SavATree is accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and their arborist are certified by the ISA.

6. HeartLand: $388,000,000

Heartland is a commercial landscaping company with headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. Commercial services include turf maintenance, mulch and weed control, shrub, tree and ground cover maintenance and irrigation maintenance. Founder and CEO Edward Schatz, Jr. state his company's mission, "We believe in cultivating people who are dedicated to providing honest and exceptional service." However, he believes that outside of landscaping, HeartLand's purpose is to be devoted to their clients, employees and companies in such a way as to help them develop in a positive manner.

5. Bartlett Tree Experts: $397,000,000

Bartlett Tree Experts offers both residential and commercial landscaping services. Founded by Francis A. Bartlett in 1907, Bartlett Tree Experts has risen to a point of prominence in the landscaping world. Today, Bartlett is a global company with well over 100 landscaping offices world-wide. Their main concern is the welfare of their clients trees. As such, they provide storm damage assistance, pruning, cabling and bracing, soil care, and pest control. They are also involved in environmental causes and helped to distribute over 30,000 trees this past Arbor Day. However, heir website at also hosts a myriad of educational resources for public consumption including a resource library, pest resources, tree/shrub disease reports and information on tree species.

4. Yellowstone Landscaping: $356,800,000

Yellowstone is a commercial landscaping company. Yellowstone employs over 3500 landscaping experts, and has been the recipient of over 30 National Landscape awards. Daniel Wagner, president of the Weston Hills Country Club/Condo Association says this of Yellowstone, "We must say that the way Yellowstone conducts their business is brilliant and praiseworthy, the most important is the true partnership that Yellowstone creates with their customers." Based in Bunnell, Florida, Yellowstone performs landscape maintenance, installation, enhancements, tree care, water management, sports field maintenance and snow/ice removal.

3. The Davey Tree Expert Company: $1,379,000,000

Headquartered in Kent, Ohio, the Davey Tree Expert Company, or simply Davy Tree, is an employee owned business that excels in arboriculture, horticulture, and general landscaping services. They employ over 11,000 people and are considered the biggest tree care company in the United States. They enjoy a rich history in landscaping having founded the Davey Institute of Tree Surgery way back in 1908. However, at the time of this writing, Davy Tree is extending its educational services by constructing a new educational center in Kent, Ohio.

2. TruGreen: $1,275,000,000

TruGreen is America's second biggest landscaping company. They perform both commercial and residential landscaping projects. TruGreen offers a variety of affordable plans to their clients which include the TruComplete Lawn Plan, TruHealth Lawn Plan, TruSignature and TruMaintenance. However, hey also teamed up with First Tee. First Tee provides scholarships for students studying plant science.

1. Brightview Landscaping: $2,400,000,000

Founded in 2014 by Chad Smith, Brightview Landscaping comes in at number one on our list of the biggest landscaping companies of 2022. At the time of this writing, they accrued over $2.4 billion in sales and employ over 20,000 people.. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, this landscaping giant made its mark by handling everything from landscaping management, design, maintenance, construction, and more. However, never one to turn down a job, they've landscaped corporate offices, hotels, retail centers, and sporting facilities, etc.

Final Thoughts

Today, more and more people are realizing the true value of their outdoor spaces. Furthermore, no longer are people merely using their yards for a place to send the dog. Instead, they are seeing yards as extended living spaces. Property owners are booking landscaping companies to perform hardscaping tasks such as building outdoor cooking areas, theater spaces and general entertainment environments. In short, the creativity involved in creating your own, personal outdoor space is endless, limited only by your imagination and your landscapers abilities.

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