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20 Things You Didn't Know About Happeo


Happeo is a European tech business that specializes in providing intranet products and services for companies. The customizable platform creates an intranet portal for companies, that provides easy access for workers to find apps, documents, files, and other information from one central location. The company has grown and expanded its operation. Here at twenty things you probably didn't know about Happeo to bring you up to speed.

1. Happeo is a Finnish company

Crunchbase confirms that Happeo's headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland. It's also known as the Happeo Company, Universe, and Get Universe. The company opened its doors for business in 2017 and has been in operation for five years as of 2022.

2. Happeo is a multi-industry startup

Happeo delivers software as a service in a cloud computing format. It's listed across five subsections within the technology industry. In addition to cloud computing, it's an online portal and software provider with helpful tools for Human Resources that also include the use of Google apps. Products and services for customers create intranet portals that are specific for each company to meet the needs of a remote and on-site workforce, as well as hybrids that include both employee classifications.

3. Happeo invests in its website with an array of tech features

Some companies have a basic website that is hard to navigate. Happeo doesn't disclose its IT budget, but we can safely assume that it spends tens of thousands annually on its website. The website activity uses twenty-five technology services and products to ensure a smooth and productive experience for visitors. Some of the tech services are HTML5, jQuery, Google Analytics, Viewport Meta, SPF, and iPhone Mobile Compatible to ensure mobile visitors have full access to the features of the site.

4. Happeo's platform stands out in the crowd

Happeo's products and services are not the only ones of their kind, but they are unique. No other tech company can offer the same products because of its registered patent in the electric communication technique category. Happeo is an innovative company that has also registered two trademarks in the scientific and electric apparatus and instruments category. The patent and trademarks prevent any of its competitors from offering similar products and services that could infringe on the legal rights it has to these intellectual properties. It's the reason why it's a one-of-a-kind platform that you can't get anywhere else.

5. Thousands of visitors flock to the Happeo website each month

Happeo's website uses analytical programs to gather statistics on its activities of its website. Over the past thirty days, a total of 277,016 people visited the site. It's ranked as number 240,065 of all of the websites registered on the world wide web. Happeo has a high volume of web traffic on its site, and that's with its summertime lull that reflects a 36.37 percent decrease in the number of visitors over the past month. It's a popular website and the stats show that there is high interest in the products and services offered.

6. Visitors from India have the highest percentage of visitors

The analytics for the Happeo website shows that 61 percent of the web traffic is from India. The monthly visits growth from that country over the past thirty days is 990.13 percent. Twelve percent of the visitors are from the United States. Nine percent are from France with a monthly visits growth of 87.74 percent. Four percent are from the United Kingdom, and six percent are from Norway, with a monthly visits growth of 531.2 percent.

7. The executive leadership team for Happeo has five core members

Happeo's core executive leadership team is small but it is effective. Perttu Ojansuu is a co-founder who serves at the helm as the chief executive officer. Antero Hanhirova is the CPO and co-founder. Lidia Luttin is the CMO. Noora Ottela is the vice president of finance, and Oliver Webb is the vice president of sales. The core team is supported by a larger team of executives and managers to help guide the staff and operations to meet established company goals.

8. There is one member on the Happeo Board of Directors

The Happeo Board of Directors lists one member. Pirkka Palomaki joined the board on July 1, 2018. is Palomaki is a partner at Maki.VC is an early-stage venture capital fund that supports Nordic tech startups. He has founded one organization and made three partner investments. Pirkka currently serves on eight boards of directors in advisory roles. He provides Happeo with advice in strategic planning and financial matters, representing the interests of his company as an investor in Happeo.

9. Happeo is a venture capital-backed enterprise

Happeo has participated in three rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round of Series B funding closed on July 7, 2022. The total amount raised is $46 million. Happeo attracted the interest and support of seven investors. SmartFin and Evli Growth are the most recent investors to invest in Happeo. They are joined by Maki.VC, Vendep Capital, Inkef, Endeit Capital, a lead investor, and DN Capital.

10. The Happeo Platform saves companies time and money.

Techcrunch explains that in the past few years, remote workers increased in numbers due to the pandemic and requirements for social distancing. It created problems for workers needing to communicate with teams and company resources. Workers spent an average of three hours per day searching for apps and resources. The Happeo platform solves the problem with an intranet portal that gathers access points for apps, documents, files, and other resources in one handy location. It saves clients money in wasted labor hours and makes staff jobs easier. Statistics show that it cuts the average search time by two-thirds.

11. Happeo was inspired by Gapps

Gapps is a Google Workspace reseller that is based in Finland. Perttu Ojansuu, co-founder of Gapps, since 2010, founded Happeo to provide solutions not present in Gapps. Ojansuu also co-founded Universe, which was the predecessor of Happeo, in 2016. The company addressed some of the challenges faced by workers, but it didn't provide a central hub for accessing needed tools. In 2017, Happeo was born to incorporate the elements of Universe with a new startup that completed the mission parts of the puzzle and delivered a central hub through its intranet portal for companies.

12. Happeo clients can create their hubs

The intranet platform integrates with most apps. It's customizable and allows companies to design the portal to include company-specific dashboards with the apps, tools, and resources needed most for their workforce. Staff can use an analytics dashboard to view metrics for each channel. The channels are created by IT professionals in the company to meet the needs of workers, gathering access points for all resources through the brand's "federated search" that helps employees move from various software applications with ease and without hours of searching through keyword entry.

Workers may access the desired app or resource in seconds, within the organization and beyond. The platform integrates with Google Workplace and Microsoft 365 for access to hosting shared documents and files.

13. Happeo faces stiff competition in the space

Happeo isn't the only company offering intranet portal platforms, but it is unique. It's going up against Staffbase, with a $1.1 billion valuation, thanks to its most recent $115 million VC fundraising efforts. Happeo is in the race with a $32 million fundraising campaign, along with Microsoft, and Google. Building Intranet sites for business is a part of the wave of the future. Although competition is fierce for a piece of the market pie, Happeo is in a solid position. It offers the most comprehensive platform that others cannot legally copy, thanks to trademarks and a patent.

14. Happeo has some unique challenges

It's not all easy going for Happeo. The intranet services are not yet tools that users are familiar with or comfortable using. A small percentage use the tools and nearly a third have never used one. Happeo must overcome the challenges of executives dismissing the value of intranet portals, and user hesitancy to realize its full business potential. Some professions who used intranet portals previously experienced negative consequences like outdated information and a lack of knowledge about their usefulness. Happeo marketers have their work cut out for them.

15. Happeo's stats show progress in overcoming obstacles

Happeo may have a lot of obstacles to overcome, but it's tackling the issues one at a time. The enterprise had tremendous growth in the second quarter of 2022. It's continuing to grow and expand. It's making investments in its product development to add new services and app integrations. It also plans to expand its operations into the North American market. Happeo is already working to establish a base of teams in the state of New York.

16. Happeo has open jobs

LinkedIn confirms that Happeo is adding to its workforce in its bid to grow and expand into more areas in the world. The current workforce is 134, which is an increase of ten positions over the last few months. The intranet giant posted an additional thirteen position openings on its LinkedIn website. The new jobs are mostly located in New York, New York, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and a few others in Helsinki, Finland, and a few hybrid jobs in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

17. Happeo fosters a positive work culture

Glassdoor reports employee opinions about companies. It included reviews from Happeo staff members, who voice an overall positive feeling about the company culture. Six respondents find no drawbacks to working and Happeo, extolling its "awesome culture" and the efficient and effective platform that makes it possible for people to work together from across the globe. The team at Happeo is composed of intelligent, driven workers with a common passion to move the business forward. Most workers are happy and take pride in producing exceptional products and services.

18. Happeo has an above-average rating from employees

Workers at Happeo ranked their approval of Happeo, its workplace environment, and its CEO, in polls taken by Glassdoor. The overall rating of the tech company is 4.7 out of 5. Thirty-nine respondents gave their opinions. Eighty-eight would recommend working at Happeo to a friend. Ninety-five percent approve of the CEO Perttu Ojansuu. The dynamic workplace is fast-paced, and burnout is the main issue reported by a small percentage of employees, who tempered their critique with the positive environment of passionate team players.

19 Happeo has the potential to change the world

We're living in a new age in the business world. The uncertainty and dangers of the recent Covid-19 pandemic showed us that we must be adaptable to change. Happeo provides a vehicle for lessening the chaos for employees working in companies by providing customized intranet portals to make access to resources faster and easier. The platform has the potential to bring people together on social media, and improve communications and resource access across all industries.

Eliminating confusion makes workers more efficient and conserves work time for more productive activities. Happeo is spreading itself into North America and other parts of Europe. Its products and services have the potential to change the business world at a time when we're all in a period of flux, and adaptation to the "new normal" that sometimes requires remote work or a hybrid of on-site and remote employment. It's a solution to the chaos that arose as we scrambled to maintain functionality in a world that occasionally requires shutdowns of social gathering places and social distancing.

20. Why you should keep your eye on Happeo?

Happeo is a young company in the tech industry, but it's made an impressive entry over the past five years. It's in a critical stage of its development as it strives to add new product features to its current line and expand into more countries.

Happeo is a company that could soon become a part of your everyday work life and improves your efficiency and working conditions. If you're a business owner, you might benefit from investigating the advantages Happeo could offer your remote, on-site, and hybrid teams.

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