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20 Things You Didn't Know about Arctic Wolf


What do you know about cybersecurity firm Arctic Wolf Networks? The Eden Prairie, MN based company that was founded and is still headed by Brian NeSmith has been in operation since 2012. Most people know that they provide cybersecurity options for both small and mid-range businesses. However, that’s usually where the knowledge stops. What else is there to know about them? If you’re the curious type, here are 20 things you might never have otherwise known about the dynamic cybersecurity firm Arctic Wolf.

1. It starts with detection

Effective cybersecurity isn’t possible unless there is comprehensive detection in place. This is one reason that Arctic Wolf Networks has managed to stay above the competition. They work tirelessly to detect new cybersecurity threats as well as existing ones (x). They aren't always lagging a step behind. Instead, they manage to stay ahead of the game by analyzing new cybersecurity threats that are arising and then finding effective solutions to combat them before they become a problem. This sets them apart from their competition because they are not constantly playing catch-up in an attempt to mitigate damage that has already been done.

2. But they don’t stop there

Another thing that makes this company so successful is the fact that they don't merely monitor companies for cyber security threats. They actually respond to them, working proactively to keep critical information safe and out of the hands of hackers. There is a big difference between a monitoring service and one that actually takes measures to combat a cybersecurity threat. One merely alerts you to the fact that a problem exists and then leaves you to handle the rest on your own. Arctic Wolf, on the other hand, does all of that for you so you're not left to fend for yourself.

3. They have a three-fold approach

It's true, the company monitors and reacts to cybersecurity threats that are present on your desktop or laptop. However, they don't stop there. They also work tirelessly to monitor the entire network throughout any company they serve. Furthermore, they increase the level of security they provide by constantly monitoring information stored in the Cloud. In short, they make it very difficult for would-be hackers to find a way in. More importantly, they are always at the ready to combat any threats that do appear.

4. The protection they provide is second to none

Because of their three-fold approach and the fact that they work tirelessly to provide effective cybersecurity solutions as opposed to only monitoring for threats, they don't have a lot of competition. In fact, they have won numerous awards for their services, all of which will be discussed shortly.

5. They won an award for their services in 2018

They made the list as a Gartner Cool Vendor, something that very few companies ever accomplish. This goes to show exactly how far they have come in the industry. It’s even more impressive when you consider the fact that the company was founded just nine years ago, in 2012. From the time that they began operations until the time of winning this award, only six years had passed. That is a feat in and of itself, and not one that hardly any other company of this type can claim.

6. They’ve since gained even more notoriety

After their win in 2018, they also went on to be named to the prestigious Deloitte Fast 500 list, known for recognizing the companies that are growing faster than anyone else out there. They received notoriety by being named to this list not once, but twice- in both 2019 and 2020.

7. They’re growing by leaps and bounds

When it comes to rapid growth, they certainly haven’t disappointed. In fact, they even acquired their first company the same year they won the Gartner Cool Vendor award, in 2018. It was then that they purchased RootSecure, a company that had offered cybersecurity products up until that time. After their acquisition of the company, Arctic Wolf turned it into a managed security service to be offered as one of their many tiers of protection.

8. They haven’t always been headquartered in Minnesota

Up until recently, they were actually headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. It was only in October of 2020 that the company moved out of California to their new headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. This move was made after the company received an additional 60 million dollars worth of funding.

9. The company is worth more than one billion dollars

Just after the company moved to its Minnesota headquarters, they received a valuation at a whopping 1.3 billion dollars. This occurred after they received an additional 200 million dollars worth of funding. More recently, they received a new valuation, this time at 4.3 billion dollars. That’s an increase of 3 billion dollars in less than a year, nine months to be exact.

10. They employ a rather large number of people

They have also been on a rather dedicated hiring spree recently, increasing the number of people they employ from approximately 400 to somewhere in the neighborhood of 500-600. That is quite an increase in employees in a relatively short amount of time. It further demonstrates how rapidly the company is growing and how dedicated they are to providing world-class cybersecurity services.

11. They seem to have a lock on the competition

They only have approximately three competitors in their industry. They include companies like FireEye Mandiant Managed Defense, Sophos Managed Threat Response and Falcon Complete. By all accounts, they are the ones who are making waves in a big way, while relatively little is heard from their competitors.

12. They’re definitely making money

As previously mentioned, they have received numerous rounds of funding and are consistently valued at a higher rate. That means they are making money, but the surprising thing is that they are doing it so rapidly that they are essentially leaving everyone else in their wake.

13. They have two satellite locations

In addition to their headquarters in Minnesota, they also have two satellite locations. One is located in Provo, Utah and the other is in Waterloo, Canada. This gives them the opportunity to help as many clients as possible in real time.

14. They claim to provide a massive Return On Investment for their clients

The company currently claims that it can provide a 411 percent Return On Investment through its multi-tiered cybersecurity services. In fact, they go on to claim that the entire cost of their services can be completely recouped in as little as six months, just from the revenue that would have been lost to security threats had they not provided their services.

15. They can assess security risks quickly and efficiently

The company also claims that it can adequately assess the cybersecurity needs of a business in as little as five minutes. They have an entire team of people on staff whose sole job is to help potential clients. As such, they are available to answer questions and explain the way Arctic Wolf works in detail.

16. They’ll give you the straight facts (and they’re eye-opening)

According to Arctic Wolf itself, companies spend more than 120 billion dollars a year on cybersecurity monitoring from approximately 3,000 different vendors. Despite the overwhelmingly large number of vendors and the billions of dollars spent, there are still thousands of security breaches that occur every year. In fact, they claim that there were no fewer than 3,950 such breaches in 2019 alone. These numbers are staggering, to say the least. For any company doing business, the very idea of a security breach can be frightening. Even under the best of circumstances, it is a headache to deal with such things. In a worst-case scenario, it can spell doom for some small and mid-sized businesses who simply don’t have the resources to combat these types of threats. It’s even worse when a major security breach damages the public trust in a company, as they may not be able to repair their reputation before it’s too late. That is precisely why Arctic Wolf exists- they constantly monitor potential threats and then do something about it when one arises. The idea is to prevent a disaster before it even occurs.

17. They provide around-the-clock protection

Because cybersecurity threats never take time off, neither do they. They have staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Clients can always call and speak to an expert, regardless of the time of day. Effective cybersecurity requires experts in the field who have the knowledge and the expertise to handle any potential threat that comes along. They have to be able to end a threat before it even gets off the ground. As such, this type of protection requires skills and equipment that most businesses simply don’t have.

18. They’re upfront about pricing

Make no mistake about it, there is nothing cheap about having this level of protection. That said, Arctic Wolf works hard to be upfront about their pricing for all of their potential clients. Pricing is based on the size of the network that needs to be protected as well as the desired tiers of protection needed. As such, the pricing is customized to fit the needs of each client as opposed to being a blanket price that is quoted to everyone, regardless of their needs. The company is competitive when it comes to pricing. Protection at this level does come at a cost, but that cost is far less than what is typically involved with a major security breach. When it comes down to it, one could readily make the argument that clients can’t afford not to have this kind of protection.

19. They have references to back up their claims

They don’t just claim to be able to provide the best cybersecurity protection in the industry. Anyone could do that. Instead, they take things a step further and use testimonials from current clients. In short, they allow the people who are already enjoying their services to tell potential clients how effective those services truly are. For anyone who may be having doubts about whether or not to use Arctic Work for their own cybersecurity needs, these testimonials typically clench things in a matter of minutes. The company is more than willing to stand by its claims, something that relatively few companies seem to be willing to do these days.

20. They communicate effectively so you’re never left in the dark

There is nothing worse than paying for a service when you don’t know if you’re really gaining any benefit from it. When it comes to matters of cybersecurity, it’s even worse when a potential issue arises and all you hear is crickets from the company who has been tasked with providing services to your company. Rest assured, that is not how Arctic Wolf does business. They routinely stay in contact with their clients, even if the sole purpose of that communication is to check in. When a threat does present itself, they alert the affected client immediately, providing follow-ups in real time as they effectively handle the issue. The client is never left to wonder what is happening. When you consider all of these things, it is easy to see why Arctic Wolf has become such a powerhouse in the industry. Despite the fact that they have only been in business for a relatively short time, they have overcome growing pains and ever-changing cybersecurity threats to emerge as the foremost company of their type. By all accounts, it looks like they will only continue to grow, providing their services to a constantly growing list of companies.

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Written by Allen Lee

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