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20 Things You Didn't Know About Numan

men's health

The aptly named Numan is an innovative digital healthcare company. With a focus on men's health, this company provides easy access to more men than ever. Although digital healthcare can't replace a physical visit for some needs, there are many conditions and issues that are treatable with a verbal consultation.

20. A Delicate Subject

Talking about erectile dysfunction can be difficult for many men, but getting help for ED sufferers is the cornerstone that Numan was founded on. Leaving ED untreated has far-reaching consequences that can affect other aspects of men's health. Numan seeks to bridge the gap by leveraging some of the anonymity people feel on the internet to help men get the care they need. By offering direct-to-consumer medical products to help control the symptoms of ED, men can quickly get the help they need without the discomfort associated with having to see a doctor in person.

19. Real Pros

Many doctors are so swamped with patients they hardly have time to answer questions. With Numan's entirely digital platform, men have the opportunity to discuss their physical issues with a medical professional who isn't bouncing between patients in a live setting. Telemedicine allows doctors and other medical workers to take the time they need to sit down and communicate with a single patient. Numan is helping to create the future of men's healthcare and medicine as a whole by handling patients via telemedicine.

18. Educating Men and Women

Numan's medical services are definitely geared toward male bodies. However, its educational outreach has no gender limitations. An educated client is a good client. When you take things a step further and offer to provide clear, sensible information to spouses, parents, or whoever else might be involved in the individual's healthcare, everyone can coordinate better. When women can access information about men's health issues, they are more likely to be understanding and compassionate at home. That feeds back into empowering men who need to take charge of their more delicate health concerns. Ultimately, it's a great way to help that extends well beyond a quick and easy prescription.

17. Authorized to Sell Medicine Online

Not all so-called telemedicine practices are legitimate. In fact, some aren't even authorized to sell medicine online. There's no worry about that with Numan. The well-known and trusted mens' health company is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator of all England's health and social care services. However, that means that you have to be in the UK to get services. The medication provided by Numan is only licensed for sale in the U.K. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) oversees this crucial licensing.

16. Blood Tests

A few years ago, getting a blood test done at home was virtually unheard of. Unless you had a doctor who makes house calls, there was no way you could avoid seeing a phlebotomist or another licensed medical worker. Now you can get a blood test from the convenience of your own couch without all the uncomfortable sterile rooms. Numan offers home blood test kits at very reasonable prices that can save men up to fifty-seven percent. All the results are processed in a UKAS approved lab and reviewed by a clinician. Best of all, you'll hear back within three to five days of when the sample arrives, so the wait isn't overwhelming.

15. Supplements

Vitamin and mineral supplements aren't as regulated as prescription medicine, but in many cases, they should be. Because they can interact with medication and have side effects, people should always consult a doctor before adding a new supplement to their routine. Numan takes the guesswork out of the process by having clinicians assess patients' individual needs to provide the best personalized health supplements for each man's needs.

14. Hair Loss

ED isn't the only significant and undertreated male health issue. A staggering eighty percent of men will experience hair loss at some point in their lives. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be something you 'live with.' There are plenty of fantastic treatments available, and you can get some of them through Numan whether you have other health concerns or not. Plus, it's convenient to be able to bundle prescriptions and supplements together. While women can also experience hair loss, the treatment isn't always the same, and only about fifty percent of women face this issue.

13. Gut Health and Acid Reflux

Intestinal health is another one of those tricky medical topics men often shy away from. After all, a little heartburn or a wobbly tummy isn't a big deal, or is it? Numan makes intestinal healthcare easy with access to gut health assessments, acid reflux treatments, and more on request. There's no good reason to stay in pain when you can get a prescription by mail without ever having to go into the doctor's office.

12. Lung Health

From asthma medicine like inhalers to help with smoking cessation, clearing your airways is a vital step in any healthcare journey. Everyone deserves to breathe, and breathing easier is another of the many useful services Numan is tackling to help support men's health in the UK. Patients can get their medication by subscription and other supportive services when they're ready to ditch the tobacco for good.

11. Numan is Serious About Privacy and Security

Staying safe online is a serious concern for most savvy people these days. Identity theft and other forms of fraud happen all the time. To prevent that, Numan has put some common-sense security measures in place. First, they always verify your identity. This helps avoid scammers who take other people's identity. Plus, it ensures that you are the one getting the treatment you need. Numan's verification partners run a secure ID check to streamline the process. Secondly, Numan is committed to being GDPR compliant, so your data stays where it is.

10. Expanding to Cover the Largest Organ

Your skin is made up of the epidermis, dermis, and subcutis. Together they make the largest organ in the human body. Just as men have unique hair and body issues, men's skincare is different from women's. Sadly, much like ED treatment, mens' skin issues often get ignored. Numan plans to expand to include men's skincare in their treatment options. Rosacea, dark spots, dry patches, and calluses are only a few of the many skin health-related issues that plague men today, and soon it will be easier than ever to get a quick consultation and appropriate prescriptions.

9. Keeping You Safer

The clinicians who work with Numan provide patients more than support, medical assessments, and prescriptions. They will also work with you to understand any potential risks, interactions, or side effects from common medications. Keeping men appraised of the possible issues that may arise from any medical treatment is part of the service as it would be if you went into a physical location and spoke to medical staff face to face.

8. Ongoing Care

Just because it is fast and simple to get a prescription, it doesn't mean the service ends when the consultation does. Numan offers follow-ups and ongoing care to help patients with their continued health needs. After all, prescriptions, even those that are available by subscription, need to be reassessed regularly. Moreover, making it easy to contact your clinician helps encourage men to report any possible side effects so they can adjust medications as needed.

7. Discreet and Supportive

Most men don't want a big box with a recognizable name like "Viagra" to show up on their doorstep. Privacy issues and general embarrassment are already contributing to why men don't want to tell their doctor they need ED or hair loss treatments in the first place. Fortunately, Numan offers compassionate, supportive care with client education and discrete services. Men in the UK don't need to worry about announcing that they've been to the doctor to everyone in the neighborhood.

6. Men Don't Always Go To The Doctor

Numan is more than just a way to get health care. Everyday Health reports that as many as sixty percent of men don't go to the doctor, or they only go if their lives are in immediate jeopardy. Avoiding the doctor because an issue probably won't kill you is a bad way to live a long and healthy life. Moreover, ED and hair loss can significantly impact psychological problems like depression and suicidal ideation. Suicide is a leading cause of death in men under fifty, so while it's not quite right to say the services of Numan are saving lives directly, it's very likely that it contributes in some cases.

5. Famous Investor Sokratis Papafloratos

Numan's CEO is Sokratis Papafloratos. He is well known for investing in numerous companies such as Spatch, Secret Escapes, and Trusted Places. With his long history of founding and developing businesses, it's not hard to see why Numan is thriving. Last year Trending Topics EU covered the successful funding of eleven million euros to help grow Numan, and this year the number skyrocketed to another forty million for expanding its services.

4. Get Started For Free

As Numan says on its website, its goal is "Healthcare without the hassle." They are offering a free online consultation to show new customers how easy it can be to get treatment for various conditions. Once a new client has completed their consultation, the clinicians review the information and decide how best to move forward. In many cases, a prescription can be approved the same day it was requested.

3. Subscription Service

Prescriptions, especially those for hair issues, intestinal health, and ED, are typically ongoing. Numan offers a simple subscription method for regular deliveries rather than endless trips and calls to renew with a physician. Similarly, their health supplements can be easily set up once and then ignored until the box arrives on schedule. Simplifying and streamlining the process makes this service extremely accessible for men who might not otherwise be able to make it in to see a physician as often as necessary.

2. Numan Released a Book

Numan has sought from the first to help men and women understand what causes ED. Sokratis Papafloratos told Tech Crunch, back in 2019 that they were planning to release a book. Since then, the company has released (for free) The Book of Erections, The Penis: A User’s Guide on its website. The clever title is a great icebreaker for the well-presented and very enlightening content. Although the lighthearted name might indicate a sense of humor about the topic, the book itself is entirely straightforward and compassionate about the subject. Moreover, it's an easy read that doesn't leave users bored or confused about how the body works.

1. Fast Shipping in 24 to 48 hrs

Once a man reaches out and asks for help with sensitive health issues, the last thing he wants is to wait around and hope his prescription will be available soon. Fortunately, Numan has found a simple, effective solution by offering to ship as fast as most people can get an Amazon package. The forty-eight-hour shipping times reduce customer anxiety and help them feel like they are taking control of their health sooner. In turn, Numan gets a whole lot of return business and subscribers. It's a win-win model based on fulfilling a simple need with care, compassion, and speed.

Final Thoughts

Healthcare is vital to all people's survival, but men often don't feel they can approach their primary care physicians about delicate matters. Whether it's hair loss, vitamin supplements, or something more serious like treating erectile dysfunction, Numan is helping bridge the gap between the underserved male community and the simple, effective treatments that will offer them relief. Though telemedicine is a relatively new phenomenon, businesses like Numan are finding exceptional ways to leverage the technology in their favor and reach the clients who are most hesitant to come into an office.

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