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20 Things You Didn't Know About Rebel Foods


Rebel Foods is a cloud kitchen restaurant chain. The Indian startup has achieved success with its online operation. The origin story and evolution of the operation is an interesting journey that shows how one idea can lead to others in the business world. If you're not yet familiar with this unique company, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Rebel Foods to bring you up to speed.

1. Rebel Food started as a physical chain of restaurants

According to Wikipedia, Rebel Foods started as a physical restaurant chain. The establishment did offer online ordering but that wasn't its main mode of operation. Within four years of its existence, the owners launched a new cloud kitchen service, and within a year of running this arm of the operation, it converted from a brick and mortar facility to a cloud kitchen-only business.

2. Rebel Foods is an established operation

Rebel Foods was established in 2011. It has been in operation for a decade as of 2021. Ever since it first opened its doors for business, Rebel Foods has gone through a series of changes and evolutions. It not only converted from brick and mortar to online-only, but the organization also started outsourcing its cloud kitchen platform as a service to other restaurant chains in 2018. Rebel Foods delivers its tech to chains that would have otherwise been its rivals had it remained a physical restaurant only. Now it profits from sharing the unique platform that is developed. It's called the Rebel Launcher Program, and it's been helpful for other restaurant chains that want to offer cloud kitchen services.

3. Rebel Foods operates a food delivery service

Rebel Foods developed a consolidated food delivery service in 2020, called EatSure. This is a service that it shares with its partner restaurant chains as well as for its brands. Rebel Foods continues to develop innovative new systems for improving the quality of cloud kitchen services to customers. This division of the company helps restaurant chains to have a dependable system of delivery intertwined with the online ordering system.

4. Rebel Foods has a habit of expanding good ideas into new services

We see a pattern in Rebel Foods that is impressive, to say the least. The company continues to build on its solid foundation for providing online food services, but it also builds new divisions into its operations that bring in large amounts of revenue. It has continued to grow and evolve, and to build its infrastructure with a myriad of services for customers and partner restaurant chains. After launching the EatSure service, it also launched yet another service that it calls EatSure Express, which operates a fleet of food trucks.

5. Rebel Foods Partnered with Wendy's

Rebel Foods has expanded its operations to include American companies. It partnered with Wendys, a fast-food restaurant chain in America, in December of 2020. Under the agreement, Rebel Foods will launch a chain of 250 cloud kitchens for Wendy's franchise in India, and it will also operate them, bringing Wendy's to the country with its online format.

6. Rebel Foods operates 11 cloud kitchen brands

Rebel Foods has grown its base operation of cloud kitchens in India. It currently operates 11 brands including Oven Story, Hahrouz, Biryani, and several others, also adding Wendy's to the list. Rebel Foods has grown to become the biggest cloud kitchen restaurant chain in the country of India. So far, it is responsible for the operation of over 320 cloud kitchens in India alone.

7. Rebel Foods is a global enterprise

Rebel Foods has expanded its reach far beyond its home country of India. The recent agreement with Wendy's is just one example of its strategic plan to be a global presence. In addition to its activity in India, adding more brands annually, its platform is now used in more than five hundred cloud kitchens in overseas markets. When you add these figures up, the global reach includes more than eight hundred cloud kitchens under its management. It is quickly approaching the one thousand benchmark, and Rebel Foods is continuing to grow and expand at a rapid pace. Soon it will have operations throughout the world.

8. Rebel Foods is a versatile enterprise

According to Crunchbase, Rebel Foods is listed across four industries. It is listed as a food processing operation, as well as an e-commerce company. It is also a food delivery company that provides mobile apps to add the convenience of ordering food from smartphones. They've covered all the bases to make the food services processes fast and easy for consumers.

9. Rebel Foods operates under a different name

As with many large companies, the name that Rebel Foods commonly uses is not the legal business name. It is also known as Faasos Food Services and Faasos. The legally registered name of the company is Faasos Food Services Pvt. Ltd. If you're researching this company, you will find it listed under all of these names, but it is informally referred to as simply Rebel Foods.

10. Rebel Foods uses a complex array of technologies

The Rebel Foods website actively uses a complicated orchestration of technologies to provide a smooth and seamless experience for visitors. It uses 28 technologies which are distributed across 12 technology products and services. Some of these include iPhone Mobile Compatible, SSL by Default, Google Font API, jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, and several others

11. Rebel Foods maintains an edge over its competitors

Rebel Foods provides a unique platform that helps it to stand out from other companies that provide similar products and services. Rebel Foods has secured the registration of twelve trademarks in the services for providing food and drink: temporary accommodations category. This gives the company the sole legal right to use the intellectual properties protected under the trademarks. None of its rivals can legally copy or imitate any of the technologies or processes that are listed under this legal protection. It helps Rebel Foods to maintain an edge over the others in this niche of the food services industry.

12. Downloads of Rebel Foods is growing

The analytics reports for Rebel Foods mobile apps show that there has been an increase in the number of app downloads over the past 30 days. In the past month, there was a total of 278,250 app downloads. This number represents a monthly download growth of 26.65 percent. The most popular apps downloaded are EatSure-Order Food, Food Court, EatSure-Food Delivery, and Oven Story Pizza-Order Online. The apps are mostly downloaded through Google Play and the Itunes Connect app stores. Other popular downloads include Behrouz-The Royal Biryani, Savor-Online Food Order App, and Daily By Faasos.

13. The Rebel Foods website is also popular

In addition to frequent downloads of its apps, the Rebel Foods website is also getting a lot of attention. Over the past 30 days, the website has received a total of 27,342 visits. This number has resulted in the Rebel Foods website receiving a ranking of number 732,615 of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web.

14. Rebel Foods' website is the most popular in India

The Rebel Foods website receives the largest number of visits from people who live in the country of India. Eighty-nine percent of the web traffic comes from this country. Three percent of the web traffic is from people in Singapore with a monthly visits growth of 64.59 percent. Three percent of the web traffic is from Canada with a 51.1 percent monthly visits growth. Two percent is from Bangladesh. Two percent of the web traffic comes from Indonesia which shows a remarkably high monthly visits growth rate of 655.17 percent. This is useful information that tells the decision-makers at Rebel Foods where there is the greatest interest in the products and services offered by the company. It appears that the Indonesian market is showing a great deal of interest currently.

15. Rebel Foods has a five-member core executive leadership team

The core executive leadership team at Rebel Foods is comprised of five members. Jaydeep Barman is a co-founder and chief executive officer. Kallol Banerjee is a co-founder. Sagar Kochhar is the chief marketing officer. Soumyadeep Barman is the chief technology officer. Vamsi Krishna is the head of engineering. Although the team is small, they have ample support from a larger team of managers and administrative staff.

16. Rebel Foods has a two-member board of directors

The board of directors for Rebel Foods is comprised of two members. Rahul Kishore joined the Rebel Foods board of directors in September of 2019. He is an experienced professional with one portfolio company under his purview. He currently serves on five boards of directors in advisory roles. Galina Chifin joined the board of directors as an observer in 2015. She is a managing partner at RTP Global. Galina currently serves on four boards of directors in advisory roles. The board of directors serves the core executive leadership team by providing their insights on financial matters and strategic planning.

17. Rebel Foods is a late-stage venture capital-funded organization

Rebel Foods has participated in twenty-one rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent was a Series F round that closed on October 7, 2021. The total amount raised as of October of 2021 is $517.3 million. Rebel Foods has been successful in attracting more than twenty wealthy investors to support its growth and expansion. Investors include Coatue, Sequoia Capital India, Goldman Sachs, Qatar Investment Authority, also a lead investor, Evolvence India Fund, Alteria Capital, a lead investor, Irving Investors, Northwest Industrial Logistics, and several others.

18. Rebel Foods has also made investments

Rebel Foods has made two investments. The first investment was as a lead investor in a company called FoodBuddy on April 9, 2020. This was a corporate round of funding in which Rebel Foods invested 30 million crores. The second investment was again led by Rebel Foods on December 17, 2020, in a second corporate round with an investment of an additional 50 million crores.

19. Rebel Foods is hiring

According to its LinkedIn profile, Rebel Foods lists a workforce of 1,798 staff members on LinkedIn. The organization is currently hiring, but the number of available positions is low. There is a total of nine open positions. Most of the available jobs are for positions at its headquarters in Mumbai, India. There is also a job opening in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for a Chief Delight Officer, but the other 8 positions are to enhance the infrastructure at the company's home base.

20. Rebel Foods is a unicorn company

According to Techcrunch, Rebel Foods has achieved unicorn status. The most recent round of fundraising brought in an additional $175 million in Series F funding. This pushed the valuation of Rebel Foods to $1.4 billion. It has gone over and above the required $1 billion valuation to qualify for this elite status. Rebel Foods is a company to keep your eye on, however, you won't find any shares of stock available on any of the public stock exchanges. This is because the owners decided to keep it as a privately held organization. They have not yet filed for an IPO, and there is little reason why they should. Rebel Foods has secured strong investor support from the private sector and the company is continuing to grow, expand, and flourish under its current financial strategy. So far, the research has not turned up any indication of an IPO in the foreseeable future. Rebel Foods will likely continue as a privately owned entity. We fully expect this enterprise to become a strong presence throughout the world. It is a disruptor in the restaurant chain and online food delivery industry with involvement in all phases of the processes or many brands throughout the world.

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