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20 Things You Didn't Know about CrowdStrike


George Kurtz founded CrowdStrike in 2012 with a focus on proactive response services. The main office is in Sunnyvale, California. CrowdStrike is a data security technology firm that leads the sector in end-point security, given as a single integrated cloud-based solution. With Falcon, CrowdStrike identifies any attack, even those that are free of malware, resulting in five-second visibility across all current and past end-point activity and considerably lowering the cost and complexity for customers.

A platform with all of these elements uses a native cloud architecture built from the ground up by the security industry's only 100% self-contained component, using hunting services, malware detection, and incident response teams around the clock to solve a longstanding problem. The company developed a system that harnesses the cloud to scan billions of data points contained on end-points from all over the world by creating a comprehensive Security Graph to monitor and respond to incidents.

In an Entrepreneur article, Kate Stalter writes, "CrowdStrike, a cloud-based service providing comprehensive antivirus and threat management for network end-users." It also has Falcon, an end-to-end point cloud-native platform. Large corporations like global banks, Healthcare, energy, and global banks; use it to combat cloud-based security breaches. Crowdstrike is one of cyber security's key players and has a long history of excellence and receiving many accolades for its innovation. These are 20 Facts you might not know about Crowdstrike.

1. No stranger to Forbes

In 2013, Forbes recognized Crowdstrike as one of the most promising companies. Since then, the magazine continually recognizes them for numerous achievements. Back-to-back years, 2017 and 2018, it was ranked as one of the top 100 cloud companies. Each year, Forbes runs different lists honoring businesses that stand out from the rest of their competitors. Crowdstrike has continually been a fixture on these lists.

2. Assisted Sony with their hack in 2014

CrowdStrike had been tracking the North Korean actor behind these attacks and had deemed them responsible for intrusions dating back to 2006. CrowdStrike used these assessments to agree with the FBI's assessment that the cause of the Sony hack was from North Korean actors.

3. Disrupting the industry

Every year, CNBC publishes a list of companies making a huge mark in their respective industries. According to their website, "sixty-five of the 233 companies named to the CNBC Disruptor 50 list have become public companies through an IPO, direct listing or SPAC merger." Crowdstrike made their list twice. Disrupting is in this company's bottom line. The advanced platforms and technology keep them on the cutting edge. Since the doors opened in Sunnyvale, California, the company has shaken up a market with advanced technology and cybersecurity protection.

4. Tech pioneer

According to, "what emerges, again and again, is the impression that these entrepreneurs are motivated more by a sense of mission than a desire for profit." The forum names companies that are revolutionaries in their industries. In 2015, Crowdsrike was part of this class. Former honorees include Kickstarter, Dropbox, and Google, which invested 100 million dollars. Twenty-four software wasn't on the market until CrowdStrike.

5. Put it in writing

Every year, Inc. Magazine runs an article about the fast-growing companies. In August 2016, Crowdstrike made the list. According to sgstockmagazine, "CrowdStrike stops breaches by going beyond essential signature-based prevention and leverages threat intelligence to provide the context needed to pivot to a proactive security posture. "This type of innovation keeps CrowdStrike a top cybersecurity provider. There has been a lot of ink on this company. News outlets constantly laud Crowdstrike's commitment to combatting threats and supporting the global community safe from malicious cyber attacks.

6. Always be prepared

The IDC Marketplace US Incident Readiness recognized them in 2018. The company valued this recognition because IDC is thorough about comparing the companies it recognizes, only choosing the best. According to Crowdstrike's blog, "This IDC MarketScape assessment cites the strength of CrowdStrike's ability to leverage our intelligence-led IR approach and in-depth understanding of adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP). This technology is what the company seeks to improve with each year and evolve with the ever-growing cybersecurity breaches."

7. Always have a vision

Since 2011, the company remains forward-thinking. As George Kurtz said, "In our view, being positioned in the "Visionary Quadrant" is exactly where it matters most to forward-thinking organizations like CrowdStrike and our customers." Although the company's profit margins are some of the best in the industry, they understand their customers need to be their primary focus. CyberStrike constantly evolves and works to improve its software and platforms so its services stay relevant and prevent cyberattacks that make computers vulnerable.

9. Go for the gold

On February 9, Russian hackers tried to target the Pyeongchang Olympics as retaliation, shutting down IT systems. They used memory-implant and Powershell scripts, using spear-phishing messages and spishing from e-mail addresses belonging to South Korea's National Counter-Terrorism Center. As a precaution, wi-fi, monitors, and even their website went dark. Crowdstrike used the Falcon Platform to counteract these threats.

10. Best in show

In 2018, Gartner recognized the company again. Crowdstrike received the highest overall score for Peer Insights and Customer choice in end-point protection platforms. This award uses customer feedback and ratings to determine which company ranks the highest. Two hundred forty-nine verified customers gave the company 4.8 out of 5 stars for their work. This award centered on the company's AI technology that learns threats as it monitors, keeping up with the latest vulnerabilities.

11. Zero trust total confidence

Crowdstrike acquired Preempt Security in 2020, which is a provider of zero-trust and conditional access technology. Preempt also does threat prevention in real-time. Crowdstike paid $96 million for the company. This merger focused on giving customers more identity security. Combining these two companies allowed its customers and businesses to have a well-rounded platform for cybersecurity.

12. They go fast

Crowdstike had an impressive year in 2016. The company's growth was up 2,665 percent. This growth was because of its revolutionary end-point security, setting the standard for threat protection and end-user impact. The Falcon platform was the only one using end-point security and bringing together next-generation antivirus. This security gave customers a safer way to stop security breaches. Deloitte recognized Crowdstrike, naming them the fast-growing company of 2016 on a list of 500.

13. How fortunate

During the Pandemic, companies struggled to create practical work from home platforms. Crowdsrike reinvented it. Fortune analyzed results from people working in the tech industry based on crucial factors like trust, teamwork, and being proud of the company where they work. Crowdstrike has always tried to create a creative culture encouraging its' employees to think outside the box and work together to create more meaningful solutions. They follow this concept in their brick-and-mortar and remote locations. Not only did they snag this award in 2020, but Fortune magazine also recognized them as one of the best places to work in San Francisco, close to Sunnyvale, California, home of their corporate offices.

14. Emerging and dominating

Crowdstirke dominated CRN magazine's top emerging companies list in 2014 and 2015, thanks to their innovative cloud security software. Before being considered, they submitted information about their company and partner references. CRN editors carefully analyzed the data about all other competitors; other companies paled next to Crowdstrike, whose groundbreaking technology hit cybersecurity by force. Aperovitch, Marston, and Kurtz started the company after saw his former company's software not delivering. Seeing a product he helped create fall short placed him in a position to recruit the other CEOs and never let another cybersecurity product fail.

15. Best in class

In 2018, besides their Forbes recognition, SC Magazine named them the best security company and best security solution. These awards go to companies who work tirelessly to improve the cybersecurity world and ensure their client's information is secure. The judges chosen as experts in the technology company analyzed detailed information about each company before selecting Crowdstike. After awarded, SC Magazine detailed some of the company's prestigious accomplishments; Falcon Overwatch, threat telemetry, and the robust end-point cloud software.

16. Their client base

Many of the world's largest organizations put their trust in CrowdStrike, including three of the 10 largest global companies by revenue, five of the 10 largest financial institutions, three of the top 10 health care providers and three of the top 10 energy companies

17. Using their talent for good

Crowdstike established a foundation in 2017. On the website is the statement, "We will be there. Always stronger. We will outsmart, out-innovate, out-hustle, and outlast." Crowdstirke has a scholarship program. Additionally, they offer a pro bono cybersecurity program. Its mission is to address cybersecurity issues created by social and political issues. Environmental nonprofits are another focus. Throughout the Pandemic, they contributed to nonprofits around the globe and contributing to efforts to combat the disease.

18. Attack hunting

Crowdstrike launched one of the most aggressive searchable security platforms in 2017. The technology monitored 50 billion security threats while indexing 700 million files or 560TB of malware; CrowdStrike Falon Malquery. It had three impressive features; speed, clarity, and protection. Additionally, they designed the technology to work seamlessly with current software platforms.

19. Strike a deal

In 2021, Crowdstrike partnered with Zscaler. The joint venture made Zscaler and Crowdstrike fully integrated. Using the two software platforms can integrate CrowdStrikes Falcon Zero Trust Assessment with Zscalers Private access cloud service.

20. Star power

Crowdstrike has one of the most innovative technologies to date. They structure their software to expand organically and learn from the data using artificial intelligence. Their technology is also able to work effectively across multiple industries and home users. Although their technology is ever-changing, the cost of the product has stayed level, expanding their profit line each year.

Its intelligent business model and customer-centric mission statement help it remain at the top of a highly competitive market. Since much of our world is online, security breaches and cyber-attacks are never going to end. Hackers are working to find ways to mine data, infiltrate computers, and run havoc on private citizens and corporate businesses. Even during some of the most well-known cases, CrowdStrike has used its advanced technology to thwart the damage caused by these instances.

This company has exceeded expectations in the field, always looking for better ways to keep information safe and ensure that the advancement of these attacks doesn't stop the global community that technology provides.

Co-Founder George Kurtz said in an article for, "CrowdStrike kicked off the new fiscal year with strong momentum and delivered outstanding first-quarter results that exceeded our expectations." The decade-old company has kicked off each year with continued innovation and consistent attention to what improvements need to executing, keeping people and companies safe from cyber intrusions.

Their cybersecurity dominance spans corporate giants and consumers, each receiving equal protection. The AI cloud-based technology their platform uses revolutionized an industry that kept growing and consistently stays on the cutting edge. Kurtz, Aperovitch, and Marston understand the gravity of cyber threats and build new technology and platforms with that mindset.

Aside from their focus, they rely on their teams and employees for insight, ensuring the companies success will continue to grow. They will continue to take this technology to further levels as the need for more innovative cybersecurity increases.

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