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20 Things You Didn't Know About Marqueta


Marqeta is a fintech startup that has recently made the news with its incredible success in the industry. The company provides a platform for card-issuing that provides its clients with tools and the infrastructure to create payment programs and manage them. It offers an open API for businesses that are interested in simplifying the management of payment programs in a manner that is tailored to the needs of their company, to build new approaches to commerce experiences. If you've not yet heard of the company, here are 20 things you didn't know about Marqeta to bring you up to speed.

1. Marqeta is entering its 11th year

According to Crunchbase, Marqeta has been in operation for more than a decade. The fintech startup was founded in 2010. Jason Gardner is the sole founder of Marqeta. The company has its headquarters in Oakland, California. It is a United States-based company.

2. Marqeta is a versatile business

You can find Marqueta listed on the internet under three different industry headings. The reason for this is because Marqeta provides payment solutions for its clients. It also offers transaction processing that is tailored to the need of each business. The third category that it is classified under is Fintech because it provides financial technology products and services.

3. Marqeta has expanded its operations

Marqeta started as a small operation in Oakland, California. It has grown and expanded its geographical presence in various places throughout the world. Marqeta has offices within the United States, in Australia, Europe, Canada, and several others. It offers its financial technology services for processing payments in a total of 10 different countries in APAC. It is quickly growing to become a leader within its niche of the fintech industry with unique services.

4. Marqueta has an executive leadership team of 27

Marqeta has a large executive leadership team that is comprised of 27 members. Jason Gardner is the chief executive officer and founder of the company. Omri Dahan is the chief revenue officer. Claire Roberts is the vice president of risk and compliance. Tripp Faix is the chief financial officer. Vidya Peters is the chief marketing officer. Seth Weissman is the chief legal officer. Lori McAdams is the chief people officer. Scott Alexander is the lead software engineer, and there are nineteen others on the executive team.

5. Marqeta has a seven-member board of directors

There are seven board members on the board of Marqeta, serving as advisors to the company. Jason Gardner, the CEO, is also a member of the board. He is not only the founder of Marqeta, he also has 2 portfolio companies in his investment credits and serves on 2 boards. Omri Dahan serves on one board with 4 investment companies in his portfolio. Stefan Tirtey joined the board in September of 2015. He is the managing director of Commerz Ventures and serves on 3 boards. Arnon Dinur is a general partner at 83 North and currently serves on 9 boards. Christopher MacKay joined the board in June of 2011. He is a managing director at Granite Ventures and currently serves on 4 boards. Ashvin Bachireddy joined the board in May of 2019. He is a co-founding partner at Geodesic Capital. He has founded 1 organization and currently serves on 18 boards. Jud Linville is a CEO at CitiCards and currently serves on 3 boards.

6. Marqeta uses a complex array of technology

The website for Marqeta is powered by a complicated array of technologies to provide the end-users with a smooth and seamless experience. Marqeta's website is powered by a total of 79 different technologies that are distributed among 40 technology products. The technology products include HTML5, jQuery, Google Analytics, iPhone Mobile Compatible, SSL by Default, Viewport Meta, and others.

7. Marqeta has a unique edge

Marqeta is different than the other competitors within its niche of the fintech industry. It offers a unique approach to payment processing with solutions that cannot be compiled by the rest. The company owns intellectual property that sets it apart from the rest. It holds five registered patents within the computing and calculating category. It also possesses six registered trademarks in the lass of financial affairs and insurance.

8. Marqeta is growing quickly

The statistics maintained for Marqeta's website show that in the last 30 days, it's getting hundreds of thousands of visits. Marqeta holds the position of number 326,744 out of the millions of websites that are registered on the world wide web. This is because of the number of its visitors which is 81,084 per month on average.

9. Marqeta's web traffic comes mostly from the United States

Although Marqeta has expanded to become an international company with offices throughout the world, it is still the most popular with American visitors. Sixty-one percent of the web traffic to the site originates from people who live in the United States. The monthly growth rate for US visitors is 4.02 percent. Eleven percent of the web traffic comes from the United Kingdom with a growth of 0.9 percent. Nine percent of the web traffic comes from the country of India. Five percent comes from France with a growth rate of 8.68 percent and 2 percent comes from Israel.

10. Marqeta was a venture capital-backed startup

The initial funding that Marqeta received to help it grow and expand was through venture capital funding. So far, the total amount of VC funding that the company has raised is $528 million. The last round closed on February 5, 2021, in a Secondary Market round. Marqeta attracted the interest of 26 investors including Mastercard, Manhattan West, Coatue, ICONIQ Capital, IA Capital Group, Visa, and several others.

11. Marqeta just went public

Marqeta filed for its initial public offering and closed the day on June 8, 2021. The share price was $30.00 at the close of the day. If this is a stock that you're interested in adding to your investment portfolio, it is now open for buying, selling, and trading. Marqeta's stock is listed under the NASDAQ ticker symbol MQ.

12. Marqeta had a successful initial public offering

It's always a risk to take a company public, but Marqeta had a very successful IPO. The total amount of money that was raised at its IPO was $1.2 billion. The decision to take the company public was a wise one. Not all businesses that file for an IPO have such a positive valuation after the event. This affirms that Marqeta generated a great deal of interest from investors and that confidence in its ability to grow and prosper is high.

13. Marqeta has achieved unicorn status

When a company reaches a valuation of at least $1 billion, it joins an elite and exclusive group of businesses that are referred to as unicorns. The money that Marqeta raised at its initial public offering alone exceeded that amount by .3 billion. The total valuation of Marqeta at its IPO was an astronomical $15 billion. It is valued at fifteen times the amount that was required to join this exclusive group. Marqeta is on its way to being the leader in its niche in the fintech industry. It is certainly one of the richest fintech companies in the world today, but this is just the beginning of the firm that has been around for over 11 years. It appears that the decision made to take the startup public was well-timed and executed, according to Techcrunch.

14. Marqeta's founder is getting a lot of press

The recent public IPO of Marqeta has resulted in an influx of interest in the company. An interview with the chief executive officer Jason Gardner shared that he has received many inquiries about the IPO and the status of Marqeta. Investor interest is high and it's been making the news recently in business circles. He states that he spent a total of thirty-four hours just participating in a question and answer period. This gives us all an idea of what kind of leader he is. He spent all of this time answer the same questions. We learned that there were only thirteen of them in all. He patiently answered the questions, even though he was called up on to repeat information that he had already shared.

15. Marqeta is going for inorganic growth

As a result of the long and drawn-out question-and-answer period, more emerged about the plans that Marqeta's leadership has for the company. It will now begin to pursue new growth strategies in an attempt to further expand its operations. The startup has yet to make its first acquisition even though it has been in operation for more than a decade. This will be the next step for Marqeta. It plans to make acquisitions of other companies to grow.

16. Marqeta is planning international growth

Marqeta's strategy for growth and expansion includes making acquisitions that are outside of the United States. They're going to increase their presence in other countries throughout the world. Currently, Marqeta is represented in just 10 countries. There is a big market for their products and services and this represents the opportunity for the company to grow much larger in the months and years to come.

17. Marqeta's leadership takes a slow and steady approach

Nothing that Marqeta does is without a great deal of thought and planning. The executive leadership discusses their strategies and lays out plans well in advance of making a big move. We learned that discussions about taking the company public began to take place a year and a half before the event took place.

18. Marqeta set the bar for its tech high

Gardner shared that Marqeta doesn't do anything off the cuff or halfway. They insist on the highest quality in their products and services. He mentioned that when Marqeta begins to make acquisitions, they have plans to ensure that each company purchased will be up to the standards that Marqeta has established or they will pass on the deal. He stated firmly that he won't acquire any companies that are of inferior quality in their tech advancements. This means that it may take a while for research to determine the best companies to buy.

19. Marqeta's shares are performing well

We also learned that Marqeta's move to go public has helped the fintech startup to mature and to grow. It provided a decent lift in morale for a business that already held somewhat of an elitist culture and attitude. They've earned the right to maintain this opinion because Marqeta has made all the right moves at the right time. It's one of the largest companies of its type in the world and the business is poised for further growth and expansion. The stocks for Marqueta, just a week after its initial public offering are performing impressively. Analytics show that the stocks jumped another six percent which is pleasing to its investors.

20. Marqeta is a company to keep your eye on

Marqeta is one of the newest fintech startups to go public. This is a company that merits watching if you're considering expanding your current investment portfolio into the fintech industry. This is a business that is unique within its niche and set for a massive explosion of growth. According to its LinkedIn profile, Marqeta currently has a workforce of 618 employees and it's getting ready to grow yet again. Marqeta has added a total of 69 new jobs to its listings. The majority of the openings are listed for Oakland, California, but there are also positions open in London, England, in Denver, Colorado, Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Illinois, Atlanta, Georgia, and Austin, Texas. The sixty-nine new jobs listed include multiple high-level leadership positions across the United States and beyond, and it represents a huge increase in its current workforce. It's a growth that is greater than ten percent.

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