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Five Companies Leading The Way in IP Analytics

Intellectual Property Analytics

While IP is the term most commonly associated with computer addresses, it also refers to Intellectual Property Analytics, a branch of technology that searches through databases throughout the world to analyze large quantities of intellectual property information. The purpose of the analytics functions is to learn more about patterns, trends, and relationships in data for decision-making. Here are five companies leading the way in IP Analytics. These companies base their operations on patent analytics to maintain good legal standing and to avoid lawsuits for violating any patent laws. It makes them more competitive and innovative in creating original goods and services.

5. Harrity Patent Analytics

Harrity Patent Analytics is a company that provides analytic services to companies that rely on the data provided for decision-making. The company helps businesses to understand their patent portfolios, the competitors, and the current trends, globally, in patent offices throughout the world. This company uses the latest technologies in IP analytics to extract details from the volumes of patent data that exist worldwide, led by a team of data scientists with decades of experience in the field of patents. Data, along with insights that accompany the data are provided to assist key personnel in understanding more about the patent strategies of the competition and the strategic patent prosecution planning necessary to gain an edge over competitors. Harrity Patent Analytics is a leader in the field of IP Analytics.

4. Ensemble IP

Ensemble IP is an IP Analytics provider that specializes in providing OP Services for legal matters including custom-designed patentability searches that are cost-effective for corporations. Ensemble IP conducts multiple searches to assess patentability, with analytics that result in recommendations whether or not to file specific patent applications. Searches are also used to assist litigators with options for validity or invalidity of a patent, IPR for Patent Trial and Appeal Board proceedings, and searches for Freedom To Operate/Clearance Infringement with advice on infringement avoidance for product clearance. Ensemble IP uses State-of-the-Art/Collection methods using searches that render a total understanding of current innovation in a targeted field of technology. The business also provides portfolio mining study services that categorize all of the patents for clients for quick searching, comparison, and distribution, as well as patent landscape study to identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and risks of either the client's or their competitor's patent.

3. World Intelligence Property Organization

World Intelligence Property Organization is an IP analytic company that provides clients with a snapshot of the current situation of specific technology patents with Patent Landscape Reports, also known as PLRs. The technology can target the reports for country-specific data, regional data, and global data, as needed by the client company. WIPO offers information that aids in policy discussions, technology transfer, and research planning along with analysis of patent validity that is based upon the available data regarding the legal status of the patents. WIPO offers state-of-the-art search tools for the specified technology that is found in the chosen patent databases. It acquires search results that are then analyzed in a manner that answers all questions specifically about patents. This includes patterns of patenting activity, full disclosure on innovations, and examples. WIPO analytic tools also generate reports that offer visual presentations that help clients to understand the data as well as draw conclusions about the patent with information that is based on empirical evidence provided by the search results and analysis, as well as data-driven recommendations. WIPO provides a comprehensive search and analysis that is customized for each client about the technology field under which the patent or patents are classified. World Intelligence Property Organization is one of the companies that is leading the way with innovative IP analytics for the provision of a wealth of data that satisfies the questions asked by IPA professionals that are attempting to prepare for patent filing.

2. LexisNexis Intellectual Property

LexisNexis Intellectual Property provides a unique analytics solution that provides companies with valuable insight into the quality, strength, and relative value of patents as well as patent portfolios for the monetization and valuation of IP assets to gain the maximum value of the respective company's patents. The cutting-edge tool that LexisNexis uses is its own patented PatentSight as well as TotalPatent One, and PatentAdvisor.The second tool discovers prior art search results efficiently with a deep collection of patent data from around the world. The services provide a more fluid and after-user experience without long waiting times for page loading due to the fast and efficient technology employed. The latter tool enables clients access to predictive analytics for optimal strategic decision-making for patent prosecution for IP professionals.

1. IP Checkups

IP Checkups is one of the leading companies in the IP analytics industry. The business provides patent landscape analysis that unearths published science and technology information that is contained in patents, yet not published in other places. The tools mine through tens of millions of published patents along with references of available patent applications that are viewable by the public. IP Checkups can access this sometimes hard to find data, and identify the relevant and critical references within a specific technology field for analysis of the relevant references that yield valuable information that is actionable for strategic decision-making by clients. Experts in the field of the underlying technology develop a patent landscape that provides the client with the valuable information that is necessary to know whether to file a patent or if more innovation is necessary before filing.

Final thoughts

IP Analytics is a vital service for larger corporations that rely on the development of new and innovative products for their sustenance and continued growth. The services provided help decision-makers within these organizations to have access to relevant data about technologies and innovations in line with the current patent landscape for decision-making that is cost-effective for the overall legal protection of the company.

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