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20 Things You Didn't Know About Two: Minds


Two: Minds is a fashion retail store that has recently gained attention for its unique multi-brand offerings. It caters to a distinct group of consumers in the New York City area. The founder of Two: Minds delivers a fresh approach to fashion. The store is gaining considerable attention in the business and fashion worlds. If you are not yet familiar with the store, it's one that every fashionista should know about, but many will overlook this hidden gem as there isn't a lot of press about it yet. We expect that to change shortly. Here are 20 things about Two: Minds that you probably didn't know to give you a heads-up on what we believe to be an emerging trend in the NYC area.

1. Two: Minds is a new concept store

Exbulletin reports that Two: Minds is a concept store with a lot to offer fashionistas. The establishment serves both men and women with multi-brand fashions that appeal to various tastes. The idea behind the new store is to engage with multiple designer products to give locals a new shop to investigate. We get excited when we hear the term "concept" because it implies uniqueness and something novel that gives us one more thing to look forward to.

2. Two: Minds will help to fill the gap

It grieved new York City residents at the loss of Jeffrey New York and Barneys New York. Losing these two upscale fashion houses has taken a toll on the morale of the loyal customers who no longer have these venues to shop from. The entry of Two: Minds in New York City will help to bridge the gap with high-end luxury fashions to give these shoppers a new venue to investigate.

3. Two: Minds is in Manhattan

Two Minds is in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan. The owner of the store chose a property at 34 Gansevoort Street, which is not far from where the old Jeffrey's venue was on West 14th Street. This locale is a strategic plan by the management of Two: Minds to gain visibility in a neighborhood that attracted the huge crowd of loyal shoppers from Jeffrey New York, by its location, to catch the attention of those in the habit of going to this area for their fashion needs.

4. Two: Minds is near upscale neighbors

Two: Minds is in the ideal location to tet the attention of passers-by who are shopping at its neighbors. This part of town is also near Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana, and Herms. It offers a 3,000 square foot shop to explore, giving those looking for something new a place to check out.

5. The opening of Two: Minds is timely

Not only Barney's of New York and Jeffrey New York have closed their doors. 2021 has been a tough two years for fashion retailers. Many have called it a day and are out of business permanently. With many other stores closed, the options for fashion shopping are becoming less and less in the New York City area. The timing for the opening of Two: Minds could not be better. People are hungry for premium luxury clothing and accessories. The economic situation has made it difficult for new stores to open, especially when so many are going under, but there is also a demand for the products and services they offer, which makes the timing for opening a new store perfect.

6. The GM from Jeffreys is now at Two: Minds

Two: Minds is fortunate to have the expertise of the former General Manager of Jeffreys as a co-founder. He brings experience and knowledge to the job. He's well-versed in all aspects of managing a fashion retail store.

7. Two: Minds cater to men's fashion needs

Two: Minds leadership shared that they will pack the store with a large inventory of luxury fashion items. You'll find clothing for men and women with forty percent of the stock in the men's clothing department. Since there is a lack of quality fashion clothing options for men, this is an area that the company that targets men's fashion as its specialization. Men who are low on shopping options will have a local retailer that provides more than most other fashion brands that are geared toward the male sector of the population. They're looking forward to working with many male stylists.

8. Two-Minds will carry emerging brands

We also learned that Two: Minds plans to carry some new and emerging luxury fashion brands from various parts of the world. A few examples of the new luxury brands from South Africa include Amina Muaddi and Thebe Magugu. these brands will be offered alongside other more established designer clothing and accessories including Tom Ford, Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Mary Kate, and Ashley Olsen's The Row, and others.

9. Each item offered at Two: Minds is carefully selected

Two: Minds plans to maintain the highest quality and relevance in each item that is offered for sale to the public. Only premium quality brands and relevant products that are currently trending will be stocked on the shelves. The procuring process includes an analysis of the current popularity of an item, the need and demand of the public, and its potential for having a positive impact.

10. Two: Minds has only been open a few months

According to WSKG, Two: Minds is a brand new retailer that hasn't been in operation for very long. The store is still in its infancy in the Manhattan area. The shop opened in the early part of May 2021. With just 7 months under its belt as we're approaching the New Year, Two-Minds is in full swing for holiday season shopping.

11. The owner of Two: Minds lost his job because of the pandemic

Jesse Dong is the owner and co-founder of Two: Minds. He is one victim of the mass epidemic of lost jobs due to closures from the Covid-19 pandemic. Jesse is one of the millions who found himself unemployed in the fashion industry. After losing his job, he considered opening a retail store. He was biking down the road when he saw an open storefront in the Meatpacking district of Manhattan and it spurred his musings toward bringing his dreams to reality.

12. Two: Minds came Jetogether quickly

Jesse Dong didn't spend much time wondering if he should take the chance on opening a retail store or not. He knew that it was a risk, but he also knew that the retail space he saw would be scooped up quickly if he didn't move fast on it. He had to go up against large companies with ample resources to obtain the space, so he opted to not wait until bids opened and he signed a lease to secure the spot. As Covid-19 restrictions began to lift he moved fast to establish the storefront with high potential for success because of its location and the lack of comparable competition. Just as life in Manhattan is becoming more normal, Two: Minds is open for business and it didn't take long to bring the store up to speed for its full operation.

13. The founders of Two: Minds are former Jeffrey of New York workers

According to Vogue, Jesse Dong and Robert Rosenthal were both employed at the now-defunct Jeffrey of New York store. Their experience at Jeffrey gave them both the knowledge of how to properly run and operate a luxury fashion shop. Many of the former Jeffrey customers are familiar with these men and it may help to draw business their way. The two partnered to establish the new store. Jesse Dong was a buyer for Jeffrey and Robert Rosenthal was a general manager. Both had jobs with high levels of responsibility and it put them in the ideal position for combining their talents to launch a new business.

14. Dong is an expert curator

Two: Minds will have hand-picked items for customers to browse. Jesse Dong is the curator of the brands represented in the shop. He carefully selects each item from among top brands based on his knowledge and experience of the most popular items currently trending. He's a top-notch professional who knows his business. he's young and in touch with what consumers are looking for these days.

15. Rosenthal and Dong collaborated over Zoom

Launching a new business during a pandemic can be difficult. With tight protocols in place, the two partners made plans and communicated through a safe environment online over Zoom. They finalized their plans and held important planning sessions online. The two went for 18 months without meeting face to face during the critical part of their new company's development. They met with one another for the first time in a year and a half when the new store opened. It was a joyous reunion at the grand opening of the new fashion store. They were able to get together for the first time two days before the opening day.

16. Two: Minds will make you feel welcome

Not all high-end shops are accommodating to their customers. Some are a bit on the reserved or snobby side of attitudes. You will not find this to be the case when you visit Two: Minds. The founders seek to create an atmosphere that is welcoming for their visitors and to provide them with information about products and brands. They plan to interact safely with shoppers to answer all their questions. As venues open once again, people who did not need to consider fashion concerns were entering a new world where some tips on dress and stylishness are to the fore.

17. Jesse Dong is a Virginia Tech graduate

Founder Jesse Dong completed his education before going to work in fashion retail. He attended Virginia Tech, according to his LinkedIn profile. Jesse earned his bachelor of science in business management from the school in 2013. While in college, he was also involved in the Virginia Tech Wrestling team and he served on the student-athlete advisory committee.

18. Dong believes in volunteerism

Jesse is also an avid volunteer who gives freely of his time. His presence in the community is essential as he believes in giving back. This enhances the attractiveness of his store Two: Minds because of its notable leaders. Jesse s a volunteer at Barnes & Noble since 2010, reading to children to promote literacy. He is also a coach for the Special Olympics from November of 2012 to the present. He is a motivator and project leader for Falling Branch Elementary and has given many speeches to encourage students to achieve discipline and good character through hard work.

19. You can follow Two: Minds on Instagram

Two: Minds is active on social media. You can keep track of what's currently trending at the store through the updates and posts on the company's official profile. If you're curious about the content they carry, you can find photos posted to give you an idea of what to expect when you visit the store.

20. Two: Minds is a company to keep your eye on

Two: Minds is still in the infancy stage of its development but it's operating at full capacity in Manhattan. We expect to hear more about the new concept fashion store in the months and years to come. So far, they're off to a healthy start with the new business. It hasn't received a lot of press yet, but popular sites such as Forbes and Vogue have taken notice and are helping to get the word out. It's a privately owned company at this point, but that could change in time. We're confident that we will see the new trailer continue to grow and expand as it helps us to move forward after a few trying years that took its toll on the fashion industry.

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