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Five Companies Leading the Way in Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology is becoming a promising option for industries across the spectrum. Financial institutions around the globe are researching blockchain options because of its tremendous potential to revolutionize so many different types of business including personal identity security, insurance, finance, government and more. Proposed as the likely method of trade in the future, blockchain is an alternative that many are eyeing with the expectation that it will one day be the most common method for conducting transactions. There are currently hundreds of blockchain development companies and startups in operation, but some are more highly rated than others. The best blockchain development companies employ qualified and skilled developers and analysts with comprehensive services for their clients from the idea or concept evaluation through the scalable development process with follow-up maintenance services. Here are the five that are leading the way in the development that has the potential to change the world.

5. Consensys

Consensys is one of the top-rated blockchain development companies with a global approach. The company develops applications for enterprise, as well as building developer tools, investment in startups, and it provides blockchain education. The company has been in business since its founding in 2014, with the purpose of growing the Ethereum community and developing a strong ecosystem of products and people. The company is comprised of security experts, lawyers, entrepreneurs, enterprise leaders, and world-class developers in their quest to establish a firm foundation for a future that is decentralized. Consensys is active in more than 30 countries throughout the world assisting developers and Global 2000 companies in their efforts to launch blockchain solutions. The three main products of Consensys include Alethio for monitoring and synthesizing on-chain data in real-time through its blockchain analytics in real-time. Codefi for business process optimization, the activation of digital financial instruments, and the deployment of production-ready blockchain solutions. Infura is the third product to develop a decentralized application through its infrastructure with access to Ethereum and IPFS networks.

4. LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz is a blockchain technology consulting company that assists enterprises in developing the best solution for benefiting their operation. The company employs experienced experts in the technical architecture of blockchain to analyze idea feasibility and offer consultation to determine the most appropriate technology solution. The company provides insights into what blockchain is with an educational component, why it is a good solution and how it can benefit a company. LeewayHertz develops, deploys and manages blockchain solutions for its clients over a broad array of industries. From the idea through the design and development phases, clients receive customized blockchain solutions development services. The platforms that LeewayHertz work on include Hyperledger, Tron, Tellar, Corda, and EOS with the building of scalable solutions for startups and enterprises. This blockchain development company is a leader in the industry.

3. Altoros

Altoros is a blockchain development company that was founded in 2001. With nearly two decades of operational experience, this United States-based company offers enterprises and organizations blockchain solutions from the concepts or idea evaluations for feasibility, to the development of blockchain solutions. Altoros provides global clients with consultation, recommendations and customized design of high-quality software development with end to end services. Altoros consultants cover every aspect of blockchain development solutions from the start to the completion of the deployment and management thereafter. It is known for employing brilliant consultants with expertise in a variety of industry applications. Their development of blockchain aims to prepare each client that is served with the best and most robust solutions and services.

2. Venture Aviator

Another leading blockchain development company is Venture Aviator. It specializes in providing excellence in the development of blockchain systems for their clients. With expertise and years of experience in every aspect of project development and implementation, they offer consultation services for entrepreneurs, enterprises, and startups in developing the most appropriate technology platforms. Venture Aviator offers strategic services or planning and business development and they've served some of the largest companies in the world including Johnson & Johnson, Disney, and others. The company employs a staff of top Ethereum developers along with Solidity developers who assist enterprises with every aspect of Blockchain development from idea evaluation through the development of customized software. Reviews of this company show that clients have been pleased with the speed at which the staff works in meeting or beating established deadlines for the provision of the agreed-upon services.

1. Accubits

Accubits is one of the most prominent leaders in blockchain development. The company is based in the United States. It has been in operation for several years and has continued to evolve into an expert in the field of blockchain analysis, development and maintenance. Accubits provides a focus on security and transparency and first evaluates the client's idea or concept, then makes recommendations for the development of scaled services with cryptocurrency wallet development and other software solutions such as robust software that is tailored for each enterprise, smart contract development, and maintenance services. Accubits Technologies serves a wide range of clients including tech startups, Fortune 1000 companies, and governments. This company is a full-service software provider with the goal of rendering solutions that re future-proof based on solutions that include web, mobile and cloud platforms in a data-driven environment.

Final thoughts

These are the five leading blockchain development companies in the world today. Although there are many others out there, these are among the most highly recommended by clients with a solid reputation for continuous innovation and the provision of individually tailored consultation, services, and products for each client. Blockchain development has become a big business and although there are many new startups in the industry, the five we've chosen have been in the business for a number of years and they not only offer expert advisement and solutions, they have the proven track record of experience and success in helping their clients to make them the most reliable options to go with.

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