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How BigChange is Changing the Trucking Industry


BigChange is a new tech startup from the United Kingom. The company specializes in the development of fleet management software for truckers who work with chaotic scheduling or pickups and deliveries. In an age when it is essential to have the right tools for distributed work forces, they're making a big impact on the trucking industry. This is a startup that identified a unique problem throughout an industry, then used technology to discover meaningful and revolutionary solutions. Their products could change the way that this type of business is conducted throughout the world.

BigChange is good for truckers

According to Techcrunch, BigChange is a business that uses advanced technology to develop apps that can help field service engineers to run operations and manage the workforce in more streamlined and efficient ways. The old traditional telephone call system is sadly outdated and terribly inefficient. BigChange software eliminates the need to place multiple phone calls and it also makes the accompanying hard copies for scheduling a thing of the past. Job management in chaotic industries is a lot less complicated with fewer man hours required to communicate with key personnel. It also lessens the amount of travel needed to run between job sites for some managers.

BigChange is headquartered in Leeds, where many startups have been launched and found success. The founder established the company to improve mobile workforce management in a revolutionary way that would bring it into the 21st century and modernize the Trucking industry in the same way that other industries have streamlined their processes through the use of technology. The solution is a mobile fleet management system for making the trucking and similar industries more efficient.

Mobile Workforce/Job Management Solution

According to the official website for BigChange, the software that the company has developed provides an all in one solution in a single platform. It provides everything from a quote to invoicing. The software is designed for use with mobile workers as well as office staff, and customers with links that connect them with one another in a complete end-to-end solution. Never before has such a program existed. It not only improves workforce productivity but it also drives revenues and profitability. The solution also maximize workforce management and assets. The program is simple to use because of its web-based platform that does not require installation. It's compatible with smartphones and offered in a scalable format for use with any size company. The company assesses fees in a pay as you go format.

Fundraising round for BigChange

According to Connect Yorkshire, BigChange embarked on a fundraising round to provide the necessary baking to expand the business. This was needed to increase its R& D and marketing and to continue to develop and market a new product. The first round brought in 2 million British pounds in sales during the first 12 months of operation. By 2016 it had earned 4 million with a projected income of 20 million by the end of 2020. Paul Lancaster is an esteemed advisor to tech companies and prolific author shared his belief that BigChange has the potential to reach unicorn status in the not too distant future with a high potential for gaining a valuation of one billion BP. A second round of fundraising was launched to raise an additional 2 million. A report on the solidity of the company revealed that investors are taking a renewed interest in the company because of its tremendous potential to become a major disruptor in the most positive ways for all stakeholders.

Major contracts secured

BigChange has secured over 300 contracts with new customers with some large companies including Elliott Hire, Impra Gas, HSS, Serco, Baxi Commercial, and others. In addition to the current app, the company is working on a second app that is geared towards streamlining collaborations between service provides, along with subcontractors and the customer that they serve. It will offer direct access to a market of hundreds of thousands of businesses. This in turn will generate high revenue for the company and the potential for a high return on investment for the who invest in the company. This is a part of the strategy that BigChange is using to raise the funds to move on to the next tier of service with their new product.

Tech Crunch reports that BigChange has raised a total of $102 million in the latest fundraising round. This will enable them to move forward with their plans to launch the second software application as planned. So ar, the company has been nothing short of phenomenal with its first product offering and with the financial backing to add the second it's almost a sure thing that they will continue to revolutionize the way that the trucking and similar industries are managed in a more streamlined and efficient manner that modernizes the processes that have become archaic by modern standards.

Final thoughts

BigChange is a suitable name for the company that has brought about some truly big changes in the way that the trucking industry is managed. Enhanced communications and streamlined means of conducting orders and processes are just the beginning for this innovative startup that has taken tech into an industry that was badly in need of revisions. For now it's a matter of waiting to see what happens with the second phase of program development, but expectations are high for the continued success of BigChange as it continues to grow and expand in is revolutionary new solutions for fleet management within the trucking industry and beyond. It has been a long time coming and the Leeds startup is responsible for changing the way that business is conducted for companies that operate mobile fleets. We fully expect that in the next few years, the Leeds company is going to be the next unicorn to reach billion dollar status and beyond. If you're looking for an investment opportunity, BigChange is definitely one to keep your eye on.

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Written by Allen Lee

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