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Five Companies Leading the Way in End-to-End Logistics

end to end logistics

The transportation industry is evolving at a frantic pace with the development of new technologies to better orchestrate the multitude of required tasks that were once completed by tedious manual processes. Modern transport has changed drastically and companies are benefiting from the use of end-to-end logistics programs that streamline processes that were once tedious and time-consuming. Companies that provide solutions to these companies are prospering. This is a good time for new startups that offer proven solutions with broad and scalable applications for the supply chain to save companies time and money by providing the necessary logistics at the touch of a finger. Here are 5 companies leading the way in end-to-end logistics.

5. ShipBob

ShipBob is a 3PL that provides businesses with an international fulfillment network that is similar to the services provided by Amazon. It's one of the leading companies in the end-to-end logistics niche with services throughout the United States, Canada, and extending into Europe. ShipBob's system is powered by proprietary fulfillment software for scalable services to the retail fulfillment infrastructure for e-commerce brands. ShipBob offers total services for businesses in need of order fulfillment for companies with an end-to-end e-commerce solution that includes built-in inventory management software. along with analytics and reporting for fulfillment, and order management. Another notable merit of ShipBob is that the company partners with brands to help bring down the costs of shipping and transit times. They offer 2-day shipping along with other options. One of ShipBob's focuses is on the reduction of costs and another is the speed of delivery with 65% of customers using 2-day shipping. ShipBob is a company to keep your eyes on in the end-to-end logistics industry.

4. Flexport

Flexport is a leader in the digital freight forwarding niche of the end-to-end logistics industry. The most unique aspect of this company is its focus on providing partners with control over their supply chain, deep visibility, and lower costs. These are all attractive features that draw more customers to the provider. Flexport is a broad range supplier that provides a variety of shipping options including trucking transportation, air freight, and ocean freight. Its global network of clients covers those who are importing, exporting, and includes carriers, customs agencies, and all related agencies for the successful forwarding of goods and services. Flexport works through a cloud-based software program that compartmentalizes data analytics, communication, and infrastructure into one convenient area. Expert advice is made available to customers with the highest customer service standards with teams dedicated to customers that have expertise in the related operations and customs. Flexport is a company to keep your eye on as it has already established a solid track record with a good outlook for future growth and continued expansion.

3. XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics is one of the largest providers of contract logistics in the global market today. The company specializes in global forwarding services providing inbound and outbound logistic services for its customers. The business serves companies from various industries with solutions that provide n integrated technology platform with multimodal freight forwarding. This is a comprehensive service that provides end-to-end logistics for streamlining the forwarding process. XPO Logistics is invested in the use of artificial intelligence along with machine learning with automated sortation systems and integrated robots to more quickly move products through the supply chain to increase the productivity of warehouses and to enhance the speed of forwarding.

2. C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson is an end-to-end supply chain logistics company that operates as a multimodal transportation service and third-party logistics business. The company has established an annual service roster that is valued at $20 billion in freight with the handling of 18 million shipments. C.H. Robinson offers multiple services which include intermodal freight, air, ocean, LTL freight options, and truckload. Also, it provides trade compliance and customs brokerage services for its customers. It's a leader in the industry with a proven track record for aiding companies in the optimization of their logistics processes with consulting services to aid in any needed re-engineering of their respective supply chains.

1. Echo Global Logistics

Echo Global Logistics is a logistics service provider specializing in full-service third-party assistance that connects companies with product transport carriers. Its focus is on safe delivery and cost-effectiveness. Echo Global provides freight brokerage along with solutions for manage transportation via partial truckload, full truckload, intermodal, LTL, and expedited. The platform that Echo Global Logistics operates from is a proprietary web-based technology. The system compiles and analyzes data that has been obtained from its network that consists of more than 50,000 transportation providers. It serves more than 35,000 clients throughout a broad spectrum of industries. The overarching goal of Echo Global Logistics is to provide clients with the simplification of critical tasks that are necessary within the management of transportation. It takes a different approach to the provision of end-to-end logistics service than the previous four companies, making it unique within this classification. Echo Global Logistics is a company that is valued for its ability to provide cost-efficient third-party logistics services for its customers. This is a company that investors have either already placed bets on or are keeping on the radar.

Final thoughts

With the current covid-19 pandemic logistics companies are in more demand than ever. Businesses have a need to efficiently ship their goods to buyers with the confidence that the deliveries will be made in a streamlined manner that leaves consumers feeling positive about the transactions. End-to-end logistics companies bear the burden of ensuring that there is an affordable and seamless flow, complete with analytics and feedback that gives their clients full transparency and control over the products that are shipped. It's a complicated business that requires specialized programs to ensure that everything goes off like clockwork and without a hitch. This is why we learn where we can shop online with confidence without concern over lost or delayed shipments. It's becoming more important than ever with the stiff competition within the e-commerce environment.

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